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Last time Family Money Plan posted about Freshbooks we were giving their 30-day free trial a shot. Here is a quick review of Freshbooks and what we thought of it.

What is Freshbooks?

FreshBooks is an online accounting software that helps millions of non-accountants (i.e. small business owners and entrepreneurs) make invoicing, expense tracking and managing their books a breeze. They make it easier for small business owners to keep track of their expenses. I’m giving their 30-day free trial a go to see how I like it.


What I liked about Freshbooks


They say that 90% of business that fail in the first 5 years are from a lack of cash, and I can attest to that. I’ve seen it with friends businesses, and with my own, in the past.  A big part of this is not getting around to invoicing. Freshbooks made this easy, within a few minutes you can set up a new client and send off an invoice. The invoice looks great and it gives them the option to pay electronically right on the invoice.

Getting Paid

Freshbooks invoicing is a snap to use. The invoice gets sent and they can pay right from the invoice. Plus there is a tracking system built into the email so you can tell when a person gets your email. They can use Paypal or Credit card making the whole process nice and easy for your client. Another nice feature is the late payment reminder where Freshbooks will email any invoices that haven’t been paid. So there’s no need for you to “get around to it” which saves a lot of hassles.


What I didn’t like about Freshbooks

The only thing that I didn’t care for about Freshbooks is the price for me at the moment. I am still a new business and every cent is counting, especially in the first year. While I have been landing some side gigs coordinating social media accounts and freelance writing. I am going to hit pause on Freshbooks until I have some steady revenue coming it.


That said, if you are running a business and want to take care of your own books, Freshbooks offers a great set of features at a nice price point. It’s really easy to get started. You can open an account in a few seconds and send an invoice out shortly after that. IF you are unsure, give their 30-day free trial a try and see for yourself

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