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This will be my last scheduled post for 2016, thank you to everyone for reading, it’s been an amazing year. I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings.

A Gift We Can All Give Ourselves and Everyone Else This Year

One night after my hockey game the guys were sitting around and talking as we always do. Someone brought up that they had recently been to an old folks home to visit their family.

What they pointed out is something that has been stuck in my brain ever since, and I’d like to share it with you.

It went like this:

“…So there’s my grandpa, lying there in the care home, happy as can be… he has some clothes and a couple of other belongings… mostly his favorite photos… and all the other “stuff” he collected over the years is gone. 

He doesn’t need it.

All he wants is some company from his friends and his family. Makes you think about what it’s all about, and what’s really important…”

A Shift in Focus

This time of year there is a huge focus on “stuff,” as we wait to see the goodies Santa has brought. Our lives are busy, and we compensate for our busy-ness by buying “stuff” to show others we care.

In doing so we tend to forget what this season is all about.


It’s The People That Matter

It’s the people that matter, those people we look forward to seeing as we rush around our daily lives. The friends and family we see on the weekends.

The ones who light up our faces, and those who faces light up when we see each other. The people in your life that you would do anything for, because they hold a special place in your life and in your heart.


Things Can Change Quickly

I’ve been reminded recently that life moves very quickly.

Anyone with kids knows this all too well.

Every year those little babies that I brought home from the hospital are getting a little older. They are growing up before my eyes.

I find myself asking my kids the same questions I got asked at their age “When did you get so tall? How did you grow up so fast?”

Someday my little kids will have their own families, and god willing, someday I will be that grandpa.

When I look back on this year, I won’t be thinking about the gifts I received, I will be looking at it as the year I gave myself the gift of time.

This year I plan to value every moment I get to spend with the people who mean so much to me.

Give Yourself and Those Around You the Gift of Your Time

For this Christmas, I’m giving myself the gift of quality time with those people in my life that matter most.

Quality time with my family and friends, without the smartphones and the other needless distractions. Because I want to remember all the little moments. I hope you consider this as a real gift to give yourself.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

A Gift We Can All Give Ourselves and Everyone Else This Year

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