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Hollywood studios is like taking a giant retro step back into the past where you get to experience the magic of Hollywood. For being one of the newer and smaller parks, it boast some of the best rides in Disney World. Here is the complete list of Hollywood Studio rides


Sunset Boulevard Rides and Attractions

Tower of Terror

This was the most terrifying ride in the park. I’m not a fan of drop rides, but I’m still happy that we did it as a family. Disney has recreated a haunted hotel that is unbelievable. 

This one is definitely Fastpass worthy.

Not because the line ups are so long, though they can get to be over an hour in the afternoons. But because the longer that you stay in line the more likely you are to question your sanity. This ride has a steep drop and is the one that terrified me the most. Still it’s a main stay at Hollywood Studios and the featured landmark. You may regret not going on it.

That said, I’m happy to have done it, but didn’t want to ever do it again.

Rockin’ Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith

This is a great roller coaster. Rush to get Aerosmith to their show and fast speeds. It’s a very fun rollercoaster, and might be a little much for non-thrill seekers, but if you enjoy a good rollercoaster, this is one of the best ones in Walt Disney World. 

The type of FastPass is a tier that includes Tower of Terror, so you will need to pick between the two. Our plan was to book the Tower of Terror and get to Rockin’ Roller Coaster first thing in the morning before the heat got unbearable and you lose your nerve.

Tip: Look for your name on the changing posters as you wind through the lineup.


The day wraps up in Hollywood Studios with Mickey and a light show that you won’t want to miss. 

This firework display is combined with multimedia, It’s best to get there early if you want to get a good seat. Situated in amphitheater, Mickey Mouse is the Sorcerers apprentice and gives a great performance to cap off your day in Hollywood Studios. 

Make sure to use one of your fast passes (after you have used your initial 3) to grab a good seat. They can fill up, so if this is your priority you may want to book it as one of your first FastPasses (see our FastPass secrets for more info).

Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage

This is a live musical that fans of Beauty and the Beast will delight in . The theatre doesn’t have a bad seat in the whole place and you will speed through the story of Belle and her story with Beast. 


Echo Lake

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Ok, hand’s up if you remember this show from the original Full House, just me? Didn’t think so. It’s an entertaining show and a great break from the lines in the day. Make sure you organizing.This is a great stunt show that hi-lights the best of movie making magic. Perfect for all ages!

Frozen Sing-along Celebration

In case you haven’t had enough Frozen in your life (there’s a sequel coming). This sing along will surely whet your palette.  This retelling of the Frozen movie highlights all of the main points and has all of your favorite characters. 

Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple

Your inner Star Wars fan will love watching your kids do this experience (sorry it’s for kids only). Learn to train as a Jedi and battle some of the galaxy’s biggest villains in this real life training. If you are wanting to get your kids into this, you will need to sign up first thing in the mooning ( you can sign up before the rest of the park opens. They will give you a time for the training and you will need to be there early.

Star Tours – The Adventure Continues

Jump on board with everyone’s favorite droids and travel to a galaxy far far away. This ride strap you in to one of several mission as you flying into outer space on a special mission. It’s the perfect Star Wars ride for anyone who loves the Star Wars franchise.

Fair warning, this one might make you a little motion sick, as it tends to jerk around at times (guilty!)


Pixar Place

Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania is a 3D shooting ride that can see some long line ups right from the start of the day. This is rides lines gets long fast. Book your fast pass as quickly as you can for this one. Getting a pass that day may be a challenge. It’s a fun game ride.

Slinky Dog Dash *New*

This new ride is a part of Toy Story Land (which is something you have to see to fully grasp the full scale of it!). This roller coaster is the newest thrill ride to be added to Hollywood Studios.

Alien Swirling Saucers *New*

This latest addition is a spinner. Much like the spinning teacups at ride at Magic Kingdom this one has an incredible toy story feel. It’s great for young ones and is a pretty mild ride.

Muppet Courtyard

Muppets 3D Live

This park is a great way to see your fave Muppets in an indoor setting. It’s the only Muppet presence in the park, though I can see that growing over time. This area of the park is under construction with the new Star Wars land being built

Animation Courtyard

Star Wars Launch Bay

This is a must for Star Wars fans. Check out all of the Star Wars movie stuff and gift ideas.  If you have a Star Wars lover in your life, there will likely be a ton of stuff you can buy here for you to take back home. And if you are the Star Wars lover (guilty) then you can spend an hour in here without blinking, just try to keep the drool to a minimum. 

Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Another show that you can get out of the heat for a while with. This one tells the story of Ariel, the little mermaid, it’s a good show for the little ones. 

Disney Junior Live

Another great show for the little ones who enjoy watching the show. Your young ones will be thrilled! Moms and dads will be happy to take a break and sit down for a little while. 


Disney World’s Hollywood Studio Rides

The rides at Hollywood Studios are a strange mix, in one way you have some of the best rides, and at the other point, there is so much more coming that this could easily take over as the second or third best park (right now I would rank it 4th).  Planning your day here for the best experience will be the deciding factor between an ok day and a day that you will remember forever. 


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