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Have a mermaid lover in your life, or someone who wishes they WERE a mermaid? These mermaid gifts are all something that they’ll love then! These are all bright and colorful things that the mermaid enthusiasts in your life will appreciate and enjoy. From beach and summer-themed items to gifts they can enjoy no matter what time of year, we have you covered with these fun and colorful mermaid-themed gifts!

If you are like me you want to get your gifts out of the way as soon as you can. The best thing to do is get your gifts delivered to you so you can skip all the hectic stores and sit back and relax (thanks to Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping)!

Mermaid Printed Socks

Aren’t these so cute? Only $15 and a fun gift for the mermaid lover to wear with any outfit! They fit a women’s shoe from 4-1 so your mermaid lover will adore these cute mermaid socks.

Check the price here.



Mermaid Tail Coffee Mug

A cute and stylish way to enjoy a coffee or any other warm beverage – the cutest mermaid tail mug! There are other’s along this theme too so check them out.

Check out the price here.


Mermaid Scale PopSocket:

PopSockets PopGrip - Expanding Stand and Grip with Swappable Top - Glitter Mermaid

These Mermaid PopSockets are lifesavers when it comes to holding your phone, where were we all without these? This colorful mermaid scale PopSocket is a great gift!

Check them out here.


Mermaid Crossing Sign

The fun, hanging sign that every mermaid lover needs in their home! Your daughter (or you, no judging) will absolutely love this hanging in her room. 

Buy it here.



Mermaid Hair Elastics

A fun way for the mermaid lover your shopping to put her hair up, while still doing so in style! There are lots of mermaid elastics to chose from, so take a look and see which one your favorite mermaid lover wants the most!

Check them out here.


Mermaid Detangler Brush

You would never guess that this cute, colorful shell is actually a hairbrush! Looking around for mermaid gift ideas, you see some ideas that are just too cute to pass up, this falls into that category. 

Buy this affordable cute hairbrush here. 


Mermaid Makeup Brush Set:

Makeup Brushes Set- Cosmetic Conceler Brushes Kit Tool 12PCS Make Up Foundation Eyebrow Eyeliner Blush Concealer Brushes Pink Mermaid Colorful (pink)

A great and useful set of makeup brushes that will also bring out her inner mermaid! These brushes are so colorful they are the perfect compliment to the mermaid detangler brush above. 

Check them out here. 


Mermaid Pool Float

Float and enjoy the sun this summer in style! This inflatable mermaid ring has a mermaid tail and will make her feel like a real mermaid!

Grab it here now!



Pearl Mermaid Necklace

From afar, this looks like a simple pearl necklace, and up close, you can see the mermaid figurine surrounding the pearl. It’s absolutely beautiful and a wonderful gift.

Get this beautiful gift here.


‘Mermaid Hair Don’t Care’ Baseball Cap

An adorable baseball cap that she’ll love to wear and will even help on a bad hair day! Seriously this is the perfect hat.

Get one here.


Mermaid Tail Tumbler

This tumbler will hold your drink and make it fun to drink, too! The cup is clear with a mermaid tail insert that holds the drink, making it something different and SUCH a wonderful gift for the mermaid lover.

Buy this cute tumbler here. 


‘Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be A Mermaid’ Sign

Because who wouldn’t want to be a mermaid? This hanging sign is perfect for anywhere in your home if you’re a mermaid lover!

Get it here

Mermaid Makeup Brush Holder

A fun way to celebrate loving mermaids! This is meant to hold makeup brushes, but could also double as a vase for flowers!

Get this versatile holder here.


Hanging Mermaid Key Holder

This will make a beautiful statement in a foyer or any room of your home! The mermaid is painted beautifully and it’s a fun gift to give.

Get your own mermaid key holder here. 


‘I Washed Up Like This’ Mug

A fun and witty coffee mug that everyone, not just the mermaid obsessed, would love!

Get this cute coffee mug here. 


Gold Mermaid Bottle Stopper

Keeping a bottle sealed has never been so stylish! Any mermaid lover will love this gold mermaid bottle stopper!

It’s priced nicely, you can buy it here.

‘Be A Mermaid and Make Waves’ Bracelet

Isn’t this bangle so cute? It’s a fun little saying that anyone will love, and especially a mermaid lover! It’s such a great inspiring message for young and older people alike. 

Get yours here. 


Colorful Mermaid Scale iPhone Case

This colorful mermaid phone case gives your phone a major upgrade! It’s so cute and the colors are unbeatable.

See the price here.


Mermaid Tail Stainless Steel Tumbler

Keep your drink hot or cold all day long in this stylish mermaid tumbler! These are must haves and the fact that it’s this cute is a must – they also make for great gifts!

Get your mermaid tumbler here!


Sequin Mermaid Pillow:

Not only are these sequin pillows fun to play with (for real!), but they look really stylish on a bed or couch too. Great for a mermaid lover who loves fun colors!

Buy your mermaid sequin pillows here. 



Mermaid Wrap Bracelet:

The coolest part about this mermaid printed bracelet is that it’s infused with essential oils! Aromatherapy oils are great for so many things and this bracelet is an awesome gift for just about anyone.

Buy your mermaid printed bracelet. 


Mermaid Tail Blanket:

An absolute MUST have for every mermaid lover! This knitted mermaid tail blanket is so cute and cozy, it’s something that can be used year round as well. They are well priced too so it makes the perfect gift add on. 

Buy your mermaid tail blanket here. 


Crystal Mermaid Scale Tumbler:

Another super cute drink tumbler that makes for a wonderful gift! You could even fill these with other little mermaid themed gifts for one, different and exciting gift “basket”.

Get your mermaid scale tumbler here


‘I’d Rather Be A Mermaid’ Cosmetic Case:

Great for using for a day at the beach or on your travels! This bag is a great gift and awesome quality too.

Buy this mermaid cosmetic bag here. 

Mermaid Tail Stud Earrings:

Costume jewelry is always more fun when it involves mermaids! These studs are cute and simple but make a statement on your ears. They’re the best gift for mermaid lovers on your list!

Buy these mermaid earrings here.

Adult Mermaid Coloring Book:

Adult coloring books are the best things EVER. They’re great to help you relax, and what’s more fun to color than a colorful mermaid?! This is an awesome adult coloring book – you could even pair it with a set of colored pencils for a fun gift!

Buy this coloring book here. 


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Mermaid Gifts

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