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When it comes to driving, there is one cost we can (somewhat) control and that’s fuel. Let’s face it owning a car gets expensive. Fuel is your biggest on going cost so looking for how to save fuel makes the most sense. Luckily there are a lot of easy things you can do to save . The more ways you can cut your costs on fuel and the cost of gas, the more money you can. Here are a few tips to save big on fuel!

Don’t Speed

This will save you money in gas and you won’t be a hazard on the road. Having a led foot on the gas pedal will lead to excessive use of gas.By accelerating your car, you burn more gas getting to the same place.


Consider Driving a Smaller Car

If you’re a commuter, you could save a lot of money by switching to a smaller vehicle. While we all love to have the biggest car, it’s more important to focus on your driving needs.

Are you only driving to and from work?

If the answer is yes, using a huge SUV may not be necessary and bonus, it’s better for the environment. By switching to a smaller, more fuel efficient car, you can save on gas and insurance (and contribute to better air quality. Everyone wins!).

Save money on Gas

Don’t Let Your Car Idle

An idling car burns extra gas, which burns fuel, which empties your wallet and clogs the air. Nuff said!


Don’t Let Your Car Warm Up for Too Long

I live somewhere where it has literally been colder outside than on Mars, so I get that jumping in a freezing car is not an enjoyable experience (read: it flat out sucks to get in a cold car).

But, your car doesn’t need to be warmed up for hours, only a minute or two is necessary for most cars (longer for diesel). Make sure you don’t let your car warm up for too long, you’re just burning fuel and money (plus, you’re causing environmental damage).


Properly Maintain Your Car

The manufacturers provide you with a maintenance guide for a reason. Make sure you follow it. Properly maintaining a car is an essential way to ensure you can keep your car running optimally for years. A car in good working order will save both on fuel and additional maintenance.


Keep Your Tires Inflated to the Proper Level

There is a reason why they recommend your tires be inflated to a certain level. Not only is it about safety, but it helps with the fuel economy in your car. It can save up to 3% in fuel economy.

how to save money on fuel (1)

Use Cruise Control

This is an easy one. I didn’t realize how much gas cruise control saved until we did a long road trip. The difference was staggering. Using cruise we were using 8 L/100KM’s compared to manual at 11L/100KMs traveling the same speed. That meant we were saving 3 litres per 100 kilometres, with gas prices at $1 a liter, we were saving about $15 on every fill up (we get about 500 km to the tank).

Now I use cruise anywhere it’s possible.


Only Drive With What You Need In the Car

The heavier your car, the more the engine has to exert itself to move. If you have excess weight in the car that you don’t need, take it out and it will help lighten the car’s overall weight and burn a little less fuel.


Walk a Little Extra

This is an easy way to save gas. Instead of driving around looking for a parking spot,park at the end of the lot and walk the extra few metres. I see so many people circling around to get closer to the doors and wasting time and gas in the process. Next time you go somewhere, find the first spot, park and walk.


Take the Shortest Route Possible

This will be a balance between time and distance. Finding the shortest way can save you big time. Take my drive to work. I found that by using the  a highway, I could save 4 miles each way, rather than the normal way I was going. Even with the increased speed on the highway, it was still the better choice economically.

That means I save 8 miles every day, or 40 miles a week and over 50 working weeks in a year. That’s 2,000 miles saved, plus the time I’m saving.

Go online and see if you can map a faster, more direct route. We get so caught up in doing the old routine every day that we often forget that we could be doing things more efficiently. More efficiently means it’s better for the environment, you save more fuel and more money. Hooray!

save money on fuel

Car Pool

If you are in a car pool with a few other people you can drastically reduce your costs. Commuting to work with 3 other people can take your fuel costs and slash them, sometimes in half.


Use a Cashback Credit Card

One of the ways I save money on fuel is by using a cashback credit card. The Scotiabank card gives me 4% back on all fuel purchases. It may not feel like a lot but it adds up quickly.

Want more cash back options? Check out Credit Card Genius


Maximize Your Rewards When You Fuel Up

When you’re fueling up make sure you optimize your returns. I personally use a co-op and they give an annual cheque based on the amount of fuel we use. It usually works out to 10 to 14 cents a liter. That adds up to a lot of extra savings over the year!

Between that and the cash back credit card that can provide up to 16% savings on fuel with every purchase, these small savings add up quickly.


Top Action Steps to Save on Fuel:

✅ Beginner: Stop speeding, and idling.

✅ Intermediate: Look for shorter distances ways to get where you’re going

✅ Advanced: Find the best fuel rewards and get a rewards card that gives you cash back


Family Money Plan recap

  1. Don’t Speed
  2. Consider Driving a Smaller Car
  3. Don’t Let Your Car Idle
  4. Don’t Let Your Car Warm Up for Too Long
  5. Properly Maintain Your Car
  6. Only Drive With What You Need In the Car
  7. Walk a Little Extra
  8. Car Pool
  9. Use a Cashback Credit Card
  10. Maximize Your Rewards When You Fuel Up

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