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As the year starts to wind down I set my sights on the year ahead and look back on what I have done. A new year is a great time to set money goals for the year ahead and see how you fared with the ones from the past year.

Let’s see how I measured up…

Last Year’s Goals

Start a Personal Financial Blog – Check!

Boost my Net Worth by 10% – Success! I was hoping for more than this but when I set the goal last year I thought it was a good enough stretch goal.

Create $850 in Dividend Income – S0 close. Missed it by just a little, but all things considered I’m pleased with my investing progress.

Get on iTunes – Check, though when I set this goal I wasn’t too sure how I would do it, it came by the way of a mention on Internet Business Mastery. You can check out the link here.

This years goals

I’ve started to jot down some of my financial goals for the next year.

  • Pay off  mortgage – Check
  • Pay off any remaining debt and be debt free! – Check
  • Boost my Passive income to $2000 for the year – Miss 🙁
  • Increase my Net Worth by 10% – Miss. I forgot to factor in as your net worth grows it gets harder and harder to hit 10%
  • Start saving half of our income – Technically a miss, but we are set up for it going forward. It will be a stretch goal, but I like to go for it
  • Invest $5000 in the kids registered education accounts – Check,

Thinking Further Down the Road

Normally when our family does it’s goals we come up Money Goalswith a 5 year plan. After our mini-road trip this past week, we now know that we need to have a longer view in mind. So we are starting to think 10 years out. In the upcoming posts I’ll start outlining what we are doing and how we plan on getting there.

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Most importantly let me know what you think of these goals and tell me what goals you have set for yourself this year.


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