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When it comes to buying gifts for boys, it can feel like you are shooting in the dark. So here is my son to explain his top gift ideas for this year and what makes them so great. If you are looking for the best Christmas gift ideas for boys ages 8 to 11 the best way to do it is to ask one. Here is E-Dog’s (not his real name but is insisting I call him it this week) best gift ideas. Take it away son…

Hi I’m E-Dog, my dad asked me which gifts are the most wanted by me and my friends and here they are.



Anything Lego is cool. You can get in all kinds of styles, Star Wars, Harry Potter, the list goes on and on. The best part about Lego is putting it together. Then once you put it together you can play with it, take it apart or make something completely new. You can check out all the cool Lego stuff here.


Captain Underpants Books

My favorite thing to read right now is Captain Underpants, or anything else by Day Pilkey. They are so funny, all my friends and I read them. If your son hasn’t got into these books he should. They are super cool! You can get them all here on Amazon. 


Captain Underpants: The Movie

My favorite movies are Captain Underpants and the Lego Movie. They are super funny, if your son doesn’t know anything about Captain Underpants, he can watch the movie and then start reading the books. That’s how I got started with them.

Dog Man Books

Dav Pilkey (who wrote Captain Underpants) also has this series of books. Once I read all of the Captain Underpants books I started to look for anything else the author wrote. They are just as funny as Captain Underpants!

Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty

These putty’s are the COOLEST THING EVER!!! They are different cancan change colour and are so much fun to play with. My friends and I love to play with these Thinking Putty. You can get a mini set of them like in the picture, or you can get a large one here.



Nerf Guns

I really like to play with these, they don’t hurt at all and they are really fun to play indoors when it’s too cold to go outside in the winter. I have a few of them, but I want more, that way more of my friends can play at once.


Shark Tooth or a Shark Jaw

I really like sharks, my parents took me to Maui and I got to see them in the aquarium. This shark jaw is like the one I got. I want more of them because they are really neat. I also have a shark tooth necklace which is pretty awesome. It kinda looks like this one here.

Basketball Net

I’ve just started playing basketball at school and I love it! I really want to get this net for the driveway, it’s a really good price!

But if I can’t get this one, I really really wan this one that goes on the back of my door for my bedroom. My sister loves sports too, here are some volleyball gifts that are pretty cool. 


Funko Pop!

My dad and I love Marvel movies and of course Star Wars movies. When I saw these in the store I really like them! They look funny but in like, a good way.  I have a few of them already but I want to keep adding to my collection. There are hundreds of them so it’s an easy thing to get, if your son likes some kind of person on TV they probably have a Pop! figure.

Crystal Growing Kit

I already have this, but every time my friends come over they look at my crystals and want them. They are really neat. I love how they look and the kit is super easy to use. It’s also fun to come home from school every day and see how the crystals have changed when they are starting to grow.  You can get them here.

Model Airplane

I’ve never built one before, but they look really neat.  I went in a plane my first time last year and since then I keep wanting to go more and more. I’m not sure which plane your son will like but there are a bunch here you can look at. 

Board Games

I love to play board games with my dad. There are bunch of good ones but these are my favorites!



Connect 4



Pass the Pigs


Battle Ship

I also love card games too. They’re lots of fun because they are fast.


Magic Kit

My dad does some card tricks and I really want to learn how to do them. He bought me this book of card tricks, it’s good but it’s just card tricks and my hands are too small for some of the trick.  But I’ve always wanted a magic kit. Right now this one is the one I’m asking for.


Magic 8 Ball

These things are so cool. My dad said he always wanted one when he was my age, now I want one too!

Magazine Subscription

I love getting my magazine in the mail, every year my grandparents get me something new. This year I’m hoping to get National Geographic for Kids. It’s fun because even when Christmas is over I keep getting something for the whole year!



Playstation VR

We got this and everyone who has come to our house to try it is asking for it for Christmas. It is way better than you imagine it would be. The demo games are super fun and the first thing you should do is download the free Spiderman game, it is incredible!!

You can check it out here. 


Nintendo Switch

My dad and I love playing games together. I really want a Nintendo Switch, so I’m hoping he sees this here and gets it for me.

Thanks for reading my ideas. My friends and I had fun putting it together.

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