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I’ve had an itchy shopping finger lately. There’s so many things that I want that it’s starting to come to boil. Normally I can hold off but some of these items are pretty cool. Check em out. If you have other cool gadgets pop them in the comments so I can check them out.

Actev Arrow Smart-Kart Electric Go

If you have ever dreamed of building a go cart Actev has gone one step further and given you something mind blowing. This smart go cart is unbelievable from creating a geo fence so your kids can’t go too far, to controlling speed remotely and a bunch of other cool things. This is the go cart of the future and I want it. I”m about 30 years too old for it, but I still want it. Check out the video on it here.

R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero

Since I first saw a Star Wars movie I have wanted a droid like R2-D2. This one is tinier than what I would like but the price and the video look so cool that it’s got me itching for one. You can see more about what the galaxy’s most famous droid can do here. 

Robo R2 High Performance Smart 3D Printer

Not too far in the distant future we are all going to have one of these. I have been holding off on 3D printers just because I’m trying to save money on electronics whenever I can but this technology is so cool. See more about it here.

Vi – Your Personal AI Trainer and Fitness Tracker in Bluetooth Headphones

I’m not crazy about personal trainers I have found that the software just hasn’t delivered what I’m looking for. Then I saw the video for VI and I think they may be onto something. This gives you feedback while you are exercising and gives you a pace beat, tells you when you are on your normal pace and other motivational things. Plus it’s got Harmon Kardon speakers inside so the sound quality is top notch. See what it can do here.

Bluesmart One – Smart Luggage: GPS, Remote Locking, Battery Charger

My suitcase is on it’s last legs. So I have been looking around for what’s available. I wish I hadn’t seen this one, because it’s the standard I’m going to compare all other suitcases against. Tracking your suitcase might just be the best idea ever. Then you add a charger into the case and that’s my must have suitcase. See the video here.

SubPac M2 Wearable Physical Sound System

This is one that caught me off guard. Wearable sound system sounds kinda weird but if you really love music and want to feel the beat and what the producers are trying to get though on their tracks, this is a way for you to feel the music. I’m not sure if it’s worth the price tag, but it’s a cool concept. May even get me to start dancing.

Immotor GO Intelligent Portable Foldable Luxury Electric Scooter

Never thought of myself as a scooter person. But this one has me reconsidering.
See the video here.

Levitating Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

I don’t know how it floats, all I know is that it’s a floating Death Star that plays music through it. That is the coolest bluetooth speaker I have ever seen.

For your non Star Wars peeps there is this one. Check out the video it’s pretty cool to see it floating and spinning.


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