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Success Takes Time

I was talking to a long time friend (we met when we were 3 if you can believe that) and he’s getting ready for another big exam. His final one to become a Chartered Financial Analyst. This is a big, big lifetime goal of his and it’s taking a lot of time and effort on his part. Like any of us chasing a big goal, things can get tough along the way. Any big success takes time.


Let’s face it when you are pursuing a big goal there are going to be some challenges, there will be setbacks and obstacles to overcome.

Success takes time. Sometimes you run out of gas. It’s a pretty normal feeling, when you look back on it. But at the time, it’s a tough feeling to handle.


Results Aren’t Always Noticeable Right Away


Here’s the thing about achieving success in anything, it doesn’t show up right away. Very few of us are naturally gifted right from the start. It’s usually a combination of practice, passion and the will to keep at it (a.k.a. Stick-to-it-ness) that make you successful.  Talk to anyone with some success and they will have a similar story:


 “I wasn’t the best or brightest, but I kept working at it every day, and learning, eventually I got to where I am now”

Saving an extra $5 a day won’t feel like much after a week or even a month. But when you look back over 10 years that’s whole lotta money. These success habits are great, but they are only great if you persevere through the hard times.

Give Yourself Time

If you start exercising and following a routine and diet of someone who is 20 lbs lighter than you, you don’t instantly become 20 lbs lighter.

It takes time…. Sometimes it takes more time than we would expect…

Ok, A LOT more time.

This is the part that drives me CRAZY!!!! I’m always thinking “I just want this to be done, so I can go and do the next big thing!!!!” Patience has never been my strong suit.


Crossing the Stream

Success takes timeWhen it comes to achieving a goal, I like to use the idea of having to cross a stream. Your goal is to get across the stream and you need to build some way to get across. So you take a pebble (action) and…

You throw one pebble into the water (i.e. take action)….

*Nothing noticeable happens*

Throw another pebble in (take more action)…

*Still nothing*

You throw thousands of pebbles into the stream, something starts to happen but it’s not visible… yet.


Your BIG goal is made up of thousands of these little pebbles (little actions)

As long as you keep making these pebble deposits into the river (a.k.a. showing up every day and putting in the effort) the results will come.  It’s what’s going on beneath the surface of the water that is important.

You don’t see it at first but you can feel it. It’s not the same as when you first started. The current underneath starts to change.


Change is happening

It’s what’s going on inside you as you get in the habit of making these little deposits. Sometimes it will feel like nothing is happening. Sometimes you will want to quit and walk away.


Those are usually the times that happen right before your mountain of pebbles start to peak through the stream and you can see your results.

Quitters never win, and winners never quit.

There’s a reason why we all say this expression… it’s TRUE!


Remember: Success takes time.


Ways to get across quicker

Look for bigger rocks to throw instead of pebbles

Success Takes TimeThere are shortcuts to every goal. Some are easy to find, and others not so much. They’re like throwing a giant rock into the stream.

As a web-based business, it’s getting your articles noticed by someone higher up the ladder. In saving money it’s like stashing away that tax refund instead of spending it.

These big rocks are out there, you just need to look for them.

Ask the person on the other side (i.e. where you want to be)

Someone has already made a bridge to the other side of the metaphorical stream you are trying to cross. Someone has already achieved your goal.

Find them!!! Ask them questions. Hire them as a coach or a mentor.


Ask For Help

Sure you can do it yourself, but you lose time in the process. That’s what I did when I joined the Academy at Internet Business Mastery. My time was way more valuable than to spend 4 years figuring everything out. It was definitely worth it.

Their guidance and step by step process got me to a point in 4 months that would have taken me 4 years to reach had I gone it on my own. It was huge! That’s the benefit of finding someone that can help you. They help you move towards your goal faster.

Give Yourself the Gift of Time

Success takes time, if you walk away from reading this that’s the one thing I want you to remember. Be patient with yourself. Financial freedom, paying off your student debts, or your consumer debt or your mortgage, it’s all a path to success, and success takes time.

How long will your goal take you? I don’t know. I’ve started this goal of creating a web-based business, and as much as I would love to have an effect on millions of people I know I need to start with 1.  So that’s what I focus on helping you, the person reading this right now. You!

Enjoy Every Moment

Celebrate the little things. Enjoy the journey. Because you aren’t just building a mountain of pebbles. You are creating a new foundation. You are building a new habit that will change you. Ultimately you are becoming a new person and a new life.

And That Success Takes Time…

The roadblocks and setbacks are there to test you. Is this worth it? Will you keep pushing on even when there is no sign of progress? Can you trust that you are on the right path and what you’re doing is truly meant for you?

Only you can answer that.

Always Remember Success Is On Lag Time

First you put the work in, then the results come. It’s like that in every part of life. Those overnights successes were multiple years in the making and most importantly…

They aren’t YOU!

You are unique and so is your journey. Learn to embrace it and enjoy it. Because the destination is just a moment in time. But the journey… where you are right now… that is living.

So take a deep breath and enjoy where you are right now. Success only comes to those who persevere and enjoy the journey along the way.

Now get back at it!

I double dog dare you to share this!