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Like with every product launch, Apple’s newest iPhone iteration drew massive lines and tons of media coverage. The one thing that stood out to me was a comment Apple CEO Tim Cook said over the weekend. He mentions that the high cost of the latest iPhone, a $999 starting price point, works out to $33 a month because many people pay for their iPhones on a monthly basis. He likens the phone to a cup of good coffee a day. You can read the article here. 

The “cup of coffee a day” quote got me thinking… How much am I spending on my Apple stuff?  So I went back and looked at all of the Apple items I have bought over the past 15 years. Then I realized that since I use these devices every day, that in a roundabout way, II work for my Apple products a little bit every day.

When I average out my Apple spending on a daily basis here it looks like.


Apple Music

I have well over 1000 CDs in my music collection and I still have an Apple Music Membership. Why? Because I love it. If you enjoy music and hearing the latest and greatest then this is definitely for you. $15 / month and $180 / year works out to $0.50 day.

I can say that I love this service, I listen to some songs once, others are on a permanent playlist. I may go back to my personal library at some point. But music is something I deem worthy of a line item in my budget.



I try to replace my cellphone every 3 years (all part of my strategy to stretch out the life of my electronics). Still with a case and iPhone has cost me around $300 every 3 years (thanks to my ridiculous cell plan subsidy). So make that $0.27 /day. If I was to include my cell phone plan it would be an extra $2 /day on top of that.


Apple TV

I have purchased 3 of these over my life. Well worth it in my opinion. I’ll just go with the newest one which was $200 and I figure I will get 5 years out of it. $0.11/day or $40/year. This doesn’t include rentals, movie and TV show purchases, or the internet service that it takes to run this gadget. If it did it would be closer to $4 a day.



I’ve only ever bought one iPad and it’s lasted 6 years so far. With the case and the hefty original sticker price it was $900. This is needing an upgrade, some of the spots aren’t working the way they are supposed to function so I’ll cap it’s life at 6 years. $0.41/day or $150/year.



My iMac is another item that I try to stretch out 10 years if possible. With accessories and updates it’s probably cost me $2000. Averaged out over 10 years, it works out to $0.55/day. or $200 a year. It’s indispensable to me, for blogging, videos, photos and everything. I absolutely love my iMac. That’s the thing, because I love these gadgets so much I don’t mind spending on them.

Here’s How My Daily Apple Spending Shakes Out:

  • Apple Music $0.50/day
  • iPhones  $0.27/day
  • iPad $0.41/day 
  • Apple TV $0.11/day
  • iMac  $0.55/day

Grand total: $1.84/day

Which is a cup of coffee a day. But in reality there is an extra $2 a day for cell service, plus extras like iTunes movies and shows, external hard drives for back ups, routers, and of course internet.

By no means is the $1.84 a make or break amount. But it’s $671.60 a year that goes towards my Apple stuff. Which is a decent chunk of change. Stretch that amount out 15 years and I’ve willing spent over $10,074 in Apple goods and services.


My biggest takeaway

Apple Music is one of my biggest monthly costs for Apple related products, which makes me wonder about the subscription. I enjoy it and use it multiple times a day, and so does the rest of my family.

What’s interesting is when you break it down to the daily amount. You realize that a little bit over every day money is dedicated to these devices and services.

I’m not complaining I’m just pointing it out.

As for all you Samsung and Android users out there, you are working every day for them too. The question is how much?

What is your daily Apple cost? Let us know in the comments below?

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