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Sometimes you need to get a little something for the guys in your life, but you don’t need to go overboard. Other times you want to get them things that will be a great stocking stuffer. Here are some $10 gift ideas for guys (or less) that you can buy right now and get them off your shopping list. All of them are waaayyyy better than socks. Trust me. Keep in mind that when we make these gift guides the prices can fluctuate so double check before you add them to your cart. 

Have a little more room in your budget? Here’s some Tech Gifts under $30 for Him


Thumb Drive

A great gift for him under $10

A great gift for him under $10


This is a great gag gift and at the same time a practical gift that will definitely make him smile when he opens it. It holds a decent sized amount of memory too (32 GB) which is more than enough for most things. It’s Windows and Mac compatible and it comes in a nice metal carrying case. It’s the perfect gift for him under $10.


Buy This Thumb Drive Now


Magnetic Wristband

This is a perfect gift idea for any guy. Whether he’s handy or not having this kind of magnetic wristband can hold his screws while he works and will help him prevent dropping anything down the floor vent (it happens…. a lot).


Buy This Wristband Now


Leather Folio Wallet and Phone Case

These are a great way to combine your wallet and phone into one thing. Less stuff in your pocket. What’s not to love? With digital wallets you don’t need as many card on the go but it’s always a good idea to have a few just in case your phone dies, or they don’t accept chip technology.  A folio wallet is the best of both worlds.

Here’s the link for the folio wallet.


Buy This Wallet Now


Grill Mats

I have a love-hate relationship with my grill. I absolutely love to barbecue but I hate having to clean the grill afterwards. These grill mats are a great way to keep your grill clean. I love them and so will the special guy in your life. Trust me!

Get your grill mats here. 

Seasonal iPhone Cases

Phone cases are as much an accessory as they are a necessity, get into the festive season with these winter cases.

Here’s the link for the iPhone cases.

Buy This Case Now

Laptop Stickers


I just got into these laptop stickers and they are awesome. Plus my kids love them for their Hydra Flasks so it’s a double win. There are tons of them on Amazon, and you can get many of them with your Amazon Prime Membership perks and 2-day shipping. 


Buy This or Other Stickers Now


Tripod with Phone Holder or Camera Stand

This might be the best $10 gift idea for guys, this tri-pod is da-bomb! Good for your phone or a DSLR whats not to love for the price.
Check it out here.

Buy This Tripod Now


Phone Stand Holder

We’ve all had moments where we need to prop up our phone for one reason or another. How many times have you tried to do a hands free video call by propping your phone up with some books or other things lying around? This is the perfect gift under $10 to get around that.  Here is the link to a simple stand that can do the trick.

Buy This Phone Stand Now


Water Proof Bag for Boating

Honestly I saw these everywhere we went in Disney World. But they go way beyond the Magic Kingdom. Here you can throw your phone into this pouch and know it is safe from the water conditions you may encounter. Click here to grab one.


Buy Now


Spider Phone Holder

These are pretty cool and can work in a lot of places. You can use it to mount or stand your phone anywhere. Plus it comes in a 2 pack so you look like you splurged on them! Grab a pair here. 


Buy Now


Night Light Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

This is probably one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen in a while. It’s functional and practical, and definitely cool. It’s a night light for the toilet (I mean, the title said it all but…) think of how cool this would be. Your man will love this, and it’s a great price point. This would even be a hit as a gift exchange gift idea.

You can buy this night light here. 

Money Clip

There is some about holding cold hard cash in your hand that I love. I’ve had a money clip for years, and there is something very stylish about it.  If your guy  is more about a vibrate look you can get one  here. 

Buy Now


Not a fan of money clips? I get it, with all the cards we have there is still a good use for the traditional wallet. Wallets these days are still a necessity for most of us. You can check them out here.

Or if you prefer a slim front pocket wallet you can grab one of these.

Buy a Wallet Now

Marvel Punisher T-shirt

If you have a Marvel fan (a.k.a. men age 28-50) this will be a nice shirt to get him. Plus it’s under $10 so it’s an easy pick. Click here to grab one quickly while they last.

Buy This Great T-shirt Now

Baseball Sleeve Tee

These look pretty nice for the price. It’s one of my favourite styles of shirts. I can say that I would expect this one to be a $30 gift if I opened it up on Christmas day.  Make it a gift on it’s own or fill up the stocking by clicking here. 

Buy This Shirt Now


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HDMI Cable

Seriously? How many times have you heard him say “I can’t find an HDMI cable“, only to go back behind the TV and use one and swap things around? Just get him a new cable, he’ll thank you, and most importantly it won’t interrupt your next Netflix binge.

Click here to grab a couple of cables. 

Buy These HDMI Cables Now

Ear Buds Carrying Case


Headphones are constantly being lost in our home, giving everyone a carrying case will make them a lot easier to find, and a lot harder to lose or break them. Plus how nice would it be to always know where your headphones are? I honestly spend a few minutes every day hunting mine down.

Grab them in various colours here. 

Buy Now

Phone Anti Drop Finger Holder

These things have come out of the woodwork this year. There are tons of different kinds and types. This one just caught my eye. They are perfect for taking selfies, or just holding onto your phone in different situations. This is a more colourful one but your guy may like one a little less bold. There are tons to choose from. Check them out here.

Buy This Anti Drop Finger Holder Now



There’s tons of selection when it comes to beanies under $10. Check them out here

Buy This Beanie Now


Depending on your man’s taste there is likely a gift that you can find in the $10 and under when it comes to shirts. Here are a few samples of what you can find here:

Buy This Shirt Now


Already have enough shirts? That’s cool, try a new hat, there are a ton of them under $10.

Buy Now


Of course you can never go wrong with sunglasses, give him a great gift and grab a pair of these for his stocking or just make that the main gift, he doesn’t need to know it was only $10. Pretty sweet $!0 gift idea for the guys in your life.

Click here to grab these sweet shades.

Buy These Sunglasses Now

Didn’t see anything here? Make sure to check out the $10 and under section in Amazon here. You are bound to find something that will catch his eye.



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Need some stocking stuffer ideas under $10? Here are some great gift ideas for him that will blow his mind. |Gifts for Him | Christmas gift ideas for him |

Need some stocking stuffer ideas under $10? Here are some great gift ideas for him that will blow his mind. |Gifts for Him | Christmas gift ideas for him |

Need some stocking stuffer ideas under $10? Here are some great gift ideas for him that will blow his mind. |Gifts for Him | Christmas gift ideas for him |Tired of giving socks? Here's some great ideas under $10 that you can give that lucky guy in your life that will rock his world. |Gifts for Him | Christmas gift ideas for him |
Need some stocking stuffer ideas under $10? Here are some great gift ideas for him that will blow his mind. |Gifts for Him | Christmas gift ideas for him |

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Need some stocking stuffer ideas under $10? Here are some great gift ideas for him that will blow his mind. |Gifts for Him | Christmas gift ideas for him | #christmas #giftsforhim #giftideasforhim #gifts #shopping

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