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Does the thought of an IRA make you cringe?

It does for me. There are so many things to understand when it comes to an IRA, that you could very easily just glaze over and hope it works out.

Trust me, that approach doesn’t work.

The fact is, if you feel like IRAs are complex, you aren’t alone.

Let’s face it. Retirement is an important part of life, and you want to know you are in good hands.

Because retirement is what we are all working towards.

The big question is, are you going to be able to retire when you want?

Luckily GuidedChoice has come along to save you time and frustration with your IRAs.

What’s the Deal with GuidedChoice?

Now, I could tell you about how GuidedChoice has a rigorous and proprietary methodology designed by Nobel Laureate, Dr Harry Markowitz.

But I’m not going to do that.

Or I could say that GuidedChoice uses this cool thing called automatic rebalancing. That continuously monitors your funds and investments, then rebalances them automatically to keep you on track.

But I’m not going to do that either.

I could even mention how 1.5 Million customers have over $14 Billion assets under management with GuidedChoice.

But that’s not what’s most important to you.

Because what you want to know is the same thing I want to know.

Why should you roll over or open your IRA with GuidedChoice?

Great question! Glad you asked.

Here’s what you get when you join GuidedChoice

First of all you will get a personalized plan. Which makes sense, but it’s more uncommon than you think. A lot of places use a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s not what GuidedChoice does.

Here’s the thing, my plan won’t be the same your plan.

Why should it be?

We are all different, and have unique situations. You IRA plan should be built to fit you. GuidedChoice takes your personal situation into account and makes a plan that suits you.

By doing this they take the stress out of investing and rebalancing. This allows you to set it and forget it.

Because that’s exactly what you want. To set up your IRA and get back to your life knowing that your retirement is on track.

Easy to Use Platform

GuidedChoice has an easy to use digital platform for setting up or rolling over an existing IRA. All you have to do is select your IRA type (Traditional, ROTH, or SEP), enter your information, and confirm.

It guides you through the process and provides tools like their projected wealth calculators to help you make more informed decisions about saving for your future.


Can We Talk About Fees for a Minute?

You may remember, I had to let my financial advisor go a while back. Nice guy, but he was taking more than 2.5% of my portfolio to fees every year.

Doesn’t sound like much does it?

I mean, it’s 2.5 cents for every dollar. (That’s the line they tell btw, “it’s pennies”)

But then I did the math, (because I’m nerdy like that).

If you put $1000 into a fund and let it sit, while the 2.5% trickled out every year, guess how much of that $1000 you lose in fees over the next 30 years?

$100? Nope.

$250? Still not even close.

$532.12 will be lost in fees!!!

I don’t know about you, but 2.5% adds up quickly, especially when you lose half of it to fees over your working career.


There’s NO High Fees in GuidedChoice’s Vocabulary.

That’s another thing that GuidedChoice has that you can’t find other places… LOW FEES!

It’s less than 1 percent ($5.70-$6.30 a year per every $1,000).

That’s a big savings both immediately and over time.

But let’s get past the whole fee thing for a minute, shall we?


Transparency is key.

It used to be, that many investment places made it hard to find the fees they charged you. That was the ‘90s version of IRAs and investing in general.

But we’re in a new era now, and GuidedChoice gets it.

GuidedChoice’s managed IRAs never come with hidden fees, so you always know what you’re paying.

You know, the way it should be!

That’s why they openly say there is a $50 annual fee, but only if you are under $50,000.


Am I on Track for Retirement? 

When it comes to retirement, this is the biggest question we all have.

Am I on track to retire?

Their Projected Wealth calculator can show you how little changes can make a big difference over time.

With GuidedChoice they will help you make better decisions and show you how much you should be saving. So you can make smarter decisions on a timely basis.

Best of All Making the Switch to GuidedChoice is Easy!

Best of all GuidedChoice offers quick and easy online sign up. Whether it’s opening a new IRA or rolling over an existing account. It only takes a few minutes to use their site to get started.

If you want you can always talk to a real live person if you need to.

If you are paying high fees on your IRAs (and it’s likely that you are) then you deserve to check out GuidedChoice and see about switching over. You could end up saving thousands!

They’ve just started a concierge service to find out if they are the right fit for you. Whether it’s with GuidedChoice or not. Trust me, you won’t find that anywhere else.

Give them a try today and see if GuidedChoice is for you.


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