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Everybody loves a good deal. The question is “Are there Easy Ways to Save Money on Every Purchase?” There are some easy ways to save money, personally I have a few strategies I use when I want to buy something.  While it can be easy to get caught up in the emotions of wanting something and then getting it. If you do this too often and you will find yourself on a downward slide on a train to debts-ville.

Below are some of the things I do before I buy something I really want. This is more of a top view than a nitty-gritty list.


Easy Ways to Save Money on Every Purchase

Below are some of the things I do to hold off and save money on my purchases.


WAIT – Delay for at least 30 days longer if possible

The miracle of time can give you a great perspective. Whenever I want something,  I make a note of it on my iPhone. I love lists. I have a list of the thing I want and whenever I want something I add it to my lists. Over time I will come back to the list and see if there are things on there that I still want. Sometimes it stays on there forever. Waiting is the hardest part. But I have found that there is a…


There is a pleasure in delaying gratification.

Easy Ways to Save Money

Easy Ways to Save Money

We’ve become an instant society. It used to be (and I’m dating myself here), when you wanted a movie you would walk down to the movie shop (man I miss those), if the movie you wanted wasn’t there, you either got a different movie or you waited…

I waited, I rented movies with my own money, and like I said in an earlier post I saved half so it trained me to wait for things. If the movie I wanted wasn’t there, I moved on or asked to be put on a list and waited.


Wait for a sale

I hate paying full price for anything, a tradition that I have truly inherited from my parents. To this day whenever I walk into a store I always go straight to the discount rack, the back of the store. If it’s not on sale I will have to wait. Remember: Full price is for people who don’t know any better.


Ask for a discount

Personally I always have a hard time doing this… but I’m getting better at it.

I have gotten discounts on everything from Internet, to Alarm monitoring fees, to Cars just by asking.

For more on this check out my post How to start asking for a better price and not feel foolish.


Use Online Sites For Discounts

If you aren’t using sites like Ebates and Swagbucks to save money you really need to get in on it. Especially Swagbucks. This site is pretty much the greatest thing for saving and making some extra money online. You can use it to find great deals on many things. Plus if you want to earn some extra cash you can do that by filling out surveys and watching videos. It’s amazing!

Click here for your $5 bonus with Swagbucks


Install These Extensions on Your Browser

While we are on the topic of saving money online. There is a great extension that you can install called Honey. And let me tell you it is sweeeeet. All you do is install this on your chrome browser and when you are shopping you click on it and it will check for discounts codes and promotions for your. Simple and Sweet!

Click here to check out Honey


Look For it Second Hand

If you can’t wait for a sale a good place to check is online second hand sites like Craigslist and Kijiji, or second-hand stores. I worked in a second-hand music store for years. I was able to build a collection of guitars for a fraction of the price. It even turned into one of my side business back in the day. Second hand items come with hefty discounts, up to and beyond 50%.

That’s a lot of money savings!


Buy it and Return it

I’m sure the stores hate this, but it makes sense. Often we want something because we don’t have it.

Then we get the particular thing and surprise, surprise! We don’t want it anymore. (Cue my drone)

I’m sure there is a term in psychology for this but as far as I can tell it’s something that works. This can help with buyers remorse. Now when I buy something I ask what the return policy is. Just in case the waiting for this certain item was more important than actually having the item.


Look for a cheaper alternative, coupon or sale.

You can pay a lot for a name. From electronics to alcohol, from food to cars. There is a hefty price that gets attached to a name. Something I consider is what is the purpose of it? A car is to get you from A to B, but we can get tied up with the status symbol of it. A big screen TV can cost anywhere from a few hundred to thousands, but really all you want is something to watch a show on. If you consider the purpose for what you are wanting to buy (transportation, entertainment, etc…) you may find that your ego and image is costing you a lot of money.


Ask yourself why you really want it, be honest.

One other thing before I run off … when you save money on a purchase everyone pats themselves on the back and then moves on. Usually that saved money just goes into another purchase. Instead try to put some of that savings into a savings account or an investment vehicle. I guess what I’m saying is “Save the money you actually save on your purchase.”

Do you know of other easy ways to save money on every purchase? If you have any other techniques I would love to hear about them below.


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