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March 5, 2016

imageHi there! Welcome to Family Money Plan. I’m Andrew Daniels and I want to thank you for stopping by. There are millions of site out there you could be on and I’m thrilled that you are here.


Family Money is a personal finance blog I started to share our families ups and downs of financial life. For the past 6 years, we have been working hard at becoming mortgage free. Now that we are free, we plan on getting out of debt completely this year and starting towards building our passive income.


I believe that money should be talked about openly. Most of us never learned anything about money in school, so it’s important to have these conversations about money. It’s important to ask questions and to improve our Money IQ as we go through this crazy thing we call life.


I have been a personal finance junkie for over 20 years and have just recently started to publish my experiences with money. Some are new, some are past lessons that I hope you can learn from and save yourself the pain I went through acquiring this knowledge (a.k.a.School of Hard Knocks).


A few things everyone asks. I am Canadian, so feel free to slap me with your stereotypes about igloos and hockey (I play 3 times a week). Most of the articles on here are about financial matters that we all can relate too.


This is a place where I want you to feel at home talking about money. Ask questions. Offer ideas. Agree with me or Disagree I don’t claim to know everything about money and the best way to learn is from talking about it and sharing.


If you have some advice you would like to share, let me know in a post or even better do a guest post. We are just getting out of debt this year and we will be starting our journey towards financial freedom. As a family of 4, this will be an interesting journey and I look forward to sharing mine and I hope you share yours too.


If you want to reach me you can send me off a tweet, or email. If you want to keep up to date on the weekly blog (I post every Monday and Wednesday, and occasionally Friday) you can sign up for my newsletter.

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