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Interview With Author Cara MacMillan Of It Is Only Money And It Grows On Trees!

I had a chance to interview Cara MacMillan author of the book “It’s Only Money and It Grows On Trees!”.

“The story takes place in a classroom where a teacher named Catherine has written the word, Money, in large capital letters on the blackboard. She invites her students to help her define what money is. The students propose varying answers, and Catherine explains how each of these different definitions comes from our cultural, religious, family, and economic backgrounds.”

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What is your background?

It's Only Money and It Grows On TreesI am a Mom and Dave’s life partner. Professionally I have worked as an executive in technology, and I am currently an adjunct professor of Business Ethics at Algonquin College in Ottawa. I am also a full time management consultant in Sustainable Finance.


Tell me what it was like for you growing up? What was your “money life” like when you were going through your early years as I like to call them?

I was a foster kid who was lucky enough to be adopted. Let’s just say that money didn’t grow on trees.


What inspired you to write this book?

My students.


How long did it take you to write this book?

In elapsed time, it took seven years. I started writing it one summer and I completed the first three chapters. Then I started it again last summer and completed the book in three months.



What would you say was your biggest obstacle in writing this book?

Confidence! I believed that when we put money in its place and become our authentic selves, we find true prosperity. The idea of sharing my authentic self with others really scared me and is probably why there were six years where the book sat in my C drive/Documents.


The editing process for this must have been huge! If you could go back and change or add one thing in the book what would you add?

I would like to add more about the potential financial impacts of climate change but that will be for my next book.


Why do you hope your readers take away from this book?

Courage. We each need to think and act differently if we want to overcome the debts of our past and enjoy today.

Do the characters in the novel draw from people in your own life and experiences?

Cara MacMillanThere are elements of people with whom I have interacted but to be honest, they are fictitious.


Drawing on different religions can sometimes be a powder keg, but you seem to have navigated it admirably well. Was that bringing all of these religions together in a harmonious way something you were actively trying to do?

Absolutely yes. Diversity is a strength! We must connect with what we have in common; our values, our hopes and best practices.


Out of all the students in the book I identified with Zoe the most. Largely because of how there was a pressure in the past to spend big on single events (in her case prom) . Which of the students in the book do you most closely identify with?

The people I love tell me that I am Catherine.


How would you say that have you grown as a person through the process of writing this book. Do you think that you have become wiser financially?

I have become more consistent in the application of the tools described in the book.


Who were you thinking of when you were writing this book. Would you be able to describe for us the person this book is ideal for?

I was thinking about my students. They inspire me.

This book is ideal for those who are ready to understand their unconscious financial habits and who want to choose to become conscious with their money decisions.

I love the workbook at the end. What advice would you give the readers when they are starting with the workbook?

Signup on and we can send you additional worksheets for your journey! You will do the workbook more than once. If your value is financial security and you achieve it, you will find that you are ready for a new value to take its place.

What are your plans now that this book is done?

I am writing Make Big Money and Make a Big Difference! It is a how to book about corporate social responsibility for investors. Now that many of you are saving and investing with It Is Only Money and It Grows on Trees!, I hope to educate people on sustainable investing.


One last thing before we go. If had 5 minutes to go back in time to when you were 18 and give yourself money advice what would it be?

Be a little bit Zoe 🙂



I double dog dare you to share this!