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Whether you’re looking to shop for some gifts for architects, an architect student, or someone who aspires to be an architect, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift – especially if you aren’t one yourself. These gift ideas will cover you from start to finish and leave you having TOO many decisions for the architect in your life!


LEGO Architecture Set

Pretty sure that being an architect is the sole profession that playing with legos will provide inspiration for! This skyline LEGO set is a fun build, and one architects will love.

Buy these priceless Lego sets here. 



Blueprint Mug

This mug looks like it has a blueprint of all of the most famous sites in the world mapped out on it! So cool and a fun gift that they’ll think is awesome.

Buy this inspiring and unique gift for your architect here. 



3D Printing Pen:

3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen for Teens, Adults & Creators! - Black (2021 Model) - with Free Refill Filaments + Stencil Book + Getting Started Guide

This awesome 3D Printing Pen is incredibly cool, and such a fun gift that they’ll love to play around with. This is a gift they will never see coming. 

Buy this cool gift here. 


Architectural Scale Ruler

What’s so cool about this scale is that an architect can obtain three different measurements read to them at once – a true time saver and a practical gift idea!

Buy this scale ruler here. 


Concrete Vases

Architects create their masterpieces using concrete, so what better way to display plants than in concrete vase planters? Plus right now everyone wants more succulents so these vases are prefect!

Buy these vases here



Architect Socks

A fun pair of novelty socks that have blueprints on them – how fun for the architect in your life? They are a cute gift for the architect in your life. 

Buy them here. 



‘Architects Always Have Plans’ Keychain

This affordable keychain is something any architect would just love! It’s a perfect little gift for that special architect in your life. 

Buy this key ring here. 



‘Frank Lloyd Wright on the West Coast’ Book

This beautiful book includes buildings that Frank Llyod Wright built along the West Coast, and they’re simply stunning!

Buy this book here. 



Frank Lloyd Wright DOF Double Old Fashioned Glasses

As one of the greatest architects ever, Frank Lloyd Wright is sure to have had a major impact on any – and every – architect and aspiring architect out there. This set of glasses is the perfect way for them to recognize one of their favorite icons.

Buy these nifty glasses here. 



Blueprint Cufflinks

When they go to dress up, these cufflinks are sure to make a statement! Only an architect could pull these cool, blueprint cufflinks off.

Buy these architect cufflinks here. 



Archidoodle Activity Book

A fun-filled, educational book to help learn the ins and outs of architecture – no better gift for the aspiring architect.

Buy this book for your architect here. 



Mechanical Pencil/Stylus

This is the perfect tool for someone who quickly goes from drawing or writing (as an architect does) to using a tablet or computer – it’s a mechanical pencil and touch screen stylus in one!

Buy this mechanical pencil here.  


Skyline Chess Set

This chess set is perfect for anyone who loves skylines, AKA all architects! It’s truly a unique chess set and the perfect gift for any architect. 

Buy this chess set here. 



Sketching Pencils

A new set of sketching pencils is something that will get lots of use and is always needed by an architect!

Get this pencil set here. 

Gifts for Architects


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