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If someone special in your life loves the fab four, you’re probably inclined to find gifts for Beatles fans when crossing them off the list. With so much Beatles merchandise, it can be hard to decide exactly what a great gift would be. We have looked at and found this list of really cool gifts that should please a Beatles fan in your life. From albums to posters to clothing, this is a guide for you to ensure they get the gift they need or want. Your gift will surely put a smile on their face and a song in their heart when you present one of these gifts for Beatles fans to them this holiday.

Get Back Hardcover Book

The Beatles: Get Back

This book tells the story of the Beatles making their final album. Let it Be and all the stories behind it. Including the words of men in the band, with many of the photos taken by Paul McCartney’s wife Linda, this book is an epic story about a legendary album. It’s a snapshot of who the Beatles were, and it looks forward to who they will become after the album is complete. The book features excellent images and testimonials from band members that make the stories they tell awe-inspiring. 


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Beatles Lego Art Portrait Set

LEGO Art The Beatles 31198 Collectible Building Kit; an Inspiring Art Set for Adults That Encourages Creative Building and Makes a Great Gift for Music Lovers and Beatles Fans (2,933 Pieces)

This nearly 3000-piece Lego set will enable you to create a portrait of your favorite Beatle in Legos. Choose John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, or Sir Paul McCartney and build away. You don’t need to have a Lego collection to add one of these four Lego portraits to the list of the best gifts for a Beatles fan. You may need to buy more than one kit so your favorite fan can have all the fab four in Lego art.


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The Lyrics: 1956 to Present

The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present

Filled to the brim with 154 of Paul McCartney’s song lyrics, this is one of the ultimate additions to any collection of Beatles merchandise. It will be memorable in many ways and even contains photos of Paul’s original handwritten drafts. This is a timeless keepsake to treasure and a perfect gift for your favorite fan.


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Beatles Colored Pencils and Coloring Pages

The Colours Colored Pencils & Coloring Pages Bundle for Fans of The Beatles

If you have a friend that loves to color and loves the Beatles, then this could be just the right gift to set their heart beating. With classic photos and portraits of the band for their color and customization, this lets the receiver bring the Beatles back to life in their way, and the coloring page choices are super cool. If you love the Beatles’ colorful songs, you will also love to color them.


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Let it Be: Studio Remasters Vinyl Set

Let It Be Super Deluxe Vinyl

This is the ultimate compilation of Beatles songs that both appeared and didn’t make the cut to the Let it Be Album. As guided by the original Phil Spectre Production, you will be sure to find favorite songs and quite a few unreleased songs that are only now making it to this five-disc set that has become available as a gift to a lover of the fab four.


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You Say Goodbye… Welcome Mat

Funny Front Door Mat You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello Doormat Funny Decor Rubber Non Slip Backing Funny Doormat for Outdoor/Indoor Uses, Low-Profile Rug Mats for Entry 23.6"(W) X 15.7"(L)

This might be my favorite thing on the list. It is so cute and a fun nod to one of the best-known Beatles songs ever. The graphics with their silhouettes make you feel like John, Ringo, Paul, and George are there whenever you enter or exit the house. A perfect gift for a fan who wants the fab four everywhere. The mat is a funny ode to the musicians that we all love so very much.


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Let it Be Studio Session Photo Shirt

The Beatles T Shirt Let It Be Studio Session Official Womens Junior Fit Black Size XL

What is better than a shirt with one of the most famous recording sessions ever on it? This is such an iconic album, and now you can wear some excellent photo artwork to show how much you love the Beatles. Artists and fans alike will get a kick from this gift. This album was the last one the Beatles made, and this t-shirt is a testament to its longevity. Wear it proudly as you listen to the Beatles.


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Socks with the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine Artwork

Happy Socks The Beatles Collector Box Set 3Pk Yellow 10-13

The folks at Happy Socks appropriately make these socks, and your feet will be fans as they are super comfy. A fun gift for kids or a purchase for the older Beatles fan in your life. These are so cute and exceptionally soft, and the history behind them makes them a fun talking point for new fans you might meet.


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Beatles Pop-Up Greeting Card

Lovepop The Beatles Abbey Road Pop Up Card, 5x7 - 3D Greeting Card for Dad, Friend or Mom, Father's Day Card, Birthday Pop Up Card, Card for Husband

Sometimes the best part of a gift is the card that comes on it. This pop-up card is a gift for Beatles fans on its own or in combination with any other gifts you see on the list. With the depiction of the iconic artwork on the cover of the Abbey Road album, this should go well with other collectibles.


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The Original Studio Recordings

The Beatles (The Original Studio Recordings) Stereo Box Set

This is a 16 CD collection of all the original Beatles studio recordings. A true Beatles fan will adore this unequivocal collection that combines all the Beatles’ incredible songs. This is a must for someone who loves Beatles collectibles. Plus, this set can be purchased in vinyl, so you can get the sentimental feeling the same way as when you first listened to the Beatles when you were just a young Beatles fan.


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The Beatles Anthology

The Beatles Anthology

This is a four-DVD collection of some of the most excellent recordings the Beatles ever put on film. Interviews and candid moments with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and others besides the Beatles make this one of the best gifts for Beatles fans and a priceless collectible item you will cherish as part of your collection.


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Beatles Coffee Mugs

The Beatles Abbey Road 20 oz. Ceramic Mug

This is another one of the gift ideas that shows the iconic art from the Abbey Road photo shoot that so many Beatles fans associate with the group. Maybe it has a favorite song, or perhaps the music is just your favorite, but drinking your coffee from this mug every morning will be one of the best gift ideas for fans of the band.


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Beatles Home Cookie Jar

Vandor The Beatles Ceramic Cookie Jar, Multicolored

Made out of high-quality ceramics, this is a beautiful representation of the fab four and features each on its side of the jar. The Beatles are represented well by the artist, who features them all in their best light. Fill it with your favorite cookies and listen to the music that made history.


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Beatles Vinyl Wall Clock

The Beatles Vinyl Record Wall Clock 12 Inch

Depicting the Beatles as they were when they first made fans wonder at their catchy tunes, this clock features the four Beatles playing their instruments. This is a great home accessory and will add some art and personality to whatever room it lives in. Plus, you get to see the band on the wall every day.


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All Things Must Pass by George Harrison

All Things Must Pass [Deluxe 3 CD]

This might be the Beatles’ greatest solo effort after the band went their separate ways. The fab four all did brilliant solo projects. This gift idea shows that Harrison was so unique and special that even the other Beatles told stories of his great achievements outside the band. His lyrics and the musicality are memorable to everyone who’s heard it.


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Beatles Sticky Notes


Sticky notes are a great tool in the office. With the features of each of the Beatles on the sticky notes, these can be a great way to share stories in the office. Plus, they are a fun way to message the office with friends and colleagues. And everyone will know who the notes came from.


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Beatles Coin Bank

Vandor The Beatles Limited Edition White Album Ceramic Coin Bank, 6 x 6 x 1.75 inches (72050)

This coin bank looks like the album covers we have seen from the Beatles over the years. It has plenty of room for all your loose change. This is one of those accessories that never gets old, and maybe when you fill it up, you can buy a new collectible that features the Beatles.


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John Lennon Song Lyrics Poster

John Lennon Poster - 8x10 Beatles Wall Art Decor - Cool Unique Gift for Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, 60s Music Fans - Imagine Sheet Music - Modern Pop Art Picture Print

This is an iconic poster with John Lennon in color over the lyrics and music of the song Imagine. It is a beautiful depiction and tangible representation of the beauty behind the words of an anthem that means so much to so many around the world. This sign can go anywhere in any house and fit in with a design scheme.


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Final Thoughts

The Beatles are more than a band. They are phenomena that changed the course of the world and its people. These four inspirational and memorable are some of the favorite fan beloved artists around the globe. Their iconic Yellow Submarine, Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band, and Let it Be albums are maybe the best-known of any music artist. They are in a category all their own with their musical ability and the longevity of all their careers, even after the band went their separate ways. Please, any Beatles fan with the items on this list and tell them how loved they are and how much you know the Beatles mean to them.

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