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Do you want a boatload of places to save money? This is it. All the money-saving tips you will ever need. Here is our collection of ideas to save money over 250 ways to save money.

If you need to save money, I get it. Here are a lot of ways you can do it. But it’s more about finding what you want to save and where you can do it quickly. So here are all of our money-saving tip posts in one giant list.

6 Top Apps that Save you Money

  1. Rakuten – great for getting cash back at all the places you shop online
  2. Swagbucks – another great portal for online shopping, plus they give you a $5 bonus to start.
  3. Ibotta – Got groceries? This is a must-use app.
  4. Checkout 51 – Another great app (free, of course), and you can cash out when you hit $20; it’s like couponing without the paper (and you can do it when you get home, so easy!)
  5. Honey – if you shop on Amazon, this is a must. It shows the lowest price an item has been, so you know if you are overpaying.
  6. Loyalty Cards – Every place you go to these days seems to have a loyalty card. Sign up for them, and get the discounts. They want to keep you as a customer; these discounts are how they do it.


7 Ways to Save Money Quickly

  1. Cancel your unused gym membership, and workout at home
  2. Call your cable company and ask for a loyalty discount (or you can use Trim to negotiate for you for free)
  3. Call your internet provider and ask for a discount (or you can use Trim to negotiate for you for free)
  4. Call your home insurance broker and see what reductions you can get on your house bill
  5. Switch to a bank that has no fee banking
  6. Cancel your unused subscriptions (music, food order, etc…)
  7. Quit smoking (easier said than done, but you can do it!)


Ways Your Local Library Can Save You Money

The library is a goldmine if you know how to use it; here are ways to use the library to save money and live better. 

  1. Free movie rentals
  2. Free TV show seasons on DVD
  3. Free books
  4. Free Magazines
  5. Free classes for adults and kids
  6. Free audiobooks


Ways to Save Money on Interest

  1. Pay off your credit cards. These high rate interest cards are bleeding your wallet dry. So make it a priority to pay it off.
  2. Get out of debt. Interest on debt is a silent killer, whether it’s student loans or a car loan, or any other type of loan. Pay off your debt faster, and you will save money big time!
  3. Pay off your mortgage; this is a long-term one, but you can start to put more money down if you don’t have any other debt, and it will free up your cash flow.
  4. If you have a higher interest rate on your debt, it may be worth refinancing. Check out Lending Tree for your mortgage refinancing and Sofi for your loans.


Save Money on Dining Out

If you are going out to restaurants, then here are 12 ways to Save Money Eating at Restaurants.

  1. Pregame Before You Leave
  2. Eat on Kids Eat Free Nights
  3. Bring Your Own Bottle
  4. Use Your Costco Privileges
  5. Use Discounted Gift Cards
  6. Order Water Instead of Pop or Alcohol
  7. Fill Up On the Free Bread
  8. Share Your Meal
  9. Order an Appetizer Instead of an Entree
  10. Opt for the Smaller Portion
  11. Avoid the Add-Ons
  12. Skip the Desert


Save Money On Groceries

If you are trying to cut your food budget down, then there we have 13 Ways to Save Money on Groceries.

  1. Sign up for your grocery stores rewards program
  2. Get these apps on your phone: ✅   Checkout 51        ✅    Ibotta        Coupons.com  
  3. Make a Meal Plan and a Shopping List (Get ours here)
  4. Find Out When Everything Gets Marked Down
  5. Start Shopping When Things Are Marked Down
  6. Look at the End of the Aisles for Extra Savings
  7. Buy Generic off label brands
  8. Make Sure You’re Comparing the Right Prices
  9. Buy Frozen Produce Instead Of Fresh
  10. Bank With Them
  11. Use a Cash Back Credit Card When It Makes Sense
  12. Take Advantage of Discounts When They Come Up
  13. Look for Discounted Gift Cards For When You Shop (Start looking here)


Ways to Save Money on Alcohol

Of course, if you have friends, you can always host rather than go out. However, if you enjoy a beverage or two with your friends, then these 8 Ways to Save Money on Alcohol are a great place to start.

  1. Make Your Own Beer
  2. Make Your Own Wine
  3. Have Someone Else Make Your Wine For You 
  4. Buy in Bulk
  5. Buy Generic
  6. Refill Fancy Bottles with Generic Booze
  7. Drink Less
  8. Get these apps on your phone:✅   Checkout 51        Ibotta  


Looking for ways to save money on family meals? Here are 25 meals you can do under $5.

Save Money at Work

Did you know that going to work costs you money? Of course, you did. But did you know that by making small shifts in your daily work routine, you can save big! Here are 10 Ways to Save Money at Your Job.

  1. Bring Coffee From Home
  2. Buy a Thermos and Bring Your Coffee
  3. Pack Your Own Lunch
  4. Take the bus
  5. Car Pool
  6. Drive the Fastest and Shortest Route to Work
  7. Park in a Cheaper Area and Walk
  8. Work From Home
  9. Work Compressed Hours to Cut Down on Days at Work
  10. Simplify your work outfit to one style

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Save Money on Heating

When it’s cold outside, you will want to read 10 Ways to Save Money on Heating. It’s a must!

  1. Get a Programmable Thermostat
  2. Turn Down the Thermostat
  3. Upgrade Your Insulation
  4. Upgrade Your Windows
  5. Upgrade your Furnace
  6. Stop the Air From Leaking Out
  7. Replace Your Furnace Filter
  8. Go Geothermal
  9. Bundle Up
  10. Use Free Heat from the Oven
  11. Get an Energy Audit to Save Money on Heating Bills
  12. Use the Fans to Circulate Your Heat

Save Money on Electricity

Have you heard of phantom power? What about Led lights? We have these and 50+ Ways to Save Money on Electricity. This was one of the first places we started to save money.

  1. Watch Out For Phantom Power
  2. Use a Programmable Thermostat
  3. Get Your Computers to Turn Off Themselves
  4. Turn Off Appliances When You Aren’t Using Them
  5. Ditch the Extra Fridge
  6. Skip the Oven on Small Things
  7. Fill Up The Dishwasher
  8. Switch To Air Dry
  9. Lower the Heat on Your Hot Water Tank
  10. Rechargeable Batteries
  11. Use the “Free” Freezer
  12. Get an Energy Audit
  13. Air Dry Your Clothes
  14. Replace your lights with LED
  15. Turn Off The Lights!
  16. Install Dimmer Switches
  17. Electric Furnaces
  18. Air Conditioning
  19. It’s Time To Put More Money Back In Your Pocket By Saving Money On Electricity
  20. Use natural lighting whenever possible
  21. Turn off your fans
  22. Use the toaster oven
  23. Take cold showers
  24. Shower every other day
  25. Wash things in cold water
  26. Hang dry your clothes
  27. Switch to foods that don’t need to be heated up
  28. Use power bars and turn them off when not in use
  29. Put on a sweater in the winter
  30. Turn the thermostat down
  31. Use the evening air to cool the house in the summer
  32. Don’t overheat your food = waste electricity
  33. Turn your TV off
  34. Plugin things when you need them, unplug them when you don’t
  35. Switch to solar power
  36. Switch to wind power
  37. Be minimal with your electronics
  38. Use your blinds to keep the heat out
  39. Use your blinds to keep the house cool
  40. Install dimmer switches
  41. Install light timers
  42. Close your flue in your fireplace
  43. Install low flow faucet aerators
  44. Put insulation around your hot water tank
  45. Put insulation around your pipes coming out of your hot water tank
  46. Switch to geothermal
  47. Install low flow showerheads
  48. Limit your showers to 3 minutes
  49. Don’t have baths
  50. Lower your water heater temperature
  51. Limit video game time
  52. Clean your furnace filter
  53. Clean your air filter
  54. Clean your air conditioning unit
  55. Make your fridge go on Eco mode
  56. Turn down your furnace at night
  57. Get a programmable thermostat
  58. Use LED smart lights to go off when you aren’t home
  59. Put your Indoor Christmas tree lights on a timer
  60. Put your outdoor Christmas tree lights on a timer
  61. Get a heat gun to spot heat loss in doors and windows
  62. Get extra insulation for your house
  63. Upgrade your windows
  64. Replace weatherstripping on your doors
  65. Replace weather stripping on your windows


Save Money on Utilities.

Once you are done with that, you can finish up with our 30 Ways to Save Money on Utilities.

  1. Reduce your Cable and Internet Bill
  2. Look at Bundling Your Internet, Mobile Phones, and Cable
  3. Switch from a landline to VOIP
  4. Get Your Computers to Turn Themselves Off
  5. Turn Off Appliances When You Aren’t Using Them
  6. Ditch the 1970’s Beer Fridge
  7. Skip the Oven on Small Things
  8. Fill Up The Dishwasher
  9. Switch To Air Dry
  10. Lower the Heat on Your Hot Water Tank
  11. Switch to Rechargeable Batteries
  12. Use the “Free” Freezer
  13. Get an Energy Audit
  14. Air Dry Your Clothes
  15. Replace your lights with LED
  16. Turn Off The Lights!
  17. Install Dimmer Switches
  18. Use a Programmable Thermostat
  19. Open Your Windows at Night
  20. Upgrade Your Insulation
  21. Upgrade Your Windows
  22. Stop the Air From Leaking Out
  23. Replace Your Furnace Filter
  24. Go Geothermal?
  25. Ways to Save Money on Utilities: Water and Waste
  26. Install Low-Flow Shower Heads
  27. Put Insulation Around your Hot Water Pipe
  28. Install an Aerator
  29. Install a Dual Flush Toilet
  30. Stop the Drip
  31. Maximize Using Your Dishwasher
  32. Practice Using Less Water
  33. Recycle, Reduce and Reuse

If you are worried about phantom power, you can grab one of these devices. It tells you whether a device is using phantom power, so you know to unplug it and can save you money.


Saving Money On Kids Clothing

Ok, kids are expensive; we all know this, so here are 9 Ways to Save Money on Kids Clothing.

  1. Repurpose Existing Kids Clothing
  2. Same Kids Clothes, New Accessories
  3.  Shop at Thrift and Gently Used Second Hand Stores
  4. Do a Clothes Swap with Kids in Your Area
  5. Shop at Discount and Look for Sales
  6. Shop the Outlet Malls
  7. Get Discounted Gift Cards For Your Favorite Stores
  8. Shop Online and Save
  9. Get Good Detergent


Save Money With Kids

 When you are out and about with kids, we have another 21 Ways to Save Money with Kids. This goes into so many great ideas you have to check it out.

Saving Money Ideas When You Go Shopping – 16 Ways

What about shopping? Love Target? Then you will want to read the 7 Ways to Save Money at Target. Some are so obvious you will wonder how you missed them. My favorite man cave hack is this store; it’s how these  9 Ways to Save Money on Electronics are helping our family finish our basement faster.

Of course, if you buy gifts for people over the holidays, these 4 Ways to Save on Christmas Spending are a lifesaver.

Saving Money Getting Around – 26 Ways

Traveling, whether it’s to work or on holiday, can be expensive! Make sure you are using these 8 Ways to Save Money on Car Expenses. When you travel, here are 6 Ways to Save Money on a Family Vacation, and if you are renting a car, you will want to check out How to Save Money on Rental Cars.

Wherever you are, you will need these 11 Ways to Save Money on Fuel. They are essential as gas prices keep going up.

If you are still looking for ways to save money, you can check out how we paid off our mortgage fast! We did it by cutting back on these 28 expenses to become mortgage-free. It was hard but so worth it.  to

How to Save Money on Your Mortgage

When it comes to that bigger expense, the two biggest factors are to cut your interest rate (check here with Lending Tree for a better rate) and to increase your payment frequency to bi-weekly payments. It can take years off your mortgage.


More to come!

We’re coming up with more and more money-saving ideas, so bookmark this page and come back to it. There are more saving ideas to come!


250 Ways to save money. Here is an amazing collection of places you can easily save money. Some of these easy frugal living tips you can get started on in the next few minutes. These ideas are perfect for anyone wanting to cut their bills, live frugally and save more money. #frugal #savemoney #personalfinance #money #finance #savingmoney #frugaltips #frugallivingtips #frugalliving



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