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This product was provided to us to try from the fun people at CROSSNET to see how we enjoyed it. While we were given one these games to test out, we try to remain impartial on all reviews and articles. All opinions are my own.


Every summer seems to bring with it a certain freshness to it. New experiences. New friends. And of course, new games to play with family and friends. Our family have always been avid game players. When our kids were younger we would find different ways to play and compete. We’re always on the lookout for new games to play.  So when we got this game we we’re pumped to give our CROSSNET review and see what it’s all about!


The New Game For The Summer: CROSSNET

This summers new game is going to be CROSSNET. It’s great! Now that we’ve given it a try I’m positive it’s going to be the “It” game for us and many of our friends. 



CROSSNET is a combination of four square meets volleyball. The net is split into for squares and is roughly volleyball height. The net is adjustable so it can accommodate various ages. 

crossnet volleyball

How Do You Play CROSSNET?

This unique CROSSNET net is split up into four sections. Your goal is to get to the fourth square and gather 11 points so that you can win the game. If the ball hits the ground in your square, you are out and a new players enters into square 1 while the rest move up to fill the empty square. You can only gather points in the fourth square so it’s tricky to stay in the fourth square.

Because of this unique dynamic, there is an added motivation to beat out the fourth square so that they don’t gather points. It’s a clever, dynamic, and a fun game to play for older kids and adults. 


What do you get when you buy CROSSNET?

In the box you will get the 4 corners style CROSSNET net, a ball and pump, and a carrying case, so you can take it to the beach with you when you go camping or to the park.  The set up takes a little getting used to, but is pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it. 

what do you get with crossnet

What I like about CROSSNET’s Four Square Game Play Style over Regular Volleyball

The problem with a regular volleyball game is that you need several players. The beach volleyball style might be ok for those with older kids.  But with inexperienced players it’s something that people can still do. This is a strong point for CROSSNET. It’s like King of Hill for volleyball. Which gives it a unique dynamic and feel to the game play. 

There is definitely a height advantage that can come into play (really when does being taller not come with advantages). As a family with volleyball players in it this game was an instant hit.

Plus as volleyball lovers, this is a great way to train and challenge each other instead of the normal back and forth kids do when they are playing volleyball. 

We’re always looking for ways to get our kids to improve in sport while not giving it a “training” feel. CROSSNET is perfect for this. 


What I Loved About CROSSNET

Here’s what I really liked about CROSSNET, it’s easy enough to play, and everyone can compete. The rules are straightforward (complicated rules in games is a pet peeve of mine) which I loved.

One of the big things with the top outdoor games for large groups is that you need to find something every one can do. When it comes to playing CROSSNET, if you have ever had a gym class with a volleyball you are good to go. 

The thing I like about CROSSNET, was what happened even before I got it. When my order went in, I got a confirmation email, like everyone does when ordering online. Except this one was different. They went into details you see below. To me, this shows a level of detail about a product and a game that is fun and it appears to permeate through the whole company. 

Crossnet review

Is there an Indoor Version of CROSSNET?

Yes! There are two types of CROSSNET one is an outdoor one and the other is the indoor. This can be a great way for volleyball teams to practice and we have recently discussed with our volleyball coach about bringing the game in. They may use it as a reward, or just part of their training. 


What I found challenging about CROSSNET

While most of my family could play CROSSNET, my son is still a little small to play so it was harder for him, but that will fix itself over time. There is the ability to adjust the net, maybe dad was just being a little too competitive and didn’t want to lose (it’s been known to happen). 

The net set up is a little tricky to get set up (but to be honest that could just be me and my two left hands) but once it’s set up you are good to go. 


Is CROSSNET a Good Game?

We all really loved Crossnet. You’re active and able to play fast. The game itself is unique enough while still accessible to most people. I would definitely add this to our summer games. The fact that they are running tournaments for this new sport shows that it is a game that is likely to be get more and more popular over time. 

I’m super happy we came across this game and pumped to put it in our game rotation.


Where can I buy CROSSNET?

You can check out the CROSSNET store here for all of their product offerings, make sure to check it out here. If you have a volleyball player in your life, make sure to check out our gifts for volleyball players

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