Hi there! Welcome to Family Money Plan. I’m Andrew Daniels and I want to thank you for stopping by.

Family Money Plan is a personal finance blog I started to share the ups and downs of a normal family’s financial life. For the past 6 years, we have been working hard at becoming mortgage free. Now that we are completely debt free, we plan on building our passive income with the goal of early retirement.

It’s all very new to us, so I’m sure there will be a lot of ups and downs along the way. It will be fun!


Let’s Talk About Money

I’m a firm believer that money should be talked about openly.

Most of us never learned anything about money in school, so it’s important to have these conversations about money.

I love to learn about money and share my experiences. Some are new, some are past lessons that I hope you can learn from and save yourself the pain I went through acquiring this knowledge via the school of Hard Knocks.


A Core Belief About Money

My core money beliefs? It can be put into two parts. The first is this.


Because it does. Every time you manage to save money on something that can only help your financial future.

It’s something we put into practice during our lean years when we were paying off our mortgage and getting out of debt.

When you believe that it all counts then you treat things differently.

As parents we are pulled a million different ways every day. I get it.

The last thing we want to do is stress even more about money but when you believe that everything counts then it leads you to the second part of my core belief

It All Adds Up.

You see if you go to the grocery store and save $1 on a can of generic soup over the name brand, that doesn’t feel like a huge win.

But when you know that it all adds up it’s a different beast all together.

That $1 gets applied to every can you buy, so it might save you $20 a week in groceries.

Which translates into $1040 of savings a year.

Which means $10400 in 10 years. WHICH IS HUGE. That’s like a the cost of a trip to Disney World (which we also write a lot about here, because it’s fun and it’s Disney so it’s awesome).

My point is this…

Be intentional with your money

Being intentional means you make conscious choices about what’s more important to you.

For me it means I would rather have an extra trip every 10 years than eat brand named canned goods.



The First Thing You Should Do

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