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Since I’m really, really wanting to make my goals a success this year I am going to do a short update once a month or so to keep me more accountable. I think being accountable is a good way to keep going with your goals. So here goes my personal update…

Weight changes in January

This one is really a result of all the other ones.

My weight this month went from a high of 186 to 172 and a body fat percentage of 22% to a low of 17.9%. So to put it in a numbers perspective

Weight 186 lbs to 172 lbs.   Down 14 lbs

Body Fat 40.4 lbs to 30.7 lbs.  Down 9.7 lbs.

That’s like losing a nearly 10 lbs of butter (or anything else, but butter was a big culprit). It’s been noticeable, very, very noticeable. I still have some ground to cover but I like the progress of the first month.

How Did It Happen?

This was mostly clean eating courtesy of the Whole30 eating plan. Most of my life I have been trying to get slim using exercise only. I would do good, but it’s hard to win a race with one leg tied behind your back. Diet is a big part of the equation. Doesn’t matter if you are wanting to get a 6 pack, or just feel better. The better quality of food you eat, the more energy you will have and the better you will feel.

So what does this actually mean. It means that of my 14 lbs of weight loss,  10 lbs of it was fat. The rest is a combination of water weight and other things. When you are losing fat 2 lbs a week is amazing. So I’m thrilled with this! I’m also within shooting distance of my goal weight. Once the weather starts to get warmer I plan on running my 4 km every morning.

As for my other fitness progress here it is so far:

Chin ups Goal 40, Current Progress: 15

Push ups Goal 200, Current Progress: 56

Sit ups Goal 250, Current Progress: 60

Steps. This isn’t a good time of year to walk, I did manage to get a few good ones in, so far my walking goals are what I would consider on track for the time of year. I am starting to make it a little more of a priority. A quick glimpse shows I walked around 250,000 steps in January.


Tracking my progress and Equipment I use

Withings Pulse

I will be using a Withings Pulse to track my progress. What I love about this fitness tracker is that it fits in my pocket. You can track sleep, pulse, steps and a host of other things. I have used it for nearly 3 years, they continuously update the software with new features. Plus there is the option to wear it as a watch or just keep it in my pocket, or on my belt. It has a great mobile app too

As of writing this it was available on Amazon for $68 plus shipping  

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

To track my weight I will be using the Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer. This scale tracks your weight, body fat, pulse, gives you the daily weather, and tracks the air quality of the room it is in. Which I have found to be huge in determining the quality of my sleep. This all works together with the Withings Pulse and I keep track of it all in the Withings App.


As an effort to get better at meditation I have really enjoyed using Muse.  I am a numbers guy so I decided to give Muse a tryMuse is a headband you wear while you meditate and syncs with your smartphone or tablet and tracks your brainwaves. I have been using it for a few months and I really like it. For me this has been great because I have been able to see my progress throughout a session and it also provides feedback throughout the session so you know how you are doing.

Since getting Muse I have been meditating more frequently and seeing better results. I strongly recommend this if you are having problems getting started or maintaining a meditation schedule.

If you are interested in Muse this link comes with a $50 off coupon applied at check out.

Power Tower

The only piece of workout equipment I will be using is a power tower. Though I could very easily just use a chin up bar. This will let me do all my exercises and really it’s all I need besides a good pair of running shoes.

Well that’s the first month down. Hopefully I can see some more progress in the next month.