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Kids gifts have gotten expensive, luckily there are still some gems you can get when you know where to look. Here are 10 gift ideas under $10 for kids that will have them going “YES!”. When you have kids you have a ton of gifts that you need to get, and while you might set a budget on how much you spend, it’s always nice if you can get a “WOW” gift that comes in under budget.

Color Your Own Water Bottle

Both my kids have these water bottles and absolutely love them, the pride of getting to  decorate it in your own way has them using them all the time, and drinking more water. Bonus win!

You can check them out here

Creativity for Kids Emoji Bead Bracelet Craft Kit

If your kids love crafts then this is a great gift. They can make 5 bracelets for themselves and their friends. For under $10 it’s a surefire hit!

Grab a box while you can here!

Uno Emoji Card Game

My kids play Uno for hours on end (though lately volleyball has taken the lead, check out these volleyball gifts). They can’t get enough of it. This is a nice spin on the game and who doesn’t love the emojis this year!!

Grab them for under $10 here. 

LED Gloves, 6 Modes 3 Color LED Finger Light up Gloves

This might just be the coolest gift on the list. These LED gloves are a neat glow in the dark item that are perfect for evenings in the yard, or playing anywhere in the dark for that matter.

They are a best seller so click here to grab them while they last. 

Mermaid Decor Cushion Pillow Cover 15.75”×15.75” Pillowcase, Child DIY Draw and Write

Give full play to your imagination by writing or drawing any patterns you want. These pillows can be drawn on for a cool effect as a gift or as a craft for your kids. There are a ton of colours and patterns so make sure to check out the variety here. 

ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon

This is a nice work around to your kids wanting to dye their hair ( and also make your hair start to go grey at the same time. Just me? Oops!). We got these and both of our kids love to play with them. They are great for spirit days at school or just having fun.

Grab a set of them here.

 Binoculars Night Scope 4×30 Telescope with Pop-up Spotlight and Night-beam Vision

All I’m hearing about this year is night vision glasses, while these aren’t going to be stealth level, they are a nice way to get something at a good price to test their interest.

Check them out here.

Toysmith Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer

A version of this toy has been around forever and that’s because changing your voice is awesome. Especially when you are a little kid. Just thinking of this reminds me when I had a voice modulator, they are just fun to play with.

See more about it here. 

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

This little science kit has 20 pieces to start teaching your kids about the basics of science. Take a look at whats included by clicking here.

Phone Anti Drop Finger Holder

These things have come out of the woodwork this year. There are tons of different kinds and types. This one just caught my eye. They are perfect for taking selfies, or just holding onto your phone in different situations. This is a more colourful one but your guy may like one a little less bold. There are tons to choose from. Check them out here.

Buy This Anti Drop Finger Holder Now


Just My Style Emoticon Message Beads

if you have an up and coming fashionista in your house, these message beads may be the right creative outlet for them.

Make sure to check out everything that’s included here. 

Tripod with Phone Holder or Camera Stand

If your kids love to make movies with their ipods or iPhones this might be the best $10 gift idea for them. This tri-pod is the bomb! Good for a phone or a DSLR whats not to love for the price.
Check it out here.

Buy This Tripod Now

Magnetic Slime

My kids just came home with this on their lists. I’ve watched the videos and I have to admit, EVEN I WANT THIS! It just looks so cool to play with.  It’s just over $10 but I have to include it for the cool factor alone. You have to see this in action to believe it.

Fidget Spinner

In case you hid under a rock this past year, this is the “it” gift. I have to say for something so simple, it’s incredibly amusing. I’ve found that every child who has one, at least wants one other or more. It’s crazy, and fun! Here’s some of the more recent fidget spinners.


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Need some gifts for kids that won't break the bank, here are 10 gifts under $10 that kids will love. | Gifts | Gift ideas |Children | #christmas #kidsgiftsNeed some gifts for kids that won't break the bank, here are 10 gifts under $10 that kids will love. | Gifts | Gift ideas |Children | #christmas #kidsgifts

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