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Driving 3000 plus kilometers in a week you listen to a lot of music. Somewhere along the journey this idea popped into my mind. Enjoy!

Every Song Is Secretly About Money:

Best Of You – Foo Fighters

Have you ever listened to a song and wondered:

What was the writer thinking ?

Who is this song about?

Sure you could guess the easy ones (sex, drugs, rock’n’roll) but I think a lot of the songs are about love money. That’s right money

In fact I’m going to do my best to prove that many of the hit songs in the last few decades have been about money, and overcoming debt.

To begin, I humbly submit The Foo Fighters song – Best Of You, written by the band front man Dave Growl. Ready?! 1….2…. 1, 2, 3, 4

Best of You – Foo Fighters

I’ve got another confession to make
I’m your fool


This is clearly about Dave Grohl’s acknowledging the addiction to credit that so many of us have. Like all of us when it comes to debt, the first step is admitting we have a problem and need to do something about it. Bravo Dave!


Everyone’s got their chains to break
Holdin’ you


If you have ever been in debt, then you know it’s not just as simple as “Pay it off”. Dave goes into this and knows that the answer is easier said than done. We all have to break our debt addiction.


Were you born to resist or be abused?


Truly a question for the ages. While we all know we should leave credit alone, it’s very easy to start using credit and then begin to abuse it. The line between using and abusing can get blurred so quickly. While many millennial are shunning credit cards, the power of credit always looms and the risk to abuse it is ever present. Wow Dave! So much said in 8 short words.


Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?
Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?

Dave is struggling with his interest rate and is pointing out how he’s wondering if he’s getting the best interest rate for his debt from his lender. He’s probably been asking himself this for weeks since he first used his credit card to buy that sweet new guitar.


Are you gone and onto someone new?


This one is a little cryptic but I’m pretty sure it’s about finding a new lender, or maybe a new credit card provider. Perhaps Dave is starting to consider travel hacking. I’m not really sure. Maybe he’s hoping his debt will disappear and he can move onto to his debt free lifestyle he’s dreaming about.


I needed somewhere to hang my head
Without your noose


Aha! Dave’s realized that the weight of using credit is too excessive and is trying to break free of the chains. The term “Hang my head” is probably a reference to down-sizing and taking a more minimalist view to his housing situation. Or maybe he’s still feeling the credit card shame.


You gave me something that I didn’t have
But had no use


Boom! Dave is calling credit out! He knows his spending isn’t giving him what he wants. I mean how many pairs of Crocs, does one rocker need?  Alternatively, this could have something to do with late night infomercial purchases. Dave may have bought a flowbee and just doesn’t have a use for it.


I was too weak to give in
Too strong to lose


I think this is something we can all relate too. When you have this debt floating around you know what you need to do but there is such an internal conflict with it that it feels like an eternal struggle. Just say no Dave, just say no!


My heart is under arrest again
But I break loose


Dave is making headway, he’s hurt but he’s not out. He’s got a debt repayment plan and he is working towards getting out of debt. This is where the rubber hits the road.


My head is giving me life or death
But I can’t choose


Being stuck in debt often feels like life or death. It’s not easy. You can choose to live a simple life with less possession or succumb to a lifestyle of credit fuelled abundance. You know one is better for you, but the appeal of the other one makes these choices so hard to over come.


I swear I’ll never give in
I refuse

Dave’s gonna beat this , you can feel it. He knows debt is not for him and he needs to battle it. Like Rocky he’s not going down without a fight and he’s made his decision.

Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?
Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?

It’s the chorus, see the stuff from earlier on.

Has someone taken your faith?
Its real, the pain you feel
You trust, you must
Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?

When you start paying back your debt there are so many doubts that will come up. Every new shiny thing will feel like a new addiction to kick. Dave’s telling us how it is. Real. Honest. Gripping. Come on and admit that your debt is causing you pain and take on the challenge to get rid of it. Thanks Dave!




This means “Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh..” or possibly Dave is thinking what he wants to see his debt look like when he checks Mint or Personal Capital every morning Debt – $00000. Nice one Dave! Totally get the reference on that one. You clever rocker you!

Has someone taken your faith?
Its real, the pain you feel
The life, the love you’d die to heal
The hope that starts the broken hearts
You trust, you must

Dave is clearly calling out the other members of the band to start living a debt-free lifestyle. He knows that people suffer with debt in silence and is hoping others will admit it and start coming clean. It’s painful and you would do anything to get rid of that pain, so start paying down that debt and join the debt-free revolution.

Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?
Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?


Still not sure if this is about rates, or better travel rewards. But it’s pretty catchy when he starts screaming it. Man this is such a good song!


I’ve got another confession my friend
I’m no fool
I’m getting tired of starting again
Somewhere new

We’ve come full circle and are at the point where Dave is out of debt. He’s ready to start a fresh financially smart new life full of smart choices.


Were you born to resist or be abused?
I swear I’ll never give in
I refuse

Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?
Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?

Ok this is mostly for the repetition of the song and to tie everything in. But Dave’s decided he’s never giving in. That’s the strongest thing to take away. Make the decision to be debt free and stick with it until it’s a reality.


Well there you go, if you are wanting to have a listen to the song you can check out the music video here.


P.S. In all sincerity, Dave if you read this, you are awesome and have been a huge part in the soundtrack of my life. Thank you!


Do you know any other songs that could secretly be about debt? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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