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Ok, I admit it, when it comes to gift ideas for tween girls, I’m at a loss. But my daughter, who is a tween herself, has a ton of great gift ideas for tween girls to share with us. I asked her to come up with some of her best gift ideas for tween girls and these are the ones that made the cut. Here is my daughter Ave to share her best gift ideas for tween girls.

Hi, I’m Ava; my dad tried to do this post but… it was terrible. So instead of giving you things that parents THINK you want, I went and asked my friends what they ACTUALLY want.

We are all tweens, so you can rest assured that these gifts are legit.

Gift Ideas For My iPod or Phone

iPhone Cases

LUOLNH Compatible with iPhone 11 Case,iPhone 11 Marble Case,Brilliant Design Shockproof Flexible Soft Silicone Rubber TPU Bumper Cover Skin Case for iPhone 11 6.1 inch 2019 -Abstract Mint

I love my iPhone, and I love to accessorize it. This is the case I’m looking at right now but there are tons of things you can get.

See this case here. 


Head Phones

Rockpapa Comfort+ Adjustable Over Ear Headphones Earphones with Microphone in-line Volume for Adults Kids Childs Teens, Smartphones Laptop Tablet DVD MP3/4 in Car/Airplane Pink Orange Green

My brother and I go through headphones very quickly so getting some extra headphones is on the top of my list.

Check these ones out!

Pop Socket

PopSockets PopGrip: Phone Grip and Phone Stand, Collapsible, Swappable Top, Sparkle Rose

I love my pop socket. Now whenever we go to the store I look for other ones. I have a pineapple pop socket that we got in Maui but I also like a few other ones. Depending on your daughter there are likely a pop socket that suits her style.

Check them out here


iPod / Cell Phone Holder

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand, CreaDream Phone Stand, Cradle, Dock, Holder, Aluminum Desktop Stand Compatible With Phone Xs Max Xr 8 7 6 6s Plus SE Charging, Accessories Desk,All Mobile Phones-Rose Gold
I love these plushy cell phone holders. They are super cute. and I’ll stop losing my iPod if I have a place to put it. They come in lots of colors and you can find them for a really good price.

Check them out here. 


Gift Ideas: For going out

Charm Bracelet

Initial Bracelet Charm Bracelets Heart Butterfly 26 Letters Alphabet Bracelet for Women Girls Letter Bracelet Personalized Jewelry (C)

OMG! I just am in love with charm bracelets right now!!! I feel it is fun to collect charms or, you could buy one with charms attached!!! I have seen a couple of different kinds!!! Some have food on them or Eiffel towers or pretty charms! There are many ways you can express yourself with charm bracelets!!

Get one of them here.


Lip Gloss Kit

DIY Lip Gloss Making Kit - Make Your Own Lip Gloss

My friends and I are into making things right now. Everybody has these kits and I really want one too. If you can get it under $20 you are doing good. Check out the current price here. 

Washable make up case

Modern Black Metal 3 Tier Tabletop Bracelet & Necklace Jewelry Organizer Display Tree Rack w/Ring Tray

I love this makeup case, I can put everything I want in it and it comes in 3 cute colors. It will fit perfectly on my desk, hint-hint dad.

See the different colors here.


Bead Bracelet Kit

Style Me Up! Blingin' Bead Bracelets

I love, love, love this bracelet kit set, You can use it to make bracelets for your friends and they are so much fun. It’s the perfect thing for sleepovers with your friends.

See all it comes with here. 

Glitter Backpack

Reverse Sequin Glitter Backpacks - Color Changing Rainbow Magic Backpacks (Rainbow Unicorn)

I have allergies so I need to carry an Epipen, but they aren’t exactly easy to put in your pocket. So I use want this sequin backpack. It’s super cute!

There’s only a few left so you might want to get it sooner than later. Hint Hint Dad.

Grab it here


Keychain Pom Pom

Soleebee Soft Artificial Rabbit Fur Keychain Plush Ball Key Ring Cute Pom Pom Bag Charm for Women Girls (Black)

It’s purple (or 15 other colors if you want) and it goes on your backpack or purse. Super cute for anyone wanting to accessorize their bag.

Check it out here. 


Gift Ideas: For Playing Games with Friends

I like to play games with my friends right now these are the BIG games we love to play.

Soggy Doggy

This is a pretty new game, but it’s the game all of my friends want right now. I’ve played it at my neighbors and it’s a lot of fun. You can see the details here. 

Clue: Harry Potter Edition

It’s an old game but you can get it for under $20 at most places, this is a great one if you need to get a birthday gift for someone. There are so many different types of Clue games now that you can find one for your bestie. Check them out here.

I really like this Harry Potter version of Clue.

Bean Boozled

It’s flavored jelly beans in a game, you take one try it and it’s either something really good or really bad. We love playing this! You can get it here.


Pie Face

My brother loves this game. I think it’s just that he likes the whipping cream you use. It’s a fun game to play. Everyone in my class is asking for Pie Face this year.

Get one before they sell out. 


Gift Ideas For: Tween Girls Bedroom

Mermaid Tail Blanket

I want this mermaid tail so badly!!! They look so comfy and warm. It’s going to be the perfect thing for winter. They come in a bunch of colors, in case blue isn’t your thing. There are also lots of Mermaid gifts here. 

You can get them for under $20 here.

Bed Canopy

I love the way a canopy bed looks this one looks like it would be perfect for my room. I could hide out and read my book, you can get it here!

Throw Pillows

I love collecting pillows. Everywhere I go I want to add another one to my collection.  Here are a few of my favourites. The unicorn pillow comes in about 20 different styles besides unicorn, so make sure you look at all of them.

See all the different types of throw pillows here.



Writing Tablet Board

I love being able to write. Whether it’s doodling or teaching my younger brother something. There are so many things I could do with this little LCD writing tablet.

See everything they can do. It saves 100,000 of paper so it’s good for the trees!


Wreck This Journal

Wreck This Journal (Black) Expanded Edition

Speaking about writing, This journal is called “Wreck this Journal” and it’s a best seller on amazon. The idea is to write in in and they give you ideas and things to do. It’s so cool I’m thinking I might get this for my friends for their birthdays.

Find out about all the cool things this journal does here. 


Poop Emoji Slippers

There are two slippers I really want. The first on is these cartoon emoji poop slippers. They are warm and cozy, and hilarious. You can see them here!

The other ones are these smiley face slippers. They come in different faces (laughing, loving, crazy) so there are a few to choose from and they are under $15 so it’s not too expensive.

or If you want something really cool there is these Unicorn light-up slippers. I love Unicorn gifts.


Body Pillows

When I sprained my knee I needed this pillow, now I love it so much I can’t go without it.

Donut Pillow

Mmmmm donut….

Color changing Touch Bedside Lamp

# Sign


Wall stickers

String Lights


Gift Ideas: Tween Girl Clothes


This is officially my new favorite hoodie. It’s got these cool cat ears on the top. Check it out


Infinity Scarves

My friends and I are OBSESSED with these. There’s so many different ones I want to get them all. Here is the one I’m looking at right now.



This is a 9 pair set of earrings and there are some really cute ones. They are hypoallergenic, my dad says that means they are allergy-free, so that is good when you have allergies.

See all the styles here. 


Best Friends Necklaces

My bestie and I share one of these, it’s really fun!

Unicorn Crochet Scarf Pocket Beanie

If you don’t think this is cute then you and I need to have a serious discussion about cuteness. Seriously I love this beanie it’s the kind of thing all your friends will notice and say “Oooh where did you get that”

You got it right here of course!


Gift Ideas For Tween Girls For Play

Playmobil Sets

Lego and Friends Sets

Knot a Quilt Crafts


Pool Floatie

Sew Cool Machine for Learning to Sew


Baking Supplies

Cake Decorating Supplies,493 PCS Cake Decorating Kit 3 Packs Springform Cake Pans, Cake Rotating Turntable,48 Piping Icing Tips,7 Russian Nozzles, Baking Supplies,Cupcake Decorating Kit

I love learning to bake, this is the kit I want to get more into it.


Glow Sign Lightbox

All of these are great gift ideas for tween girls. I hope you really enjoyed this list, I had a lot of fun making it. Sorry, I didn’t write down some things but it’s a really long list.

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Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

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