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Being a Formula One fan in the United States isn’t easy. It’s hard to catch the races on the regular TV channels. Loving a Formula 1 fan isn’t easy, either. Especially when it’s time to buy them gifts.

On top of that, the races take place in another country. So, they’re not the easiest to get to.

ESPN and Netflix have made it easier for fans. But, watching Formula One races is still difficult.

You have to research where to find the races. You also have to stay up until weird hours to watch them.

F1 fans have it harder than the rest, even when it comes to gifts. Surely you can reward their commitment to the F1 circuit with some memorable and fun gifts for F1 fans.

10 Awesome Gifts for F1 Fans

When your fan is having the Red Bull racing blues, cheer him up with one of these 10 must-have t-shirts and other gifts:

50 Years of Formula 1 On-board

50 years of Formula 1 / 50 Ans De Formule 1 // On-Board / A Bord /Eng/Fre/ Narration By Stirling Moss / Jackie Stewart / Mario Andretti

The anniversary of the first F1 race happened in Silverstone over 70 years ago. This is long before the days of color television and small TV cameras.

The early pioneers of the sport were innovators. They duct-taped big cameras to drivers’ heads to get footage from inside their cars. 

This is the footage your F1 fan sees in the 50 Years of Formula 1 On-board documentary on DVD. This footage makes it one of the best gifts on this list.

Fans will get to discover new truths about their favorite racers and take an extraordinary trip through the first 50 years of F1 racing.

From Michael Schumacher to Max Verstappen, it’s an awesome racing documentary that every true fan will enjoy. This gift also features commentary by icons like Mario Andretti and Sir Stirling Moss.


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Ayrton Senna: As Time Goes By 

Ayrton Senna: As time goes by

Formula 1 racers are legends in their own right. Ayrton Senna is one of those legends.

The often polarizing Brazilian won 3 F1 world drivers’ championships for sure. There’s a possibility of a fourth win, but politics and scandals sowed doubt about the outcome of the race.

There are several books and movies about Senna. But, the best that covers the racing superstar is Ayrton Senna: As Time Goes By.

The author, Christoper Hilton, uses information from the Senna family to detail what the driver was like when he wasn’t on the track. Hilton also narrates several conversations with teams and team bosses.

That’s not all. Hilton also discusses the complicated legal trial that took place after Senna’s deadly accident. If your fan has questions about Senna, the book does a good job of answering a bunch of them.


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The Unknown Kimi Raikkonen 

The Unknown Kimi Raikkonen

Most modern Formula 1 fans love Kimi Raikkonen. His aloof but funny disposition is attractive to many. But, in many ways, the racer is a mystery. 

The Unknown Kimi Raikkonen book by Kari Hotakainen is a great gift for his fans. It will help them discover more about who the driver really is.

From growing up in the countryside of Finland to his first F1 contract, the book is talking about it all.


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The Limit: Life and Death on the 1961 Grand Prix Circuit

The Limit: Life and Death on the 1961 Grand Prix Circuit

If your Formula One fan loves the golden area of the sport, get him this book. The Limit: Life and Death on the 1961 Grand Prix Circuit by Michael Cannell is a marvel.

This book shines some light on two drivers, Phil Hill and Wolfgang von Trips. It details Phil Hill’s meteoric rise to racing fame. It also talks about Wolfgang’s untimely death.

This book is an interesting look at how different and dangerous the sport was just a few years ago. Racing is still a dangerous sport, but Canell’s book details how much worse it was.


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F1 TV Subscription


There’s only so much a fan can get from learning about the history and legendary drivers of the F1 circuit. Give him a gift that allows him to tune in and watch a live race from the comfort of his favorite room.

With this app, your fan doesn’t have to search, worry, or wait anymore. An F1 TV subscription lets him see history made in real-time on his phone. 

F1 TV Pro is the fancy version of this gift. It grants access to live on-track action, regardless of where the race is. The Pro plan also grants access to F1’s tv archives. This lets your Formula 1 watch every race from the past 20 years.


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Thrustmaster Ferrari SF 1000 Edition

Thrustmaster Ferrari SF 1000 Edition Formula Wheel Add On

This gift is for the F1 fan that wants to get in on the action he sees on the course while lounging in his bedroom. Nowadays, gaming companies are building controllers that look like stock racing car gear. 

Manufacturers used the steering wheel in Sebastian Vettel’s F1 vehicle during the 2020 racing season for the Thrustmaster Ferrari SF 1000 Edition cars. This makes this setup a serious piece of eye candy. It plays double duty whilst delivering hours of fun.


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Ampersand Shops 1:12 Scale Ferrari F138 Electronic R/C Car

AMPERSAND SHOPS 1:12 Scale Formula One F1 RTR Official Licensed Model Ferrari F138 Electric RC Car Full Function

Another great way to have some racing fun is with the remote control Ferrari F138. The inspiration for these cars goes back to the 2013 season. This is the era when Fernando Alonso was still racing with Scuderia in search of his 3rd world title.


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Mercedes AMG F1 Team T-shirt

Mercedes AMG Petronas Team Polo Shirt 2021 Black S

The Mercedes Formula 1 team is one of the best teams in the world. Let your F1 fan showcase their team pride with the official Mercedes AMG Petronas polo t-shirt.

This stylish t-shirt has the partners’ logos on the chest. It also has racing stripes that add a stylish touch.


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McLaren Special Edition USA Trucker Cap

McLaren F1 New Era 2022 Special Edition USA GP Trucker Hat

Does your Formula 1 fan love accessories and McLaren? Make his dream come true with this interesting McLaren Special Edition Trucker Cap.

It’s an official trucker hat that takes its inspiration from the classic American style. It features a blue, white, and red colorway and a nostalgic graphic. This stylish accessory is an easy way for your fan to show support for the McLaren team.


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Lego Technic Mclaren Formula 1 Race Car

LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car 42141 Model Building Kit for Adults; Build a Replica Model of The 2022 McLaren Formula 1 Race Car (1,432 Pieces)

This is one of the best gifts on the list because it lets your F1 fan bring the Red Bull racing experience to life.

Lego’s adult sub-brand, Technic, has a reputation for satisfyingly complex builds. You can even use them as home decor in your room when you’re done. The McLaren Formula 1 car set is a terrific example of what the company does.

This fancy set uses over 1000 pieces to create a realistic model that will give your favorite person hours of play. It features details like a functional steering wheel, moving engine pistons, and more.


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McLaren Essential Stealth Logo Hoodie

McLaren F1 Men's Stealth Logo Hoodie (Medium)

Looking for some F1 merch that’s stylish, practical, and on sale? Search no further. This official McLaren Essential logo hoodie is a superb choice for the price.

The classic black hoodie has the McLaren logo on the chest in the same color. This is a nod to the F1 circuit. It features a drawstring hood and its cozy cotton material ensures your fan is cozy in the cold. 

It’s not easy being a Formula One racing fan or shopping for their gifts. It takes real dedication and commitment.

Show your loved one how much they mean to you with one of these memorable gifts for F1 fans. No matter which one of these gifts you purchase, you can guarantee to bring your fan some joy.


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