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Maui is the place that’s on everyone’s travel bucket list. After having been there, it’s no wonder. This island is diverse as it is beautiful. From tropical rainforest, to the top of the volcano that resembles the moon. You will not believe your eyes when you arrive in Maui how amazing this little island truly is. It’s also expensive so finding free things to do in Maui can be a fun challenge.

Headed to Maui? Then you will need these 10+ free things to do in Maui. These free ideas are perfect for your trip to Maui. It's all you want for when you get there. #hawaii #maui #free #thingstodo #familytravel That said Maui is an island with tourism in mind. Which means that things are more costly than if you were to do them somewhere else. We just got back from Maui and after having been there 3 weeks we realized that there are just as many enjoyable free things to do as there are paid.

Here is our top 10 list of Free things to do in Maui.

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1. Go to the Beach!

There are so many beaches on the island that it’s almost overwhelming. Most of the tamer beaches are on the southside of the island and for many of them you can walk from one to another. It’s really beautiful. Honestly if this is all you did while you are there.


2. Snorkelling

If you already have snorkel gear make sure to bring it! If not you can get some snorkel gear here (I’m assuming you don’t want to spend time in line at Walmart while you are on holiday). Snorkelling is that free thing that will take your breath away. There are many beaches that have nice coral for you to swim around and watch the under sea life unfold in front of you. We saw things like octopus, Humu fish, even unicorn fish (so I can say I saw a unicorn 😉 ). There are some really cool things that are around you in Maui

I strongly recommend buying a Go Pro, we brought one for the trip and the pictures are so nice.


3. Sea Turtles

It was our dream to see a sea turtle. We spent months talking about them and wishing that we could get to see one on a beach.

Then on our first day at the beach my son accidentally touched one as it swam by in the water.

They were everywhere.

You might think that seeing them would become old news after a few weeks in Maui, but it never did. Each morning I would walk down to the beach and I could see them in the ocean. If you are wanting to see them in a big number Ho’okipa beach is the best place to see them on shore. In the evenings they come out of the water to get away from predators in the ocean and you can see upwards of 40 on a good day.


4. Maui Tropical Plantation

This is free to go to, they offers tours (at a price) but it’s free to go there and walk around. You can check out all the different types of flowers and the different things they are growing on the island.

Get a coffee at the roasting house while you are there. It was the best cup of coffee I have had ever.


5. Boogie Boarding

If you are staying in a condo it seems like every rental had these in their unit. They are only $20 locally, or if you are uber frugal, just walk the beach after a windy morning, they seem to wash up on the shore overnight.


6. The Road to Hana

Getting around Maui will necessitateyou rent a car. So if you have one, you can do the Road to Hana, it has over 500 turns as it winds up the coast from Kahului (likely where you flew in to) down to Hana.

It’s a full day drive, but it’s an amazing thing to experience.


7. Watch the Whales

If you are in Maui during whale watching season then you can drive to some areas and see the whales right from shore off in the distance.


8. Nakalele Blow Hole

This is a sight to see. It’s about a 30 minute drive past Lahaina and it’s easy to find right off the main road. Here you walk do to the side of the cliff to see.

9. Heart Shaped Rock (Nakalele Blow Hole)

When you go to the Nakalele blow hole, turn around and you will see this cool rock shaped like a heart. Make sure you get your selfie stick out and snap a few shots.

10 See the Banyan Tree in Lahaina.

If you are in Lahaina walking around and checking out the shops you have to go see the Banyan tree it’s the second largest of it’s kind.

It spans 4 acres right and it’s right off the ocean in the market place area of Lahaina. Picture can’t do it justice. You truly need to see this.


11 Watch the Sunset over Lanai!

Every night people from all over the island flock to watch the sunset on the beach, it goes by very quickly but it’s a great way to welcome the night and put a cap on another amazing day in Maui.

There you have it

The best thing about Maui is that you could just do #1 for the whole time you are there and enjoy yourself. If you are wanting some more adventurous items then work your way down the list. Most of all, enjoy yourself. Maui is the trip of a lifetime.

Headed to Hawaii? Make sure you bring this with you!

Go Pro (you don’t want to be like the lady next to me who lost her phone in the ocean)

Snorkel Set (this is the one we used, it has a go pro attachment on it so you can move around easily)

or you can get one of these newer style ones


Water Proof Cell Phone Protector

Water Sandals


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