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As a hockey coach, I don’t expect anyone to give me a gift. But I know in the past there have been many coaches that we have bought gifts for. So if you need some hockey gifts for coaches, these ones come with a hockey coach seal of approval. To make it easier, you can get all of these on Amazon. 

Hockey Gifts for Coaches When They Are on the Ice

Pass Master

If you are trying to get your team to master the pass or the one-timer these are a great tool for your coaching arsenal. I could try and explain it, but it’s a lot easier to see it in action in this video here.   

Buy this pass triangle here

Attack Triangle

This is a great tool for kids to work on their stick handling. It simulates the right spacial relation for kids to stick handle around. 

Check out this video here for a better explanation of how it’s used. These are great for on ice drills or in a driveway on your own to practice with. 

Buy this attack triangle here

Hockey Clipboard


This is a very valuable tool for all coaches and when they are starting out they may not have one yet. Do them a favor and grab one here. 

Buy this clipboard here

Hockey Gifts for Coaches to Practice Off Ice

6oz Stickhandling & Shooting Training Ball

If your coach is  looking for a way to get the team to work on their stick handling but a tennis ball just isn’t cutting it. This weighted stick handling ball is your solution. This ball has the roll and feel of a puck but you can use it on concrete. It’s the perfect gift for any hockey player or coach who is looking to get a little more puck time in. 

Buy this training ball here

Green Biscuit Original Hockey Training Puck Passing


 This is another great gift idea for your hockey coach. It’s strictly meant for passing, and it works amazingly well. If you have ever tried a puck on cement you know it just doesn’t move. But this is an ideal puck simulator. The puck looks and feels like a puck and they have done an amazing job replicating this product. 

Buy the Green Biscuit here

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

If your coach is into dry-land training, these balance boards are an amazing tool. You can balance on them and practice your stick handling. They are super effective. This also makes a great gift for your hockey players.

Buy this training board here.

Shooting Pad

If you are wanting to simulate a real life ice surface these shooting pads are perfect. They simulate the feel of ice and you can use a regular puck on it. 


Buy this training board here.

Stick-handling Training Aid

It’s all about stick handling and obstacles with this gift idea for your hockey player.  This is a great thing for a coach to have because they can make a station for stick handling just with this one device. 

Buy this stick handling training aid here.

Folding Pro Goal with Backstop and Targets

No list of gift for hockey players would be complete without a net. We have this one and it is top notch! It’s great for little kids because it has the wings above and on the side to catch errant pucks. Plus it is extremely heavy duty. It also comes with a a targets for shooting practice (they are harder than you would think).

Buy this hockey net here.

Some Hockey Gifts For Coaches You Wouldn’t Think Of

Hockey Tumbler

A great gift to give your hockey coach is an insulated mug. This one will keep his coffee warm while he is on the ice. Trust me there is nothing better than a hot coffee when you step off of the cold January ice. 


Buy this hockey tumbler here.

Yeti Rambler

This is another great one. We got these Yeti Ramblers for our coaches last year and they are super useful and a great keepsake. To make it even more memorable we engraved the team name and logo on it to commemorate the season.

Buy this Yeti Rambler here.

Hockey Puck Coaster and Bottle Cap Opener


Hockey and beer go together like fish and chips. It’s just a thing that happens. This is a nice little memento you can give you coach at the end of the season to say thanks.

Buy this hockey coaster here.

Final Thoughts on Hockey Coach Gifts

There are a bunch of gifts you can get your coach this year. But the best one is something that is personal. If that isn’t your style a gift card for the local coffee shop or Starbucks is always a win. 

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