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I love tech gifts. More specifically I love getting tech gifts.  The only problem is that most of them always come with a hefty price (hello all Apple products).

That said, there are a few tech gems under $30 that can make your life remarkably better by having them in your life. Whether you are on a budget, or just not sure how sure you are of this new guy in your life, you can still show some love (or like, you know, if you haven’t said the “L” word yet) while being tech savvy.

This post was based on U.S. prices at the time of writing. Please make sure to check that the prices haven’t changed. Who knows they may have dropped in price.


Tile – $24.99

This little tech gadget is a dream come true. You link it to your phone and it will track whatever you put them on. From a pair of keys, to a wallet, to your bike. It will mark the last location synced to your phone making losing your keys (or anything else) a thing of the past.

The other nice thing about it is if you have something stolen, Tile connects to other bluetooth devices that have the app on them to help track down your lost item. This has helped me so much. I lose my keys all the time in the house and now I can track them down. Plus the reverse works with your phone if you click on the Tile button you can find your phone if it’s in bluetooth range

Check Out Tile

BlueTooth Speaker – Meidong Universal Water Resistance -$29.99

Another great tech gift under 30 is this bluetooth speaker. It’s water resistant and puts out 10W. Plus it has a built in microphone for taking calls. Since it’s listed as #1 best seller in Amazon (at the time of writing this) you can rest assured it’s in demand. At the time of writing this was $29.99 marked down from $89.99 so it’s definitely a good find.

Check out this Wireless Speaker

Beexcellent GM-2 Gaming Headset with Mic -$29.99

This gaming headset with microphone is designed for the gamer in your life with useability for Playstation 4, Laptops or Xbox One. If you have someone who’s a gamer at heart, this may be the gift for him.

Check out this Gaming Headset

Roku Express – $29.99

This compact  little device has the ability to turn your TV into a smart TV, at an amazing price. For $29.99 you can start streaming to any TV you connect to this device. I absolutely love our Roku. Their remote is super simple and it’s very easy to use. You should check this out. 

Check out Roku Express


SoundPal SX7 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – $25.99

No gamer, but you have someone who loves to work out? These wireless headphones are sweat-proof. They are the perfect companion to your guy’s workouts and he will love being able to run, jump, lift without the pesky wires getting in the way. 

Check out these Wireless Headphones

Bonus Round!

Polanfo 12000mAh Power Bank for Smartphones and Tablets – $19.99

I’m adding a bonus one in case one of the one’s above goes up in price.

Who hasn’t been caught headed out the door with a dying iPhone? These power banks are a huge lifesaver. We have one and make sure we don’t leave home with out it. It comes in black, gold and white so you can pick the right match for your guys cell phone. 

Check out this Power Bank

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