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Whether you’re buying for your own dentist or a dentist who is family or a friend, there’s a variety of gift options to give. Some of these gifts for dentists are some great ideas and are truly niche finds for dentists and some are just great for them regardless! If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for a dentist in your life, you’re in luck – these gift ideas are sure to help!


Stainless Steel Tumbler

No one will appreciate one of these stainless tumblers more than a dentist! They know all too well that regular cups (especially coffee cups!) can be bad for dental health, so this is a perfect gift for them. It’s also super convenient because with a busy work schedule, they can take their drinks with them to go whether it be a hot beverage or cold water.

Buy this tumbler here.



Tooth Cufflinks

A humorous but useful gift for a dentist – tooth cufflinks! These are a must for every dentist.

Get these tooth cufflinks here. 



Tooth Fairy Charm Keychain

The perfect gift for a dentist, or even a dental hygienist! This charm can be put on a bag or be used as a keychain and it’s so cute and something they’re sure to love.

Buy this keychain here.  


‘a DDS’ T-Shirt

A must have t-shirt for a dental student in training!  It’s a great play on words. 

Buy this shirt here. 



Tooth Printed Tie

Every dentist NEEDS a tie like this in their closet! It’s such a cute, novelty tie that they’ll also love to wear.

Get this tie here.  


Dentist’s Pen:

This pen has an inspirational, dentistry related quote printed on it along with cute little dentist-related graphics. A nice pen is a must-have for every doctor, especially a dentist!

Buy this dentist pen here. 



License Plate Cover

This ‘Be Nice to Me, I Could Be Your Dentist Someday!’ license plate cover is a perfect gift for a new dentist! It’s something so unexpected, but so funny and fun.

Get this great license plate here. 



Ceramic Tooth Planter

A perfect decor piece for a dentist’s office! This creative tooth shaped planter is perfect to add a pop of color to any dentist office space.

Buy this planter here. 



Dental Tool Kit


Every dentist could always use some new tools, even if it’s a set to keep at home! This is a great set to do just that.

Get this set here. 


Tooth Socks

These novelty socks are just too cute! A fun little gift that shows you appreciate what they do while still being a fun gift.

Purchase these socks here. 



Dental Art Prints

These are SO different than anything you’ve ever seen before! It’s a fun set to hang at home or in their dental office and it has patent prints of all of the dental-office essentials.

Get these prints here. 



Future Dentist T-Shirt

A must-have gift for the newest dentist you know! This would make a great graduation gift for a dental student!

Buy this shirt here. 



Dentist Mug

Isn’t this so funny? Any dentist would get a kick out of this funny mug!

Buy this dentist mug.  


Dental X-Ray Socks

Another fun pair of dentist novelty socks, because you can never have too many!

Get these socks here.

Dental Notebook

This is a great gift for a dental student or even for a dentist to keep in his or her office space. It’s simple and cute, and a novelty notebook that they’ll love.

Buy this dental notebook here. 



Dental Emblem Business Card Case

A great gift if you aren’t sure what they need or would like – this business card case is a classic piece that they’ll always have and has the dental emblem in gold on it. Such a great gift for a dentist!



Gifts for Dentists


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