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Who is Author Stephen King?

Almost all Stephen King fans enjoy his brutally violent, sometimes sick creation and characters. His stories combine deep fears and disturbing truth. These iconic stories were all created by this prolific writer and master of the macabre.

Best Works


Stephen King is an American novelist, short story writer, and screenwriter. His best-known works include the horror novel Carrie (1977), which was adapted into a successful Hollywood film franchise; The Shining (1980); Pet Sematary (1986); Misery (1990); It (2018).

King has published more than 50 novels, including seven on the “Stephen King Novels” series and related topics. He also wrote Armageddon (1998), The Langoliers (2003), and Doctor Sleep (2017). In 2003, he founded the Stephen King Foundation to promote literacy and support various charitable causes.


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Writing Style

Billy Summers

Stephen King’s writing style is generally characterized as being suspenseful, dark and eerie. King often focuses on themes of horror, evil and the supernatural, which makes for an interesting read. He also has a tendency to incorporate unique plot devices into his stories that keep readers engaged.

Book and Movie Themes

Apt Pupil / Secret Window / Bag of Bones (Mini-Series) / Christine (1983) / Sleepwalkers (1992) / Stand by Me - Set

There are a number of themes that Stephen King explores in his work, including the dangers of supernatural beings and the impact they can have on humans. He has also written extensively about addiction and psychological horror. Some of his most popular books include The Shining, Carrie, It and The Stand. Many of Stephen King’s contemporaries have been influenced by his work, including J.D. Salinger and Ray Bradbury.

Stephen King Gifts Every Diehard Horror Fan Needs

This King-inspired merchandise is charmingly creepy. The latest Stephen King merchandise can be browsed through below, with some specially selected gifts that will be sure to please any die-hard fan of the author.

True Stephen King fans knows that Stephen King books have a lot more talent that include more than just his writing. He has had more than sixty novels published, and he has established himself as the reigning king of horror.

Stephen King Pillow Covers

KIILA Stephen King Book Fronts Home Decorative Throw Pillow Cases Sofa Couch Cushion Throw Pillow Covers 18x18 Inch

These pillow covers are 18″ x 18″, they’re made of soft polyester, and they’re printed on both sides with images of some of King’s most memorable novels. The covers are machine washable and they can be used to cover pillows or cushions in the living room, bedroom, guest room, or even in your car. Wherever you have pillows or cushions, they can be covered with these striking cases that will be constant reminders of King’s creepiest writing.


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Stephen King Wall Clock

Dark Tower Stephen King Wall Clock Made of Wood - Perfect and Beautifully Cut - Decorate Your Home with Modern Art - Unique Gift for Him and Her - Size 12 Inches

Made entirely of sturdy wood, this Dark Tower wall clock can be situated in any room of your household, although it is most appropriate in rooms where you might need to know the time. It is etched with dark flowers, ravens, a handgun, and the Dark Tower itself, all of which figure prominently in the 8-book series that can be considered the backbone of his legendary writing career. At your request, the clock can be personalized with a name or phrase for a small extra fee.


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Stephen King Stainless Steel Tumblers

Insulated Tumbler Stainless Steel Stephen With Lid King Bottle Collage Tea Vacuum Mug Coffee Travel Cup Family Friend 20 Oz Tumblers Gifts For Friend Co-worker Father's Mother's Day Birthday Christmas

These stylish tumblers hold a full 20 ounces of beverage, and will serve as a constant reminder of your favorite author. Whether your favorite drink is hot or cold, it can be kept ready to drink for hours due to the double-insulate walls of the tumbler. These tumblers can be taken anywhere, for instance the gym, your office, on the road, and anywhere else you choose to go. Constructed of durable stainless steel, the tumbler will survive drops, bumps, and spills, and you can count on your beverage remaining cold or hot, and ready to consume.


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1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Stephen King Horror Novels 1000 Pieces Large Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults and Teens Ages 12 and Up Intellectual Puzzles Personalized Gift Ideal for DIY,Relaxation,Hobby,Entertainment 19.7x27.6 Inches

If you’re someone who enjoys spending hours solving a puzzle, this is the ideal gift for you, and if it fits the personality of someone you know (who also happens to be a Stephen King fan), this will be perfect! When completed, this puzzle will measure 19.7″ x 27.6″ and can be preserved for all time with a laminate, and hung up somewhere to delight observers. The surfaces of all the puzzle pieces are protected with a film that will prevent fading and make maintenance easy. The underlying design of the puzzle consists of covers from many of King’s best-known novels. Whoever receives this excellent gift will enjoy many hours of enjoyable time, assembling the pieces into a cohesive whole.


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Pennywise 5-Pack of Crew Socks

Hyp Stephen King IT Movie Pennywise You'll Float Too Men's Crew Socks 5 Pair Pack

The devilish grin of Pennywise (from the novel ‘It’) stares out at the owner of these striking crew socks that will never fail to give you a case of the chills. Some of the pairs of socks depict Pennywise himself, while others are adorned with the novel name, and one pair has ‘Pennywise’ written throughout the length of the sock. Made from a blend of polyester, spandex, and nylon, these socks will last longer than normal socks, and will undoubtedly evoke all kinds of conversation from friends and associates.


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The Dark Tower Boxed Set

The Dark Tower 8-Book Boxed Set

The Dark Tower series is one of the most popular and enduring sets of novels ever written by the horror master, and all eight books are included in this set. This box set is one of the best possible gifts for Stephen King fans, so anyone you know who’s a big fan of the author, and who has not read these novels, will simply love this gift. Featuring the mysterious character, The Gunslinger, these novels will keep you riveted to your seat, unable to put the book down. This is considered essential reading for anyone who is a true Stephen King fan, and it’s a must-have for your personal bookshelf – or for the lucky person you gift this set to!


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Unique Stephen King Bookmark Set

Stephen King Bookmark, Unique Resin Anime Head Wooden Book Mark Best Gift for Stephen King's Horror Novels Lovers (Stephen King Bookmark)

Each of these hand-made unique bookmarks is crafted from a combination of wood and resin, to ensure long life and years of usage. The master’s image is situated atop the bookmark, above the words, “Fiction is the truth inside the lie”, a fairly well-known quote from the master himself. As the image of King shows, even he can be scared, because his facial expression is one of definite fear as he is grasped from behind by the black fingers of Pennywise. This will make a novel gift for any of your friends who happen to be Stephen King fans, and it’s one they’ll get lots of use from as they pursue future reads.


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Stephen King Micro Fleece Blanket

Baulerd Stephen King Book Cover Collage Ultra-Soft Micro Fleece Blanket 50"" x40

This warm, soft fleece blanket measures a full 60″ x 50″ and depicts virtually all of the covers of novels written by Stephen King. It can be used on a bed or sofa, or just wrapped around you on a cold, wintry day to keep warmth inside. It’s lightweight, durable, and compact, and it does not retain moisture. Very soft to the touch, it’s also anti-allergic, so any of your friends who have asthma or allergies can use this blanket safely. This blanket is also easy to maintain because it’s machine-washable, and can easily be tossed into your regular wash when necessary.


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‘The Shining’ Sculptured Bookend

Sculpture of The Shining Bookend - Library Here?s Johnny Sculpture, Resin, Desktop Bookends Ornament, Book Holders Shelf

The unforgettable image of Jack Nicholson from the movies version of ‘The Shining’ grins out at the owner of this unique bookend. The scene depicted comes at a point in the movie where Jack Torrance (Nicholson) has begun to unravel, and has become a serious threat to his wife and child. Made of high-quality resin, this bookend is quite heavy, so it will be able to support the books in your collection with no trouble. Whomever you give this great gift to will very likely enjoy conjuring up an image of the climactic scene from the movie where Nicholson smashes through a door with an axe, and announces, “Here’s Johnny!”.


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Funko Pop Vinyl Pennywise Figure

Funko Stephen King It Pennywise Classic Pop Vinyl Figure

This is a vinyl figure that is sure to send a scare into any person you decide to gift this item to. There are a number of Funko Pop characters available in this same line, but Pennywise the clown is one of the most memorable of all Stephen King characters, and that makes this one much sought after. Made of sturdy vinyl, this figure will last for a long time, especially if cared for by the recipient. Pennywise has been represented in hundreds of different ways in other merchandise, and this is one way you can always be reminded of the devilish character.


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Stephen King Gifts and Merchandise

If you’re thinking about starting a Stephen King collection for yourself or your friends, there are no shortage of available options for fans. Find collectibles to add to your Stephen King collection online at popular stores like Walmart, Amazon, and Etsy. When you are searching for Stephen King enthusiasts in your life, look no further than this collection of entertaining, readable, and playable gifts.


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Book and Movie Lovers

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