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There’s a significant gender gap that no one’s talking about.

While our attention is focused on narrowing the gender pay gap, many don’t realize that fewer women have life insurance compared to men. Forty-eight percent of women have no life insurance, while only 38 percent of men are without life insurance. Women with life insurance also typically have less than their male counterparts; the average woman with life insurance has a $129,800 policy, yet the average man’s policy is worth $187,100.

The good news is that the life insurance gender gap is much easier to narrow than the wage gap. It all starts with education. Make it fun with the Life Insurance: How the Medical Exam Can Affect Your Quote quiz.

This user-friendly quiz tests several topics about the life insurance medical exam and how your results could impact your policy premiums. For example, do you know how to prepare for the medical exam and what the examiner will check? What about the difference between the medical exams seniors take compared to younger Americans? How about the percentage you’ll save if you get Select, Preferred, or Preferred Plus status and the barriers that could stand in your way? There are just seven multiple-choice questions in this quiz, so even busy moms and career women should be able to find time to take the test.

The more you know, the more confident you can feel in your decisions.

Research life insurance and how its quotes are carefully calculated by testing your knowledge with the Health IQ quiz, reading online articles, and speaking to life insurance experts before choosing a plan.

By becoming better insured, you can protect yourself and help narrow the life insurance gender gap.

Take the quiz now.

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