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What is a podcast? If you are new to podcasts let me tell you something, you are in for a real treat. Podcast are like radio shows, (or tv shows) that you can download for free on iTunes and on Stitcher.

Why listen to them?

Must listen to podcastsPodcasts are a great way to learn about a particular topic or industry for free. The ones I personally love are the ones that use their own life and interview other real life examples of success. However, there are a ton of other types of podcasts that you can get into. If you check out iTunes there are literally thousands of podcasts out there and I’m sure you will something that will be a great fit. Here is my weekly must listen to podcasts.

Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income Podcast

Pat Flynn just hit his 200th podcast and shows no signs of slowing down. Self-labeled as the Crash Test Dummy of online business. He has a great story of losing his job and starting his first online venture, that you can read about here. His claim to fame originally was his income reports. This guy is amazing and you would be doing  yourself a service to start listening to his podcasts if you are wanting to start an online business.

My favorite episode is his recent series of podcasts on Passive Income. Episodes 192, 193 and 194 These are great though they focus largely on the online aspects of passive income.


Jessica Moorhouse –  Mo’Money Podcast

The best thing about Jessica’s podcast is her pleasant manner and how easy it is to listen to her talk. She has a great personality and when you are listening to her it sounds like you are in the room just listening to a normal conversation. Her show focuses on money, life, and balance and is a rising star in the podcast world. If you want to learn more about money, you would be doing yourself a HUGE favor by checking out her podcast.

My favorite episode so far is: Episode 32 Raising Smart Money Kids with Robin Taub   Episode 42 with Willy Jolley – Turning Setbacks into Greenbacks



This is the newest one to my podcast listening list. J $ (aka J Money from ) and Paula Pant from have a great banter back and forth. They each have a different belief about how to be financially successful and it’s fun to listen to them go back and forth. There is a wealth of knowledge between these two and it’s fun to listen as they share their insights and tidbits about money. They only have a dozen or so episodes and they admit that they are still finding their way but it’s fun to listen to them as they go along.

My favorite episode is episode 10 From Millionaire to Broke, with Rich Habits guy Tom Corley. It is rated explicit for some of the stronger languages in it, that aside there are a ton of useful habits and if you are only going to listen to one that would be the one to start with.

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Internet Business Mastery

Must Listen to PodcastsThis was the show that started me off on my web journey last year. Jason and Jeremy have been doing this show for a long time (at least as far as internet years go). If you are looking to start an online business of any kind I recommend listening to them. They have a great style of communicating and it’s very easy to listen to. Every episode focuses on a different aspect of internet business. It was their Academy that helped me get to the point I am at in my internet business in such a quick time frame.

My favorite episode is number 307 (largely because I am mentioned as the breakthrough success in that episode)


So far these are my must listen to every week. Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones do you like or would recommend? Let me know in the comments below.