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4 Ideas To Save On Christmas Spending

Christmas season is officially here. If you managed to get some sweet deals and savings over, the past few weeks, good for you! When it comes to holiday shopping we all tend to get a little nuts in the frenzy. Here are 4 ideas to save on Christmas spending that we use to keep our wits about us. Here are 4 quick ways you can save extra money this holiday season.

Set a Spending Limit

We set a spending limit on everyone we shop for,  (in case anyone reading this thought they were getting a new TV).

We decide what the limit is for each other, for the kids, parents, relatives… everyone because it’s too easy to go overboard quickly.

As and add-on to this, we have gotten used to talking about this way of gift giving with others.

Every year we approach them and say, “What is our spending limit on each other this year?

It might not be the easiest thing but it ensures that everyone is getting the same value rather than you giving them a $30 gift card and them getting you a $300 Espresso Maker.

Now that’s REALLY awkward.

Cut Out the Gifts When You Can

A few years back, a group of us used to do a Christmas gift exchange.

This was great, at first, everyone drew a name and did some shopping for one person and it added to the night that we would get together. As years went on everyone’s time got be at a premium and gift cards started to pop up.

The last time we did the gift exchange, everyone exchanged gift cards.

Which is the equivalent of passing around envelopes of cash.

Sure it’s the thought that counts. But the overarching thought was “I don’t have time to shop, I’ll just get you a gift card.”

At this point I brought up to the group that we didn’t need to do this.

Someone needed to say it.

If you find yourself in this kind of situation, don’t be afraid to bring it up. T

urns out we were all thinking it, but no one wanted to be the one to bring it up (cue me). What started out as a fun thing to do became a last minute burden, removing the gift giving gave us the freedom to show up and enjoy our time with each other.


Optimize Your Shopping

When we shop we try to make sure that we are optimizing our money.

Here are a few ways we do this:

When we shop online, we get everything through Ebates. Their cash back plan can help put money in your pocket on every purchase at over 200 websites (including places like Amazon and Ebay).

If you need any more incentive to get started with Ebates here is $5 when you sign up


Go For Experiences Over Stuff

This has become a new focus for us. Rather than giving gifts that will largely go unused, we have shifted to group experiences.

It’s more enjoyable for everyone. It brings us together as a family and we enjoy being able to plan and anticipate going out for the experience. Plus the memories that have come out of them are far more valuable and important than the latest gadget.

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