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With the fast-paced changes happening in the world today, especially around of technology, finding ways to save money on electronics and cut costs has become even more important.  Here’s a few ways to save money on your electronics below none of which will cost you extra money:


1) Create an “I Want” List and Wait for the Deals

I’m terrible at impulse buying, when there is something that comes up that I want, it can be really hard to hold off purchasing the item. Luckily, by creating the list of things I would like to have, and keeping it on my iPhone, I can pay attention to when the items I want come up on sale.

That way when there is only then do I think about buying it. This has meant that the money I save on the items by waiting can go into savings for later on. By waiting for sales to come up I can save anywhere from 20% to 50% on the items I want (Black Friday is the best time to buy).


2) Buy an Older Generation Device

The product cycle for all new devices is short. If you are trying to keep up with the latest phones, tablets and gadgets, you’re paying a hefty premium. When you can delay your purchase to last year’s phone (or other device) you will definitely save yourself extra money.

The best way to save is to get out of the “Brand New, Must Have” product cycle, not only are you breaking this pattern (and your phone doesn’t end up in a landfill), you’re also ensuring cost saving measures are in place.

3) Set Up Alerts or Notifications

If you really want something, set up a Google alert for sale prices or sign up for that company’s mailing list so you’re the first to know (along with the other subscribers, of course) when their items go on sale.


4) Shop At the Right Time of Year for What You Want

All products have natural cycles and times of year they get discounted the most significantly. For televisions, it’s the end of January (around Super Bowl) for last generation Apple products it’s September when the new items get released.

Do some research and look around to see what product you want and when they usually go on sale. If you can wait it out, you will optimize your savings.

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5) Drain Your Battery Completely Every Time

This is a simple thing that will stretch out the lifetime of your phone or other portable electronic device. Get in the habit of killing the battery completely and waiting an extra 15 minutes to ensure the battery is drained of most of its power.

This will extend the life of your battery and the life of your phone or tablet.


6) Charge Your Battery Completely Every Time

Coupled with the last point, make sure every time you drain your battery, you charge it completely. By charging it completely you’re giving your battery the best chance at longevity and can add months, if not years, to a phone.


7) Don’t Overcharge the Battery

Another way to harm your electronics is to overcharge your battery. Make sure to unplug it after it’s completely charged.

Save money on electronics

8) Avoid the Extended Warranty

Some places have great warranties *cough* Costco *cough,* others do not. If the warranty is a good deal, like $30 for a 5 year warranty on a $500 TV, I’ll make the purchase  

But, when it starts to creep up to $100 for that same TV, I walk away.

Most warranties don’t really cut it anyway. Unless it’s something you know you will likely break or won’t last the full life, it’s best to steer clear of the extended warranty. Essentially, warranties mean that you’re betting the product will break before your extended warranty is up and the store is betting that it won’t.


9) Always Be a Smart Shopper

When you’re going to buy your new electronic device, make sure you’re taking advantage of all the discounts available to you. Using things like Butterfly Saves, Honey, Swagbucks and Ebates, are all great ways to make sure you‘re benefiting from the biggest savings possible. 


10) Use Cash Back Services To Help Save Money

Whenever you shop you should look to optimize your savings and cash back. Using the following services is a great way to save extra money

Family Money Plan Action Steps To Save Money On Electronics

✅ Beginner: Sign up for free cash back and savings through sites like:

Intermediate: Create a list of what you want and wait for sales to come up.

Advanced:  Avoid Extended Warranties and buy later generation electronics instead of the brand new


Happy (on sale) Shopping!

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