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It’s getting to be that time of year. That time where gift exchanges gift ideas, white elephant gift exchanges, and secret Santa’s all start to come at you at once. Personally, I love the whole experience, but every so often you need a some amazing  gift exchange gift ideas, you know,  because you got Lorne in accounting… and you know literally nothing about him… or accounting.

Here are some great gift exchange ideas that are good for anyone. Just in case your boss pulls a Michael Scott and decides to do Pirate Santa  (one of my favorite episodes of the Office by far)  a.ka. White Elephant Santa where everyone swaps gifts. Here are some perfect gift exchange ideas. 


‘Romantic Walks at Target’ Mug:

If you know who you are buying for, then this mug could be right on target (such a bad joke, but I couldn’t help it).

This is a great gift for coffee lovers, and it’s a can’t fail, when you know the target person opening the gift (ok that last one was a bit too far). This is a great gift idea and a neutral gift for any gift exchange.

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iPhone Camera Lens Kit:

If you have a tech savvy person, or someone who loves to take pictures on their phones, this is a great gift (read: this is the right gift for everyone).

It’s perfect for that person who is wanting to take their photography to the next level.

This gift exchange gift idea is a great way to elevate their pictures. Check it out here.

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Makeup Brush Set:

This 14-piece set is a easy buy for anyone you know who is needing some new brushes for their make up kit. They soft but firm and silky to the touch. Get a set for good price here.

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Portable Charger:

As far as an all around safe gift to get anyone in the office workplace, a portable charger is it. It’s perfect for people commuting back and for on the bus, or for anyone that has a phone and needs power.

We have a few of these and they are awesome. When you need power for your phone it’s a must to have!

They come in several different colors and you can see them all here for which one is best for you.

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Adjustable Phone Stand:

When it comes to safe gifts, anything phone related is going to be a home run. Whether it’s the portable charger we just mentioned or something like this adjustable portable phone stand.

I have the similar one for my watch and it just looks so nice on my nightstand, it has a nice clean and sleek look. Perfect for any smartphone owner. Get one today, and grab one for yourself too, they are a great price.

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Cozy Pom Pom Hat:

If you haven’t seen them around lately, you will. These cozy pom hats are the thing to get in this winter, they also have infinity scarves that match if you are looking to really knock it out of the park for this years secret santa gift exchange.

There are a couple dozen styles so take your pick from them here and get your secret santa gift off you list. 

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‘Capri’ Blue Volcano Candle:

Everyone loves candles, or everyone has someone in their household that loves candles. This one has several different scents and are great for a gift exchange. Nice and neutral. You can see more details about the scents and colours here.  

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Insulated Water Bottle:

How safe are these to buy as a gift? Literally everyone (myself included) asks for these this time of year. It keeps your drinks hot, or cold, depending on what you put in them. Plus they are big enough (17 oz.) so that you can carry a good amount of drink wherever you go.

They also come at a great price point. Check the different colors out here.

Buy This Water Bottle Here!


Flamingo Bottle Opener:


Maybe I’m just feeling the Orlando/ Disney vibe from my last trip but flamingos feel like they are going to be the next thing that everyone is wearing. This is a cute gift that won’t offend anyone (a big deal when you are talking about work colleagues).  Pick one up here.

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Glitter Stud Earrings:

These Kate Spade earrings are a little more than some of the other items on the list (still under $50), but are perfect if you are in the higher gift giving, or it’s someone you want to go that extra mile because ether have helped you out this year a lot. Check the price out here.

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Godiva Hot Chocolate Gift Set:

This is pretty much the tastiest, and safest gift to give. I mean who doesn’t love chocolate?! It’s a slam dunk when you are giving gifts to coworkers that someone is going to love this. Grab this set and be done with your gift exchange buying here. 

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Wooden Bathtub Caddy:

This gift caddy is awesome! It’s the perfect relax spa-isa style of gift you can give a hard working co-worker. Made from eco-material it’s got room for everything someone would need to take nice relaxing bath. Get one for your secret santa gift exchange here

Buy This Bathtub Caddy Here!

Trader Joe’s ‘Everything But the Bagel’ Seasoning:

Who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s? This is a nice low priced gift if you have a small budget or are doing a small gift every day of the week style of gift exchange. It is perfect for the low price items you do in an office gift swap. Grab them here. 

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Pink Portable Speaker:

If you are looking for a small and cute speaker for somewhere around the house, this is a great find at an even better price.

It comes in a few different colors (just in case pink isn’t her thing).

It works with bluetooth and is super compact so you can take it on the go wherever you want. Check out the details here. 

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Bluetooth Headphones:

It’s amazing how much the price of these bluetooth headphones has gone down the past couple of years. What used to be a huge one you can get now for under $30. They come in different colors so if pink isn’t the right choice there are several others you can choose from. Check out the different colors here. 

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Watermelon Shaped Travel Pillow:

Is everything is fruity this year, or is it  just me? These pillows are a nice take on the old standard black and grey airplane pillows.

If anyone has kids they will appreciate this for sure, or they might love it themselves. It’s a nice gift and very practical (I didn’t bring my pillow on my last flight and my neck paid the price). Get one for a great low price here. 

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Bath Bomb Gift Set:

This is ranked #1 on Amazon for bath bombs, so you know it’s a great seller. These are always a nice gift to give. They are cool looking, have a practical use and are well worth it. These make a nice gift exchange gift idea for anyone on your list.  Take a deeper look here. 

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Travel Journal:

If you have a traveller in your workplace this is a great gift that send a really nice personal touch.  You can get one for a good price here. 

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Set of Fuzzy Socks (the thoughtful gift exchange idea):

If you haven’t worn a pair of fuzzy socks they will blow your mind. They are comfy socks that are perfect for the cold winter days around the house. you can get a few pairs of them for a great price and the comfy factor is through the roof. Pick up some here, they come in a dozen different kinds.

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Travel Jewelry Roll:

More along the travel theme, if you travel you know how hard it can be to keep your jewelry organized, these are a nice touch for a traveller and it’s a perfect compliment to someones travelling wardrobe. See all the colors here.

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Best Gift Exchange Gift Idea: Amazon Echo Dot

These are the “Go to” gift of the year. You can get Alexa to do all sorts of things now, from reading your favorite blogs ro the latest news or taking down notes and adding things to the grocery list. If you have been wanting to dip your foot in the smart home ecosystem this is a great place to start.

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