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The modern-day economy has significantly transitioned from traditional office work to a more flexible remote working system. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to do a great deal of work remotely, with little or no need for physical office locations.

This has given rise to the gig economy, where people can freelance their skills and earn money through projects.

This is especially useful for individuals looking to earn money without formal employment. All you have to do is work on a skill set, apply to gigs through platforms like freelance sites, maintain a good portfolio and keep developing your skills.

This article outlines 26 of the best ways to earn money from home. It outlines what you will need and how to get started. Read on for more!


1. Online surveys

Many platforms offer data services by collecting information from the client’s target market. This is usually done through online surveys, and you can get paid a good amount to take some.

Surveys usually involve answering short and long-form questions or selecting an answer from a given list. Most are done anonymously to protect the identity of the respondent.

The pay for each depends on the number of questions and the depth of the answers expected. Some surveys are also only available for respondents within specific regions.

While looking for a good survey platform, watch out for scam sites that may collect personal data for sale to other third parties. Look for reviews to affirm the legitimacy of any such site or platform before getting started.


2. Language coaching

You can earn a good amount by teaching online if you have exceptional language skills. Many people worldwide prefer learning a new language with a fluent coach rather than attending physical classes.

You can connect with them through platforms like Upwork and Fiverr and then discuss and agree on the best way to structure your coaching.

Some of the languages in demand worldwide include English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian and Arabic.


3. Tutoring

Some students go the extra mile to find someone good at a given subject and pay them for tutoring services. If you have mastered any topic, such as Math or Physics, this would be a quick way to earn money online from home.

You can help high school and college students understand challenging concepts without necessarily providing them with answers to their homework. You can also coach them on how to make online focus groups, write essays, research projects, project proposals and business plans.

There isn’t a limit as long as you have mastered your speciality well enough.


4. Social media management

Any business must have a presence on the most popular social media platforms in the current technological era. This has created a valuable opportunity for anyone who understands their way around networks like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Being a good social media manager is something other than talent. It’s more of a skill that anyone can learn.

There are many online guides and courses that can help you understand various platforms, how they work and how you can leverage them for business.


As a social media manager, you may be required to post frequently, edit videos, images and documents to capture your target audience, run promotions and challenges, interact with potential clients in comments and direct messages, maintain a specific tone and aesthetic, and analyze stats to translate them into usable information for other teams.

You may also be required to run the social media accounts for your boss. This means taking, editing, selecting and posting photos, images, statuses, events and pretty much anything they would post.

This is a partial list, as every company has specific needs and requirements. If you take time to hone your skill, you can quickly build an impressive portfolio and, even better, earn as much as anyone in formal employment.


5. Content creation

It’s hard to differentiate content creation from social media management, especially now that some companies hire one person to do both.

However, as a content creator, your work may require technical skills in video and image editing or graphic design.

An excellent example of content creation is the current TikTok wave that has seen almost all big brands set up an official account and post professionally shot and edited video content

You can cultivate these skills by researching and even taking high-value courses online.


6. Freelance proofreading

Companies have been outsourcing proofreaders for a while now, but it has become especially easy with the rise of freelancing platforms.

If you have excellent language and editing skills, this might be something you may want to consider.


What you’ll be doing:

Proofreading involves checking different types of documents for errors and correcting them. It’s the very last stage of the writing process where typos, spelling and punctuation mistakes, inconsistencies and formatting issues are fixed.


7. Website development

As a remote web developer, you will be required to design and create aesthetic and highly functional websites. This will involve technical knowledge of programming skills and languages such as HTML and Javascript.

This is a great place to start if you’re already in the programming space. You can learn technical skills, but you shouldn’t expect to start earning extra cash too soon. There are better ideas than this for anyone looking to start making money online fast.


8. Renting gadgets

Do you have some gadgets in good working condition just lying around? You can start renting them out.

Several platforms, including Flexshopper and Aaron’s, help you connect with people who need them for a short while.

It is a particularly great idea for gadgets like laptops, gaming consoles and high-output sound systems. This goes a long way in reducing the number of electronics waste dumped in the country.

Remember to check the condition of your items before and after renting them out.


9. Virtual assistance

You can earn money from your home’s comfort by being a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants do almost the same duties as regular office assistants.



 Responsibilities include:

●     Creating calendars for their bosses.

●     Handling scheduling.

●     Taking and making phone calls.

●     Responding to emails.

●     Sending and receiving mail and providing regular updates to managers.

To become a virtual assistant, you must master some technical skills and develop your office etiquette, communication, time management, organizational and customer service skills.

You may be working mainly with managers and other senior-level management.


10. Meal preparation

If you’re a cooking genius, you should consider at-home baking and meal prep. You can advertise online on your social media and ask your friends and family to recommend you to their friends.

As your business grows, you can arrange for delivery and supplies.


11. Photography on stock image platforms or your own website

If you have great photography skills, you can sell your images online on stock image platforms such as Getty and Shutterstock. You can take photographs of anything, as long as they are of good quality.

If you want to sell to something other than stock image sites, you can have a website to market and display your work and create a selling portfolio. This can help you earn while you engage in your pasión.


12. Decluttering

You can collect household items and clothes you don’t use often and sell them on an online store. There are a number of online stores that let you advertise and sell your second-hand items. Kaiyo, for instance, offers sellers a great platform to shortlist their pre-used furniture.

Potential clients can then get in touch, and after shopping online, the company ships the items to them. They can also renovate or repurpose old furniture into something new and more stylish, allowing you to get a good amount for it.

Garage sales are also a great idea. You can sort out your unused items and sell them reasonably. You can resell anything as long as it is in good condition.


13. Data entry

Many companies have lots of paperwork and records that need to be entered into their electronic filing system. They often outsource this to freelancers and, in many cases, pay a reasonable amount.

You may require some technical skills depending on the data type or company. For instance, a good knowledge of spreadsheets will make work much easier on software like Microsoft Excel.

Data entry is a recurring task as many companies get new daily records from their various departments. If you produce quality work, you’re likely to be rehired.


14. Digital eCommerce

With good skills in graphic design, you can start your platform and sell printables. All you have to do is create excellent designs, patent them (so that they are not simply downloaded and used without your permission) and offer them for sale on platforms like Etsy. This is a great way to earn passive income, and with adjustments such as an automated parent system, you can easily make extra cash while doing other things.


15. Product testing

You can also offer to test products before they are officially released to the general population. You may also be paid to test websites before they are launched.

Companies like Pinecone Research pay a pretty good amount for testing various products and software. They usually mail them, so all you have to do is receive them, try them from your home then provide the required feedback. To test websites, you may be provided with a link which you can access easily from your home. You can easily earn anywhere between 10$ to 20$ per hour.


16. Transcription

The need for transcribers has been rising these past few years with the emergence of new podcasts and video-sharing platforms.

Transcription typically involves listening to a pre-recorded audio and then typing it into a document. It is very in demand, especially for media such as YouTube and Spotify podcasts.

Getting ready

To start transcribing, you need to set up a quiet environment where you can listen to audio with minimal interruptions. It would help if you also had a keen ear for detail and fast typing skills.

You may be paid by the hour or based on the length of the transcript. Sometimes, you may be required to translate the transcribed content into an article, blog post, white paper or social media post. Be sure to sharpen these skills as you go.

Transcription also involves writing subtitles, which is helpful for movies and TV shows. For this, you may also need to be fluent.


17. Selling online courses

If you have mastered any skills and feel confident enough to teach them to others, you can structure it into a detailed online course and sell it online.

Skillshare, for instance, allows you to craft a detailed course on any given skill and market it to the thousands of learners who visit the platform daily. It is a great way to start making extra cash passively, but you will need to be attentive and responsive to any questions or remarks made by learners.

Be sure to update your online courses with any developments, such as emerging new trends and technology. If it is outdated, learners will notice.


18. Pet sitting

If you have free space at your home and love interacting with animals, you can try pet sitting. Most pet owners need someone to watch after their furry friends when they go to work, on a trip, on vacation or have visitors over.

You can research the needs of some of the most common pets, such as dogs, cats and birds. While most owners will give specific instructions on things like feeding and medication, it is essential to do your own research for extra information on how to handle pets.



Here are some valuable tips on how to prepare your home for pet sitting:

●     Lock doors that can easily be pushed open or unlocked by pets.

●     Seal all points of entry or possible escape routes.

●     Have your pet supplies in one place so that you don’t have to look through the rooms if you need anything.

●     Remove any medication, food or chemicals in the animal’s reach.

Remember to check any notes left by the owners regarding essential things like special needs or allergy information. You should also check for any warnings on the animal’s demeanor to avoid rubbing them the wrong way.


19. Consultancy

If you are an expert at any particular subject or field of work, for instance, project management, you may benefit from setting up a consultancy. It is one of the best ways to make money in most professions.

Consultants are not permanent employees, so you can get hired on a contract basis by any company to provide helpful input and advice. You could also be requested to train employees in various disciplines, such as practical leadership skills and working in online focus groups.

Depending on your specialty, consulting can be an excellent opportunity to market yourself and create valuable business connections.


20. Podcasts

Starting a podcast is a great idea, especially if there is a topic you’re particularly passionate about. It could be health, spirituality, fitness, political views, science, lifestyle, debates or anything that lies within other people’s interests.

You can set up a space at your house for recording your sessions without noise or interruptions.

As with a blog, you will need to direct some time and resources towards marketing your podcast. You could pay for advertisements, mentions, or appearances in other more popular podcasts. Whichever promotion you choose, ensure that it targets people who share the same interest.

While starting, research the internet and other experienced podcasts on how to create a successful podcast or YouTube channel. Note the superior speed, tone, content length and other factors that could determine your podcast’s engagement.

Once you get significant traffic, you should research and apply the best ways to monetize your podcast.


21. Babysitting

You should also consider babysitting as one of the ways to make money, especially if you’re good with children. It is a much-needed service, especially for parents who work very often. Start by doing your research and get some basic babysitting training.

Understand practical skills like calming down a tantrum, feeding a reluctant toddler, administering first aid, preventing fights and how to play with the kids. While babysitting may sound easy, it requires a great deal of patience and the ability to bring yourself to the child’s level to understand what they need.

It is advisable to spend time with at least one child and see how you fare if you aren’t very familiar with children.

Useful tips for babysitting

Here are some tips before you start babysitting:

●     Understand the expectations of the parents. Some may need you to clean up and prepare food for the children; others want to look after them and feed them.

●     Understand your comfort level so you can draw boundaries and be clear on what you will and won’t do.

●     Be ready to be very active and play with the child.

●     Be prepared for any emergencies.

●     Communicate as clearly as possible with the parents about the progress or needs of their children.


22. Music Lessons

If you are skilled with any particular instrument(s), you can start offering music lessons to kids or adults. This is one of the simplest ways to make money, and all you need is a comfortable space and your instrument. If you have more than one, you can hire them out to your learners who don’t have theirs.

To prepare, you can start by structuring everything you know into short, progressive units, which you can then deliver during your sessions. Remember to be patient with your students and allow them time to practice.


23. Art and DIY craft

Do you like to make DIY art? Are you a gifted painter? Do you make breathtaking pottery? Can you make some stunning paper mache? Can you make a unique custom leather bag? If you love DIY projects or making art, you should consider how you can earn money without necessarily turning it into a full-time business (that is, if you’re only looking to start making money from your own home as a part-time gig).

Whether you make art for fun, to reduce stress or just to keep yourself busy, if you’re good at it, you can quickly start to earn money from it; many people love shopping online for such crafts.


One way is by advertising your work on social media as a local business. Create a profile and start posting quality pictures of your handiwork. Make use of social media marketing tactics like ads to reach out to as many people as possible.

If you can, create your own website or use a platform like Etsy and Amazon to allow people to place orders. You can accept a wide variety of payments including Paypal and gift cards If you’re good at your work, people will notice, and you will get busier as the orders increase.

Remember to price your work reasonably, factoring in the amount of work, time and resources that have gone into each piece.


24. Voice acting

Voice acting involves reading out scripts for advertisements, movies, tv shows, presentations and other similar gigs. It is an excellent opportunity for someone who is audible, articulated and fluent.

Getting ready

To become a good voice actor, it is important to do deep research or take an introductory course to understand the full nature of the job. It will help you know where your voice could be most helpful and prepare you for the job requirements.

Some companies will require you to audition or work at their studios, but you can also work from home if you can set up your recording studio.

You should be able and willing to invest in high-quality audio recording and editing equipment if you want to be taken professionally. This should be in a quiet part of your home.

You should also do lots of practice and follow the available guidelines to develop the quality required before signing up for auditions.


25. Blogging to make money online

Starting a blog is also an excellent way to earn passive income. You don’t need to master any technical web development skills. You can hire a developer to create a custom one or use platforms like WordPress to create one from a template.

Your blog should revolve around something you are passionate about and involved in. For instance, if you love poetry, you could have a blog where you post some of your poems.

Make sure to research promotional methods that help you advertise your content for more traffic.


Monetizing your blog for extra money

Once you have steady monthly visitors, you can run ads and start making money. This helps you earn when visitors click on the ads. You can also begin to sell merchandise like T-shirts and mugs on an online store and market them on your blog.

There are many ways to monetize a blog, but you will need to be willing to put in some work in advertising it to gather a steady amount of traffic.


26. At-home laundry

If you have a high-power laundry machine at your home, consider putting it to work for extra money!

You can even invest in a new one and start advertising your services around your neighborhood.

Customers can drop their laundry off with specific instructions and pick it up when it is done.

You can also invest in some nice packaging to improve professionalism. You can even have it printed with your brand name or logo as you get more clients.

The better service you provide, the more people will recommend you, and the more extra money you stand to earn.



With the right skills and dedication, almost anyone can make a decent income from home. However, the best-paying ideas require time and effort to get started, a great deal of practice and patience.

You will also need to spend some time educating yourself on the best ways to promote your product as well as the best ways to provide customer support. If you have access to help, don’t hesitate to ask for it.


Written by Valentine, check out Crazy Money Facts.com for more ideas on making extra money from home and managing your business as it grows!

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