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Have you ever found yourself in a conversation about money with someone and the two of you just click. “You are on the same wavelength” as my mom used to say. You have the same money personality. Then you try to have the same conversation with another person and it’s literally like pulling teeth? Those are the times when you don’t have the same money personality.


I have been known to say “If you can’t talk about money, you can’t be my friend”.  I really like talking about money. Investing. Saving. Spending. Debt you name it and I love to discuss it. I love getting to know people better. I love gaining from others money insights. But…. there are a lot of people who don’t share my view. Ok most people…


As I’ve gone on through this crazy world, I have tried to fit these people into 4 main categories. Sometimes it doesn’t work too well. People are all pretty dynamic so to give someone a label as a “Spender” usually won’t cut it. But from what I have seen there are definitely 4 main types of money personalities that define us. One that we belong to more than the other 3 the groups.

What's Your Money PersonalityThere are definitely subsets of these 4 main personality types. But when you are getting to know someone it’s good to try and see which of the 4 areas they are leaning towards. That way if you want to talk about money with them or not, you know how to talk to them.

There are 4 essential personalities that I have come up with. You will probably see yourself as a little bit of a few of them and that’s ok. More than likely you belong to a few, but there is one that is dominant. That is the one we are looking for!

 Saver – Chipmunk

This person loves to save their money, they often see spending as evil and see every dollar that goes out as an extra dollar that could have helped them in the future or in retirement. They understand that keeping your money around is important and they look for ways to save. They also have a tendency to think about money more. With this type spending money can be unbearable at times.

Talking to this type of person can be pretty easy. They may be guarded but when you share a little bit about your money history they will usually share back. Often it can open the floodgates.

Avoider – Ostrich

This personality is very unique. If you have this person in your life they will act like money doesn’t exist. When the topic of money comes up, they will change the topic to anything else. They will keep their head in the sand while all the junk falls apart around them. If you are trying to become more money conscious, being with an ostrich can drive you crazy. There isn’t any thing you can do to make them see the light. Chances are getting into a money conversation will not be an easy thing to do.

Getting this person to talk about money is going to be tougher. They don’t want to talk about it so you may have to use the things money can provide them, (toys, retirement, freedom) rather than talk directly about it.

Snob – Cat? What animal is a snob?!

(Seriously there isn’t a good animal example)

This personality believes that they are above money. They can look at money and think that it is beneath them. They would never speak about money as it is a vile topic left for those who are beneath them.

While the ostrich ignores money, the snob looks down upon it. They would never dare discuss money. To them it’s a dirty topic meant for lesser people. There could be a lot of reasons for this. I’m not going to dive into the psychology of everything. Just know that this money personality exists.

To get this person talking about money is going to take a lot of cunning. this could be that they don’t know about money so they look down on it. Or they could be afraid of being wrong about it and therefor never enter into it.

Hint: This one can be tough to talk about money. Often it’s not worth it. If you want, try to think of what it would take to get someone to talk to you about that particular topic. For instance asking what the best use of money is or something open ended.

Spender – Grasshopper

Just like in the fable the grasshopper just wants to play and SPEND! Ok the fable didn’t have spending.  Spenders are often seen as the fun ones. They live to shop, they can get real pleasure out of spending their money and they love getting the things that money can give them. They are more likely to live in the moment and don’t think about the future in terms of dollars and retirement. Money to them is all about the experience and living in the now.

When you are talking to them try to focus around the things money does for them. The cool things that money can afford them.

The Big Question

You will probably find yourself in more than one of these 4 categories. The point here is to know which is your dominating personality when it comes to money. Hey  little bit of self knowledge can be a great thing! When it comes to these being well rounded can be a gift.

Do you see yourself in one of these money personality groups? More than one? Let me know where you see yourself in the comments below.





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