Part 5: It’s Time For Some Fun!!!


We keep moving along. As I’ve said, there is nothing really hard about this system. It’s just a different way of looking at your money.


Today is all about FUN!!!


I’ll start off by saying, this account is why our system has worked for us for 10 years. It’s been a key to sticking to this system. Like I mentioned yesterday, I believe this is the most important part of the system.


I believe that without our Fun Account, there would have been a severe fallout somewhere around month 8.


Here is why the Fun Account is SOOOOOO Important!


A) It’s for fun!

B) It rewards you for doing good in all your other areas of the money system.

C) It gives you balance in your life.


What is the Fun Account for?


The Fun Account is all about fun! Use this account for things you enjoy like: Movies, Sporting Events, Concerts, Date Nights, Restaurants it all goes in there.


If you want to spend the whole months amount on a fancy dinner.


Do it!


Want to split it up over the weeks so you can do something equally fun every weekend?


Do it!


I like to think of it as my weekend money. During the week everything is pretty much “Even-Steven” where the routine prevails and you are just getting through the week.


But the weekend… when you have more time to do the fun stuff,  that my friend is where the Fun Account kicks in!


Of course, you probably have a waayyy cooler life than me and do things during the week. If so go for it! Then let me know what it’s like to go out on a Wednesday. 😉


How Much Goes into the Fun Account? 10%


As a starting guideline, I say 10% of your income. I wouldn’t do more than 10%. The key here is to make sure you have some money every month to enjoy life.


The goal here is to enjoy taking control of your money, not feeling like you are trapped by your money system.


One Rule for the Fun Account


There is one rule I have for the Fun Account. You have to spend it by the end of the following month. Any longer than that it’s a Big Ticket Item and there should be a separate account for that.



There’s 2 things you need to do tonight.

First, decide on what items are Fun Account worthy. Are there any you would like to drop or add?

Second, decide how much of your income you want to put towards Fun activities.


There you have it! I’ll see you tomorrow where we wrap up the last part of the system.

Have Fun!