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I’m all about ways to save on heating right now. Because get this… Recently our utilities provider decided they would like to raise rates by 8% every year for the next few years until 2024. Rising heat costs are a fact of life, but there’s always ways that we can save money on heating.

(What that means for everyone is that their rates will rise by over 50% over the few years. My heart goes out to those people like my grandma on a fixed income. Because a rise like that will hurt these people the most. It’s going to hurt us too.)

Luckily there are a few things we can do to battle rising heating costs, no matter what type of heating you have.

Let’s save money on heating!

Get a Programmable Thermostat

I was surprised at how much this helped our bills. We had it set to drop at night, which was better for sleeping. Then the furnace would kick on before we got up, go back down while we were at work. The savings were significant.
Added bonus! Many companies are seeing the benefits and you can get rebates on your new thermostat. Make sure to check with your utilities company.


Turn Down the Thermostat

If you don’t want to spring for a new thermostat, then turning down your thermostat is a easy way to go. This can save quite a bit of money. Don’t like the cold? Pop on a sweater or cozy up with a blanket. It’s the easier option.

Check out these programmable thermostats


Upgrade Your Insulation

There are a lot of programs out there that will cover your upgrade or give you grants to do so. You should check your area’s utility provider before doing this. Since you may need approval before getting started. If you are in an older house, upgrading your insulation will help cut your heating costs in the winter, and cooling costs in the summer. If you are in an older house the insulation could be quite old and in need of upgrading.


Upgrade Your Windows?

My belief is that upgrading your windows for the energy savings isn’t as great of a savings as you likely think. While the windows of today would embarrass the windows of earlier generations.  Windows are expensive and in all honesty you probably won’t see the cost savings from the upgrade.
Another thing to consider. If you do have an old house, upgrading the windows won’t give you much savings when the walls still have 100 year old insulation in it. Just my thoughts, but I would avoid this one

Upgrade your Furnace

If you have an old furnace that is getting the job done but remembers disco, then you need to think about switching it out. Furnaces have come a long way in the past 20 years and upgrading could cut your heating budget down big time.

Stop the Air From Leaking Out

No matter what you do make sure to plug any hole you might have around your door and windows. Leaking air can quickly add up in the cold months. If you can see through the crack in the door it’s probably a good time to fix the gaps. (Hint, if you have ice around doors and windows there is likely air passing through. See if there is a way to plug it up.

Stop leaks with this foam spray

Replace Your Furnace Filter

I have a reminder set for this one. All the dust from your house goes through your ducts and ends up in that filter. When the filter gets clogged the furnace needs to work more to get the heat through. Replacing them can help you save money on utility bills.

Click here to save on new furnace filters

Go Geothermal

There are a few benefits of going green. Usually there is some sort of government incentive or grant. There is a higher up front cost but the savings can add up over time. Having geothermal for 7 years now I can say I love having the house at the same temperature year round. That said from the builders I have spoken with to install in an existing house. Like everything it could make sense for your situation.

Unless you are building a new home, geothermal probably isn’t the smart way to save money on heating.

Bundle Up

Personally I love a cooler house, I love wearing sweaters and a blanket on the couch is one of my favourite things at the end of a long day. Doing this can help you keep the house cooler than you normally would and save money on heating costs.

Use Free Heat from the Oven

Ever heat something up in the oven and then shut the door. There is some good heat in that oven that is going to waste. Leave the door open and allow the heat to flow out into the kitchen. Just make sure there are no little ones around to touch it.

Get an Energy Audit to Save Money on Heating Bills

If you have the money getting an energy audit done can help you find out where you house is short on heat and help you cut costs over the lifetime of your heating bills. Provided you put the suggestions into place.

Use the Fans to Circulate Your Heat

Heat rises, if you can put your ceiling fans on reverse it will push down the heat and you can benefit from it fast.


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