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Our kids have been obsessed with Volleyball this year. So it’s natural that we are starting to think about gifts for volleyball players. If you are reading this it’s likely you want some gift ideas for your volleyball player whether they are a girl or boy. Here are some of the best ideas we could come up with. Best of all these gifts for volleyball players are cheap! The bulk of them were under $20 and almost all of them were under $50. 

Great Gift Ideas for Volleyball Players to Train 

#1 Voleyball gift Idea: Volleyball Training Equipment Aid 

This kit is pretty much everything you need to give your volleyball player. This set will help them develop their setting, serving and spiking. The strap helps them from having to run around chasing the ball and they are able to get more practice time out of their efforts. It’s a practical and useful gift for a volleyball player. 

This gift has over 50 ratings and 4 stars on Amazon. 

The finger clips are a great addition to help strengthen their fingers

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Wilson Soft and Super Soft Play Volleyball


Ok, I’m going to start out and say that if you have a volleyball player then you likely have one or two volleyballs kicking around. This Soft Play one by Wilson is a great add to the collection. Because let’s face it, these things take a beating and we are usually replacing ours every year. These come in a variety of colors too. Check them out! 

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Or if you prefer there is this cool looking graffiti volleyball. Check it out, it’s only a few dollars more. 

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Tandem Sport Pass Rite


This is a great tool to help strengthen their arms in an upward movement and can accommodate any height. Volleyball relies some key motions and being able to strengthen them with a tool like this incredibly useful. 

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Vertical Jumping Trainer


Working on your vertical is the key to any volleyball players success. A good high jump can do wonders for any volleyball players game. This is a great gift for the volleyball boy or girl looking to jump higher and spike harder. 

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Volleyball Setting Technique Training Aid 

If you are looking for a gift to help your player improve their setting technique, then these hand hand straps are a great gift idea for your new volleyball player. They go on your hand and the ball sits in the palm of their hand so that they practice setting and not have the balls make contact to their palm. It will help them develop proper hand placement on the ball when they are setting. A key part of any game.

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Nike Volleyball Knee Pads

If you haven’t gone through at least a set of these in the past year, you likely will soon. These are the knee pads we use in our family they are small but still manage the kids to be agile. Perfect gift for new or experienced volleyball players. 

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Volleyball Clothing Gift Ideas

Volleyball Bracelet


This is a beautiful and affordable charm. While she won’t be able to use it when playing it is a very cute accessory to show her love of the sport.  This charm has over 80 ratings and an average of over 4 stars. 

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Girls Volleyball Jewelry Charm Bracelet

This is another cute accessory to her jewelry collection. It comes in a ton of different variations (over 10 at the time of writing this). It’s also super affordable and makes a great gift for friends or a stocking stuffer deepening on the time of year. You can see al the different variations here. 

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Volleyball Hoodies (lots to chose from)

There are so many cool volleyball hoodies that it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few but here are some of the most unique volleyball hoodies. They are the perfect gift for your volleyball girl.


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Volleyball Long Sleeve Shirts Gift Ideas 

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Volleyball Gift Items for Girls

Volleyball Themed Socks

Check out the Different Colors Here!

Volleyball Leggings



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Volleyball T-Shirts


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Volleyball Headbands


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Volleyball Scrunchie

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Volleyball Themed Pop Socket



The only thing our daughter loves more than volleyball is her phone and accessories for it. This pop socket is the perfect combing on the two things that she is really into right now. I’m sure your daughter is the same way. 

Check them out here (they come in all letters).

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Personalized Custom Volleyball Water Bottle

Nothing say pro player like a water bottle with your name on it. There are a few options from different sellers on Amazon. You can see them here. 

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Love Volleyball Mesh Cap

This is an adjustable breathable hat that she is bound to love. 

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Volleyball Christmas Tree Ornament

Every year we buy an ornament that symbolizes each persons theme in a given year. One year it’s a baseball bat, another a microphone (for singing). This is a very cute ornament and the perfect gift to capture their love of volleyball.   

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Volleyball Personalized Back Pack

Out of all the gift ideas for volleyball players we have covered this on the expensive side (that said if you can find it under $50 it’s a win). It’s a nice looking pack, that is perfect for training 

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Unisex Volleyball Gift Ideas

If you are wanting to get a unisex volleyball gift item, these are gender neutral gift ideas that are safe for anyone. 

Volleyball Bath Bombs – 3 pack

If you are looking for more of a relaxing and unique volleyball gift idea, these bath bombs are da bomb (I cannot be held responsible for the bad jokes). They are individually wrapped and make a great gift for your boy or girl volleyball player. 

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Volleyball Neon Light with Changing Touch Switch

This is a cute volleyball gift idea, it’s pretty unique and if your volleyball player is into changing colors with a light, then this is a great fit. Plus the price is a hard one to beat. It has over 300 ratings and comes with a 4 star rating on Amazon

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Which Gift Idea for A Volleyball Player is Best?

Depending on how long they have been playing and what they already have, there are several options that you can go with when it comes to picking out a gift for a volleyball player. If nothing caught your eye these is always a visa gift card (here’s how to use a visa gift card on Amazon). The truth is you probably saw a few things on this list that would be great. Now it’s up to you to go ahead and buy one. Either way they will love it!


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