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If you have a hockey player in your household, it’s likely you never hear the end of hockey. While their love of hockey is amazing, finding hockey gifts for players can be a bit of a challenge. Since a lot of things you likely buy already (I’m looking at you 10 roll of sock tape).

Here are some great hockey gifts for players that are guaranteed to be a hit!

Hockey Gifts for Boys and Girls 

3D Lamp Night Light

 This is a cool and unique gift for any hockey player. It’s a night light but it’ looks really futuristic. Plus it is a very affordable price. 

Take a look at it here. 

Mini Sticks Hockey 2 Goal Set

If your child is new to hockey, then mini sticks is going to be their next favorite thing. It’s so much fun and the sponge balls don’t wreck havoc in your basement (Double bonus!) This is a great starter kit and your hockey player will love this gift, trust me. We have logged hundreds of mini stick ours in our basement over the years. 

This gift is a slam dunk, it’s the hockey gifts for players in your house. 

Buy this mini stick set here. 

Mini Foam Hockey Balls


If you are going to go ahead with the mini sticks, it’s more than likely you are going to need some extra balls. Somehow they always go missing and a few extra on hand will save your walls (we once tried a tennis ball and it was bad, so very, very bad…)

Buy this mini stick balls here. 

NHL Team Blanket

If your little one (or big one, just saying if my wife is looking) loves a certain team you can always get them a NHL team themed blanket. This is the perfect gift for you hockey player no matter what age they are. 

There are tons to choose from and more than one for every team. 

Check out all the fleece blankets here.


NHL Take Along Arena

Not going to lie, I was surprised when my son asked for this for Christmas. Turns out you don’t need to just love playing the sport, but there are a lot of toys to go along with it. Pretty sweet. 

Check out this play mobile arena here.

Funko Pop Hockey Figures

I don’t know why I love these toys, but I do. As a hockey player it’s a cool toy that’s also a collectible. You can get them for players all over the league and can get players on every team. They are perfect and they are super affordable and make a great little gift for any hockey player. 

Check out all of the Funko Pop figures here.

NHL Themed Clothing Gifts For Hockey Players 

There are so many NHL themed clothing items that you can literally fill your closet with them in very quick fashion (sorry bad pun). Here are some of them to check out.


NHL Pajamas (which I always thought was spelled NHL Pyjamas for some reason). Click here to see all of them on Amazon. 

NHL Hoodies, there are some pretty nice looking retro jerseys out there, best of all they are nice quality and many have 5 star reviews. Check them out here. 

Last but definitely not least is NHL team Jerseys. No sports fan is complete until they have their teams jersey on their back. They can range in price but you can find many user the $100 price point and sometimes there are even ones that are under $50. 

Buy these jerseys here. 

NHL Themed Cups and Glasses

Let’s face it, sports of any kind usually Our soon to be built bar will have an NHL theme to it so I’ve been patiently looking at all the options.

These Tervis glasses are great for your beverages, they are insulated and keep your drink the right temperature.  I have one and it keeps my drink cold for hours. You can get them in all different teams. 

Buy this Tervis insulated tumbler here. 

There are also these great looking pint glasses and coasters. 

Or these NHL themed shot glasses. 


NHL Fathead Wall Decal


We got one of these when we did our sons bedroom and it is awesome. Whether you want a player or your team logo, they have it.

These Fathead wall decals are amazing. We got a life size layer and it’s remarkable how good the detail is on it. Literally everyone who walks in exclaims “WOW! That’s so cool!”


Check out all of the different wall decals here.

Hockey Gifts for the Players

Automatic One-Timer Hockey Passer

My son loves this one, it’s the perfect way for him to get some practice in the driveway without me being there.

A lot of the time kids want to play with someone and it’s a lot easier to work on your one-timer with passes from someone else. This great passer dishes out balls at a fast enough speed for them to work on their hand to eye coordination and perfect the one-timer. 

Buy this passer here. 

Pass Master

If you are trying to get your team to master the pass or the one timer these are a great tool for your coaching arsenal. I could try and explain it but it’s a lot easier to see it in action in this video here.   
Buy this pass triangle here

Attack Triangle

This is a great tool for kids to work on their stick handling. It simulates the right spacial relation for kids to stick handle around. Check out this video here for a better explanation of how it’s used. These are great for on ice drills or in a driveway on your own to practice with. 

Buy this attack triangle here


6oz Stickhandling & Shooting Training Ball

If you are looking for a way to get your child to work on their stick handling but a tennis ball just isn’t cutting it. This weight stick handling ball is your solution. This ball has the roll and feel of a puck but you can use it on concrete. It’s the perfect gift for any hockey player who is looking to get a little more puck time in. 

Buy this training ball here

Green Biscuit Original Hockey Training Puck Passing


 This is another great gift idea for your hockey lover. It’s strictly meant for passing, and it works amazingly well. If you have ever tried a puck on cement you know it just doesn’t move. But this is an ideal puck simulator. The puck looks and feels like a puck and they have done an amazing job replicating this product. 

Buy the Green Biscuit here

Hockey Wraparound Stick Blade Wrap Around Protector for Off Ice Hockey Training

The one thing about training on the hard cement is that it’s completely unforgiving. If you don’t want to watch you hockey players stick whittle away over the summer getting this blade protector is a must have. It’s designed to protect the blade so that when they are training off ice it will protect it from the hard concrete. 

Buy this blade protector here

 Water Bottles

When you have a hockey player this is the perfect gift. It’s the must have water bottle in every dressing room. You can pick them up here, if you are getting one for under $10 you have found a great deal. 

Check these Gatorade water bottles here.

If you need a present for a hockey player and they are still wearing a cage, the above water bottle might not be that easy for them to use. Instead there is this one.

It is easier for kids to fit through their cage and they can squeeze or suck the water out depending on their strength. 

Buy this water bottle here

 6 oz Stick Handling Puck

When you look at the video for this puck you see it’s true magic. Unlike the Green Biscuit this is a sold puck and has the look and feel of it. They are affordable and come in a variety of colors, this one just jumped out at me, because you don’t often see pink pucks. So cool!

Buy this off ice shooting and passing puck here



Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

Any hockey coach will tell you skating is all about balance. If your hockey fan is wanting to level up their game this is the product. They can use it while stick handling or even just watching TV or playing Fortnite. It’s a bit more pricey so you want to make sure it will get put to good use. But it’s a game changer for those who use it. 

Buy this training board here.

Shooting Pad

If you are wanting to simulate a real life ice surface these shooting pads are perfect. They simulate the feel of ice and you can use a regular puck on it. 


Buy this training board here.

Stickhandling Training Aid

IT’s all about stick handling and obstacles with this gift idea for your hockey player. 

Folding Pro Goal with Backstop and Targets

No list of gift for hockey players would be complete without a net. We have this one and it is top notch! It’s great for little kids because it has the wings above and on the side to catch errant pucks. Plus it is extremely heavy duty. It also comes with a a targets for shooting practice (they are harder than you would think)

Buy this hockey net here.


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