How to Use Quizzes To Build Your Email List

If you have ever been on  Buzzfeed or many other sites you probably have taken one of their highly addictive quizzes. From “Which Disney Princess Are You?” (*cough* Jasmin *cough*) to “What kind of house should you live in?” there are no shortage of awesome quizzes you can take.

But as a website these quizzes are an awesome way to build you email list and get better interactions from your readers. We have run a few quizzes and the results have been great for gaining interaction and building our email list.

Best of all it helps to find great new people to find out about your site.

Step 1: What type of quiz do you want to create?

Try Interact offers 3 different quiz styles. Assessment – Which is more knowledge type yes or no, or multiple choice quesitons

Personality –  Where you answer questions and it gives you a personality type (a.k.a. Disney Princess)

Score (Tallied) – Where you give each answer a score and then get a total number at the end which can correspond to a certain range. (Think high school where 90-100 was an A+ etc…)

Step 2: Decide what is the purpose of the quiz and pick a topic

Are you wanting to qualify readers for a new product? Are you wanting to test their knowledge? Are you looking for your quiz to engage people on social media? Once you know what the purpose is for your quiz you will want to pick a topic that is on brand with your site. Decide what quiz is best for your readers. Are you wanting to find out more about a certain type of reader? Share answers about a certain topic? Or maybe you want to make them laugh and see your lighter side?

What ever you decide the first question should be: “If I was to come to this site, what quiz would I want to take?”

Once you have that in mind you can choose from a variety of templates. Try Interact makes this so easy to use, it’s a snap to create a quiz in minutes.

Step 3: Start with the end in mind

Before you start asking your questions you need to know what the outcome is. The best way is to know what the final personalities are going to be.  For our Millennial Homeowner site, we decided to ask “Are You Ready To Be A Homeowwer?” In the video I decided to go with 3 Answers:

  1. You are ready to be a homeowner
  2. You are close to being ready to be a homeowner
  3. You are not ready to be a homeowner

All of the questions I ask will then be linked to one of these 3 types of answers. The sum of them will give a person a better idea of where they are in their journey to be a homeowner.

Step 4: Sign up for Try Interact

Everything after this you would need a Try Interact account to do. You can sign up here using my affiliate link here.

Step 5: Enter your questions and answers

Now for the fun part. Coming up with your questions and answers. With every question you can link to different outcomes. This part you can be creative as you want with your questions as long as they are related to your end answers.

Have fun with it, but don’t get carried away. Too many questions and you won’t have people finishing the quiz. Too few and people will not be invested in the answer.

Aim to have between 6 and 12 questions for best effect.

Step 6: Connect Your Email Provider and Insert Your Brand Logo

This is where everything gets good. You can offer your quizzers an opt-in bonus at the end of the quiz.

That’s what we did with our “What’s your Investor Personality” Quiz. When people finished they had the chance to opt in for our newsletter and were given a special bonus.

The possibilities are endless.

Step 7: Test the Quiz

Before you hit publish you will want to test the quiz. You can go through it a few times, or send it out to your friends. (F.Y.I. Once you hit publish anyone can see it if they have the link).

Step 8 Publish your Quiz

Congrats you are done, now you need to publish to your site and watch your audience start your quiz and get better interaction with your readers!

If you are wanting to see more in-depth how a quiz is created you can check out the video below.

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