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How Often Should You Track Your Net Worth?

  Once you have started tracking your net worth, the next obvious question is going to be "How Often Should You Track Your Net Worth?" I believe that it should be done every month.   Here's why:   The first time you track your net worth you will find...

The Simple Retirement Calculation Keeping Me Up At Night

Do you remember what it was like being a kid and not being able to fall asleep because you were so excited?! How you would lie in your bed starring at the clock wanting to fall asleep, but getting so excited that you couldn't possibly close your eyes for more than 2...

What Does My Net Worth Mean?

When you make it through your net worth statement the first time, a question naturally will occur. "What does my net worth mean?" So here are a few guidelines on where your net worth may land and some guideposts along the way. Quick recap: Net worth means the value of...

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