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Many people know someone in their house that define themselves as a BTS fan. This may prompt you to look for gifts for BTS fans when it gets close to time to give a gift to that individual. If you feel that you would like to find the perfect gifts for BTS fans, then please read on about some of the best BTS gifts that you can possibly find. 

BTS Backpack 

AliKpop USB Backpack Jimin Suga Jin Taehyung V Jungkook Korean Casual Backpack Daypack Laptop Bag College Bag Book Bag School Bag


If you are looking for gift ideas for the holiday season, a BTS backpack may be the perfect gift to get someone who loves this band. Not only is this unique-looking backpack designed with all of the logos and designs that the BTS fan likes, but it is also great to carry along to BTS concerts with them. The owner of this backpack will immediately feel like a strong member of the BTS army.


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BTS “Butter” Album

Big Hit Entertainment KTMMD1083 BTS - Butter Album+Extra Photocards Set (Peaches ver.)

Not only does your favorite BTS fan get to listen to the classic “Butter” album put out by this band, but it even comes with stickers, lyric cards, photo cards, a message card, and so much more! This is the ultimate gift to provide to the BTS fans in your life because it is truly multiple gifts in one. 

All seven members of the band have contributed to this album in some way, and that makes it all the more special for fans who receive this gift. If you want to see the fan’s eyes light up when they open something that has contributions from all of the BTS members, then this is the option to go for. Best of all, it is affordable!


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BTS Biography

Biography presents BTS: The Biggest Band on the Planet

The BTS Army knows that the best BTS gifts are those gifts that help the owner learn more about the band that they love so much. If you love BTS, then learning more about how they got started, what their backgrounds are, and other critical information about the band can help you enjoy the experience of listening to and taking in everything that BTS puts out. 

This is the kind of purchase is a great gift because it will enhance the knowledge of the fan that receives this gift. No matter who your favorite BTS member is, you will want to learn all that you can about them. This BTS biography has the information that you thirst for about the biggest band to come out of Korea for some time! 


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Signature Silver Earrings

XHBTS Peace Cross Earrings Bangtan Boys BTS JIMIN SUGA Silver Stud Clip Earrings for Women Men with Mini Cloth and Mini Box

Don’t forget to look around on Etsy when you are looking for the best silver earrings just like the band wears. It is a great place to locate some personalized pieces that are unique to the band. The prices on these earrings are completely reasonable, and you can “steal” the look from the band when you wear them. 

Etsy has a number of other products that you can hunt out for a reasonable price when it comes to getting the supplies that you need for the friend or other loved one that is involved in the fandom around this band. If they have wanted to look like their heroes (and who wouldn’t?), then this is the perfect gift for them.


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BTS T-Shirt

Kpop Bangtan Boys Love Yourself World World Tour Same T-Shirt Jimin Suga V Tee Shirt S White A

Check out the deluxe edition of the BTS world tour t-shirt. On the surface it looks very simple, but it is still ideal as a gift for the holiday season. You can pick one up at a very fair price, and it is one of the merch items most often requested by fans. People love to show off the type of music and bands that they like on their t-shirts, and this one gets the job done. 

While you might expect to pay a hefty price for most band t-shirts, this one comes in at a very reasonable $9 on Amazon right now! Don’t miss out on this very relevant piece of merch to provide to the BTS fan in your life. 


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BTS Luv Crew Socks

Womens Kpop BTS TXT Cartoon Charcter Socks (White-BTS-2019Ver)

Hot topic offers a great option for people who are looking to provide an affordable and cozy gift for someone in the BTS Army. Luv Crew socks are a great way to show off your admiration for the band and also keep your body warm and cozy at the same time. 

You can file this one away under accessories, but these Luv Crew socks are a great option for the person who has everything else as far as BTS is concerned. Checking the Hot Topic site right now, the price of these socks are a great gift under $10. Purchase them now and make your November or Dec holiday season a bit better.


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BTS Led Alarm Clock


How about trying out something a little more quirky and interesting to the gift options that you offer to your loved one? 

The BTS LED alarm clock is a great thing to add to the gifts that you offer to someone in the BTS Army. It is something that can literally allow them to wake up thinking about BTS from the moment they hear that alarm go off. Thus, you should consider this as a top gift idea for someone in the BTS Army.


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BTS Army Bomb

BTS Official Lightstick Map of THS Soul Special Edition (Incl. Random Transparant Photocard)

One of the most interesting pieces that you can purchase for a BTS fan today is the BTS Army bomb. 

This is actually a type of light that fans love both for in-home use and also for taking with them to the concerts. It is a cute accessory and piece of merch that can be admired every day. There are plenty of sellers online who claim to sell this product, so examine all of the listings very carefully to make sure you are only buying an officially licensed product. The link above has that officially licensed product. If you buy it today, you can give it to a fan as a gift that they will use every day.


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BTS Boy Luv Beaded Necklace

KPOP Bangtan Boys Necklace Pendant Cubic Zirconia Jewelry for bts Army Fans Women Girls Boys gift

Hot Topic has an incredible amount of options for the BTS fan in your life, but you can also get great selections on Amazon. You should check out the BTS Boy Luv beaded necklace as a great option. It is extremely colorful and will hang off of the neck of the fan so they can show off their dedication and loyalty to the band to anyone and everyone.


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Minimalist Wall Clock

BTS Musical Group Handmade Vinyl Record Wall Clock, Get Unique Bedroom or Nursery Wall Decor - Gift Ideas for Kids and Teens - Unique Art Design

There are minimalist BTS wall clocks that one can get for the bedroom. It has images of the headshots of the band members, but it lacks too many designs or many other fine details. It keeps things sleek and simple, as they should be.


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Luv Mini Backpack

Backpack With Audio Cable USB Charging Port V JUNGKOOK RM Korean Laptop Backpack School Bag for Girls Army Fans Gifts (Pink2)

One of the cute items that you can select from Hot Topic to purchase for a fan is the Luv Mini Backpack. It is a light pink color that has little logos and designs all over it that are unique to the band. 

The carrier of this type of mini backpack can bring it in to the concerts or just take it around with them wherever they decide to go. This mini backpack is a great accessory option that can pair up nicely with many of the other pieces of BTS merchandise that you might want to own. For example, there are many pieces of BTS clothing that have color designs and schemes that work well with this backpack. 

If the fan that you are purchasing for already has a number of BTS clothing pieces, then this may be the best complimentary piece to go with all of that.


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BTS LED Finger Light

LIYUDL 3D Lamp Room Bedroom Decorative Illusion Night Light, Finger Heart Multi 7 Color Change USB Cable LED Desk Table Light

If you want an LED lamp in your room, you are not alone. If you want that lamp to represent the BTS band that you know and love, then you are definitely in a good place if you get the BTS LED Finger Light. 

This is a night lamp that you can place in your room to show off your love for this particular band. There is something magnetic about looking at it, and it provides ample light for you to look around the room that you need. It is a utilitarian gift that you know the fan will get immediate use out of it. That should be what you are aiming for with any gift that you give, and this is a great one to do it with.


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Final Gift Ideas For BTS Fans

Overall, you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to provide the BTS fan in your life with the gifts that they will truly cherish. You already know that they love this band and that this band has made a true impact in their life. With that in mind, it is a great thing to provide them with some of the merchandise that the band puts out so they can look at it every day. 


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