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6 Mortgage Mistakes I Made Paying Off My Mortgage Early

6 Mortgage Mistakes I Made Paying Off My Mortgage Early   6 Mistakes I Made Paying Off My Mortgage Early While we have been pretty happy about our paid off mortgage, not everyone feels the same way. Sure haters are going to hate, and everyone has their own opinion...

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Yes! I Want Pay Off My Mortgage Faster

Is a Lump Sum Mortgage Payment Right for You?

"So... lump sum mortgage payment or increase my monthly mortgage payment?" This was the big question that was thrown at me over dinner with friends last week. Invitably the topic of mortgages come up when we are with friends. A mortgage is your biggest...

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why i’m choosing not to pay off my mortgage early

Hey everyone! I have a great guest post from my buddy over at Britt and the Benjamins. She recently wrote about how she isn't rushing to pay off her mortgage. I thought it would be a great way to show that there are many roads to becoming a money master. This post...

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How to Take Your Student Debt by the Horns

Hey everyone, I have a great post from Drew Cloud over at The Student Loan Report, since student loans affect so many of us I thought it would be great to have Drew give us some tips for taking control of your student debt. Make sure to check out his site...

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28 Things We Gave Up To Be Mortgage Free

If you are new to this site, we became mortgage free at the beginning of this year. More recently, we just became debt free this past week!!! One of the questions I get a lot is "How did we do it". While I usually allude to having a big "Why" is more important that...

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Debt Free Isn’t What I Thought It Would Be

Debt Free Isn't What I Thought It Would Be This month was our first full month being debt free. No more loans, mortgages or lines of credit. It's been great, but it wasn't what I expected. The past 5, 10... ok all the years of my normal adult life have had some sort...

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How to Pay Off Your Mortgage in 5 Years

While buying a home is a memorable first experience full of pride and excitement, getting to pay for that home over the next 20-30 years is something ..ahem… shall we say less memorable.  But you can become mortgage free.  Quickly paying off your...

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7 Critical Things to do Before Buying a House

Being a first-time homebuyer can leave even the most balanced person feeling a little off. There are so many things do before buying a home that you need all the tips you can get. Buying a home is a huge rite of passage for everyone and if done right can actually be...

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This Mortgage Change Will Save You Thousands

The 1 Thing You Should Change on Your Mortgage Today I just got off an email and I couldn't wait to share it with you. I was being interviewed on paying off our mortgage and I have to get this out quickly. The question went: "When you switched from a 30 year to a 25...

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We Are Mortgage Free in 6 Years! Find out how we did it.

We Are Mortgage Free! This has been an amazing year so far. Both personally, financially and website-ly (not a word, but it should be). Still there is something extra special in getting to share this with you. I'm very proud, and excited, to announce that we are...

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How To Use Credit Cards Wisely

Credit cards. Are they good? Are they bad? In all honesty, I think they do more harm than good for a large chunk of the population. That said, I do see the benefits of having a credit card (we have several) provided you follow some basic rules. A big reason for this...

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Truth Time: I’m a Little Freaked About Being Debt Free

Ok, close the door behind you I have a little confession to make. (Deep Breath) I'm nearly debt-free and I'm starting to worry. Ok..truth be told... I'm in full freak out mode for some reason. 7 years ago we were almost debt free. We could have done it soooooo easily....

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