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Searching for the perfect 15th anniversary gift ideas? We have you covered! Whether you’re shopping for your significant other or are looking for a great gift for a couple who will be celebrating soon, these gifts are all something different and things they’ll love.


What is the traditional gift for the 15th Wedding Anniversary?

The 15th-anniversary symbol is crystal, so we made sure to include many (affordable!) crystal gift options as well. Whether you want to stay with tradition or steer in a more modern direction, there’s bound to be something perfect here for you. (Guys, if your wife says not to get her anything, here are some gifts to give her when she says she wants nothing).


Best 15th Anniversary Git: Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right Mug Set


This set is a great 15th anniversary gift idea option! You can choose from the anniversary as well, so no matter what year the couple is celebrating, it’s a gift they can enjoy and will love.

Check out your 15th-anniversary mugs here.


Our Bucket List Journal


A great journal for a couple to write down their goals together, make all sorts of plans, and a really thoughtful gift to give. This is the perfect compliment to a couple who is starting to forge new adventures

Check the price here


15th Wedding Anniversary Ornament


This one of the 15th anniversary gift ideas for under $20, you can give a couple celebrating their 15th anniversary the most beautiful ornament keepsake! Something to remind them each holiday season, but a great gift to give during any time of the year.

Buy your 15th Wedding Anniversary ornament here. 

Men’s Watch


A watch is always a great gift if you’re shopping for your significant other for your own anniversary and a thoughtful one for something so important and momentous as a 15th year anniversary! This one is a nice blend of classic and style.

Check out this and other watches here.


Personalized Cuff Links


Such a great quality gift for an amazing price! These are simple and understated; a pair he can wear with just about anything. They’re always a great gift and especially so for an anniversary.

Buy your cuff links here. 


Potted Crystal Desk Rose

Since crystal is the traditional gift for a 15th anniversary, gift your significant other this crystal flower for their desk, dresser or vanity to remind them of your anniversary every day!

Buy your potted crystal desk rose here. 


Waterford Crystal Frame

While this is a beautiful gift for more than an anniversary present, it’s a very thoughtful one and goes along with the crystal theme of a 15th anniversary.

Buy this beautiful frame here.


Swarovski Crystal Necklace & Earring Set

If your partner wears jewelry, consider this crystal set – it’s stunning and stays with the crystal theme!

Buy this elegant set here. 


‘What I Love’ Checklist Notepad

Here is a gift that’s more fun than anything else, but will be much appreciated when little notes are left from it!

Buy this cute 15th anniversary gift idea here on Amazon.


Biscotti Gift Basket

Nothing says ‘Happy Anniversary’ like some delicious cookies! Yum! Stare at this set for a few seconds and you can’t help but want to taste them.

Get a set of these delicious cookies here.


Gold Band Ring

Special anniversaries like a 15th are a great time to get your significant other a new piece of jewelry. This is a band that can be added to their ring set and adds a little something extra! It’s beautiful and affordable, too.

Buy this band here. 


Penny Keychain Set

If you look closely, you’ll see that the year of the pennies on these keychains is circled with a heart. You can find the correct year of marriage and get a keychain set like this – how sweet?

Buy this unique 15ht anniversary gift idea here. 



Crystal Barware Set

Another gift to stay with the crystal theme – and wait until you see how affordable this set is. It’s absolutely beautiful and a set that any couple will love.

Buy this crystal set here.


Crystal Vase

Beautiful, timeless vases are ALWAYS a great gift option! This is a perfect compliment to the flowers you will be buying that day. 

Click here to check the price on this vase. 



Heart-Shaped Crystal Ring Holder

Another beautiful crystal piece that anyone celebrating a special anniversary would love! This is great for them to store their favorite jewelry pieces on their dresser, vanity or nightstand.

Buy this crystal ring holder here. 


15th Anniversary Sun Dial

Something that is so different and special to gift for an anniversary! This would look beautiful on an outdoor patio or in the garden, and is a great way to celebrate a special couple on their anniversary.

Check out this gift idea here. 


Personalized 15th Anniversary Framed Print

With a beautifully made print that displays the couple’s names and anniversary date, they can hang it anywhere in their home and have it looking beautiful!

Buy your own one here. 



Spa Gift Card

The beauty of a gift card like this is you pick the amount, and the couple can choose a spa that is near their home and included in the participating spas with this gift card. A thoughtful gift that they will love and no doubt enjoy

Get your Spa gift cards here. 


15th Anniversary Gift Idea: Keepsake Paperweight

A simple but beautiful anniversary keepsake that can provide so many uses in your home!

Get your 15th Anniversary gift idea here. 


Willow Tree Couple Figurine

These Willow Tree pieces are always beautiful, and this is something unique as an anniversary gift for your significant other or for the couple you’re celebrating.

Buy this figurine here. 


15th Anniversary Gift Engraved Leather Picture Frame

Place a photo of you and your significant other in this frame or of the couple and you have a super thoughtful gift for an anniversary!

Buy this frame here.



Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

This stunning bracelet is on-theme and too beautiful for words – a great anniversary gift she’ll appreciate!

Buy this crystal bracelet here. 



Personalized Candle

The best part about these personalized candles is that you can choose from a variety of scents and get anything you’d like printed on it.

Check the price on this candle here. 


Personalized Calendar Keychain

A simple keychain that not only reminds you of your anniversary date (but really!), it also is sweet and thoughtful and a fun, different gift for a significant other on your anniversary.

Get your personalized calendar keychain here. 



Personalized Wooden Cutting Board

Gifting these personalized cutting boards is always a good idea – it’s something so useful and still so thoughtful. If you have someone who loves being in the kitchen this is the perfect gift idea. 

Get your personalized cutting board here. 


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15th Anniversary Gift Ideas




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