Part 6: The Rest – Giving, Education, Health, and Wellness

Today is about being able to enjoy life and giving back. More importantly, it’s about lasting so that you are healthy enough to enjoy a nice long life.


All this talk about money is great. We are getting a handle on our finances and changing things around for the better. It’s going to take a little time, but you knew that.



How Much Goes Into the Education, Health, and Wellness Account? 10%


This amount is entirely up for change (much like the rest of the system). The purpose is to make sure you are using some money to keep improving yourself both physically and mentally. I have found the ability to keep active makes all the difference in how I feel. The better I feel, the easier it is to keep on this system.


What makes up the Education, Health, and Wellness Account?


The education, health, and wellness account is made up of anything to better yourself. Whether that is exercise, taking a course, or anything else that is going to help you improve and live a nice long life.


This account is a great way to learn about investing and different ways to build up your F.I.R.E. Account too. Use this money for classes, educate yourself, try something new, play a sport, or a spa day.


The whole point of this account is to do things that revitalize, inspire and matter to you so you can enjoy life as you watch your accounts grow.


Side note: This account we also use as an education account. It’s how I was able to take a course on building a website and start Family Money Plan, which has been a life-changing experience for me.


A Few Words About Giving


There are a lot of rules about giving. Some say 10%, others say more, some say none. What you chose to give is up to you. I give some money to charities that are of importance to us and some time. Honestly giving my time is more valuable to me than money in a lot of ways.


Please, in one way or another, find a way to give. It does as much good for you as it does for the people you give to.



Decide on your amounts for your Education, Health, and Wellness and think about what goes into this account. Will it be grown to take courses, or used every month for a gym membership, or an occasional spa day? It’s up to you!


Tomorrow we will cover a few other items and put it all together.

Until then have a great day!