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If you have growing kids how to save money on kids clothing is probably at the top of your weekly thoughts. Buying kids clothing can feel like a you are playing a losing game as they make their way through multiple growth spurts. Add in the fact that your little one is developing their own identity, and suddenly their taste can change overnight leaving their clothes in a “I have nothing to wear” type of state. It’s a fact, kids clothing can be a really stressful part of being a parent. From the cost, to the changing taste, there aren’t a lot of wins to be had with a growing child when it comes to clothing.

Luckily there are some easy ways to save on your kids name brand apparel.

1 – Repurpose Existing Kids Clothing

Patch, trim and sew up your already existing clothes. Some of the coolest clothes that you will see are when kids express themselves with their existing clothes into new ways. Other times clothing can be used for other means. For instance that favourite shirt from last year can be turned ito a gym shirt or an around the house shirt.

Here’s the life-cycle of a shirt:

Brand New Shirt -> Favourite Shirt -> Every day shirt -> Bed Time Shirt -> Workout shirt -> Car wash rag

2 – Same Kids Clothes, New Accessories

If the clothes are good, but your kids are feeling tired with the look, consider getting some new accessories rather than buying a whole new outfit. It’s a great way to find a new look with an existing wardrobe.


3 – Shop at Thrift and Gently Used Second Hand Stores

The thrift shops are a great place to find some amazing deals. More and more “higher end” second hand stores are popping up. Thrift and consignment stores are allowing parents to get their kids name brand clothes at a fraction of the retail price. Places like Plato’s Closet are a godsend for parents of newbie fashionista teens and tweens. If you are looking for brand names at a fraction of a price these are a great way to start saving on your kids clothing.


4 – Do a Clothes Swap with Kids in Your Area

Your child might not want that one sweater any more but I can almost guarantee you that another kid in their class wants it. After all, when one kid has it, every other kid wants. Besides yours, because they have it and for some reason don’t want it anymore. I wish I was joking but that’s how it goes. They want what they don’t have, and don’t need the thing they desperately wanted a month ago.

Clothes swaps are a great way to cut your clothing budget. Here’s a great post on how to host a clothes swap.


5 – Sign Up For Email Discounts at Your Favorite Stores and Look for Sales

Somehow stores know that kids are heading back to school so they have their sales all lined up. It’s a good idea to sign up for your favourite stores to know when the sales start. That way you don’t miss out.


6 – Shop the Outlet Malls

If the thrift shops aren’t yielding you any great finds, then shopping at outlet malls to get the brand names is a great way to cut costs. We were walking around the local outlet shops and there was an additional


7 – Get Discounted Gift Cards For Your Favorite Stores

No matter where you shop you need to get yourself loaded up with your discount gift cards. Head on over to Gift Card Granny and get the cards that you need at a discount. Saving an extra 10% is always something you should take advantage of.

Check out Gift Card Granny here. 

8- Shop Online and Save

If all else fails and you need to shop new make sure to do your shopping online when you can. There are apps like Butterfly Saves that will give you cash back at 2800 online stores and it’s extra money in your pocket. Take the 10 seconds to sign up and pocket some extra money. See how easy it is to use Butterfly Saves.

9- Get Good Detergent

Sometimes (ok all the time) kids clothes just need to be cleaned a little more thoroughly than adult clothing. Make sure you have stain removers and good laundry detergent on hand to get rid of those tough stains. Some good cleaning supplies can cut down on buying your kids replacement clothes.


Family Money Plan Recap: 9 Ways to Save Money On Kids Clothing

  1. Repurpose Existing Kids Clothing
  2. Same Kids Clothes, New Accessories
  3.  Shop at Thrift and Gently Used Second Hand Stores
  4. Do a Clothes Swap with Kids in Your Area
  5. Shop at Discount and Look for Sales
  6. Shop the Outlet Malls
  7. Get Discounted Gift Cards For Your Favorite Stores
  8. Shop Online and Save
  9. Get Good Detergent


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