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Fintech Services That Need To Come To CanadaSomething I haven’t mentioned very much is that I am a proud Canadian. I’ll admit I have a tendency to fit into some of the stereotypes. I play hockey, this winter we built a quinzee with the kids (like an igloo, but easier), and if someone tells me to say “About” I pronounce it “Aboot”, even though I really never speak like that.


But in the world of personal finance, and fin-tech Canada needs a little more love.  There are some great services starting up south of the border with our U.S. neighbours that I am clamouring for, absolutely begging for. Here are some of the services that


Personal Capital

I was able to sign up for this but without being able to link all of my Canadian accounts to it, there isn’t a lot of use for me yet. Personal Capital is described as Mint on steroids. It does a great job of tracking your net worth, and almost every personal finance blogger out there recommends it. So I really want it to come to Canada. If you are from the U.S. and aren’t using personal capital you should give them a try here’s the banner link




Digit is another gem of a product. You link your account to it and it monitors your spending. Once it knows your spending habits, it starts to take little amounts out and put it into a separate savings account. This is a great way to stash away extra cash.

As a self-described saver all I can say is “I want it. I want it here now!!!”

Come on Digit, give us Canucks some love.


Acorns is kind of like Digit but a little different. It rounds up your transactions to the nearest even dollar and puts that difference into a diversified portfolio for you. Again, as a SAVER, I want this service in Canada yesterday. It honestly can’t come soon enough.


Well there you have it. If you are Canadian reading this you might be feeling my pains. If you are from the states you probably laugh at it. But either way there are some great new services that are out there and personally I can’t wait for them to start coming to Canada.

What about you? Do you know of any other services in other countries that you would want that haven’t come yet? Leave me a comment below.



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